Eline Meyer
home dealer religion trial hint connection however representative.
Anthony fix your eyebrows man!
Walt has a permanent smile on him
Doesn't Michelangelo Have Orange Not Red? Rafael Is Red.
Mr. Narwhal
I thought his last name was z too.
Walt sounds like IT except his voice even softer and he shyer lol
My Food
anthony looked disapointed when he said that he didnt graduate college
Wow Anthony Davis is stupid like a loaf of bread...
j monte
had a HUGE crush on Walt Frazier...those shorts, though
Thon Maker
One of the all time nba greats my ass
Ben Hyman
Up your nose with a rubber duck👃🐤
Jordan Dove
Thought the guitar dude was Mike Tyson
Naomi Foster
Bar favorite sponsor utdihz predict.
davis got more points here than in nba
Michael Boland
Ayyyy look its Captain Unibrow!! Anthony's gift should be a pair of tweezers...
Art Young
Hermit the turtle lmao
Anonymous Anonymous
Jesus Christ the crowd kills my ears
Mykaila Reynen
Herman the turtle
jellyand jello bro
jellyand jello bro
Michael angelo
jellyand jello bro
the jay z one was easy carter
jellyand jello bro
I'm a knicks fan so I'm going for walt
Trey Hayden
I love anthony Davis
I had a good laugh at this one..
i actually got the rubber hose one and I'm a kid it just sounded right ya know
Nathan Donati
I'm kind of sad for walt
LessGo Browns
4:30 Even I knew that one and I'm 12
philip hatzones
Was walt frazier part of the Rolls Royce backcourt ?
Big Frog
I feel bad for Walt he looked so embarrassed
Gabriel Melton
how come Anthony Davis showed up in pajamas
Luke Robertson
How do you make Walt Frazier look short ...stand him next to Anthony Davis
I didn't even know the hose phrase but he should've been able to figure that out
The New Deal was the easiest here
Young buck? I taught he was a pelican
Browns Fan
Id have gotten every one of those right
Vlad The Rad
Oh come on who hasn't heard of Woodstock? O.o
Tariq Shipman
how did he not know that tmnt character that's a old show too
Bruce Lee? C'mon everyone knows who he was.
Moe Anaya
"C'mon i was there baby.... wooodstock ;)" WALT WAS TRIPPPPIN
"The new deal of what" LMFAOOOOO
Cameron O'Hair
Anthony Davis is a dumbass. Any kid who took history class in middle school or high school would know about FDR and the New Deal, and anyone who knows what a hippie is knows about woodstock.
Charlie Johnson
Why didn't Anthony Davis get to answer the first question that Walt got asked, before the break... He got screwed.
Justin Acosta
Roosevelt was easy
Young Chop
Walt seems so dope
Wil Con
yo that bruce lee one was whack
Tomasz Bartczak
I want to see the face when Walt discovered he is in 2k
i cried when they gave davis that atari basketball game lollllll
I knew every question what generation am I??
Noah Rodriguez
If I buy Verizon it'll this damn ad go away
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