This will be a good relief from superhero movies!
So I'm guessing John Berenthal dies because he doesn't say a God damn word in the trailer
Skippy 124
this actually looks good as fuck
Soul Valentine
How the do actors do this!? Game of thrones season 7 just started and this guy is a big character in that n now he's also playing a lead role in upcoming movie wtf! 😆
Adam Clease
That's Jaime Fucking Lannister
Tomas Camacho
....duuuuuuumb lol
Moreno Ramon
👍👍 two thumbs up
That's a 1st weekend movie for sure!!
Flyin G
Lannisters weren't able to pay their debts. So they got locked up for fraud
FER44 [GG]
Lannister and Schimdt.
Holy shit, this looks amazing actually. Will def see this.
This can happen to any man ...
Antwaun Robinson
This looks like a good movie, but I'm almost sure of some sodomizing going on, and that shit not for me. Looks like a dope movie though.
dem dawonsee
Nigger just shit their pant .
Jano Rivguz
Lake Bell in? I'm in.
Bréanainn Lyness
Looks amazing!
Lyndon McBride
Michael Westen really isnt taking his burn notice too well is he
Bobby Williams
Looks like that movie Felon
Chad Man
Another super predictable movie from hollywood
delaney clinch
Looks like a great movie
Nick Stumphauzer
I cried and I haven't even seen this yet.
ann-valensky jean-felix
So he went from being a family man driving a minivan to a tatted up criminal? I have to see this
Jermie Fanning
Looks good
Wow! This actually looks good.
NoCringe Pls
Abdul Qadoos
that escalate quickly.
The Hushed Conman
The funny thing is that that kind of shit is a huge problem in prison
zer0 95
he looks like quarry
God dammit, you just had to get in the same prison as the PUNISHER.
chris sisson
So jaime lannister becomes Walter white??
Noctis Kami
Hell yeah. Finally a good fucking movie
TheReal Jack
Shane Walsh and Jamie fucking Lannister!! Is this the first TWD+GoT Crossover?!!!
The guy from Manchester by the Sea got drunk and burned his house down, killing his daughters, yet no jail time.
Carlos Vega
Can you imagine this as a Netflix or TV show?
Because I can.
Brandon Miller
if Breaking Bad was institutionalized... fantastic
Yatharth chaturvedi
oh fuck jamie lannister has gotten his hand back lol
Gladiator Spear
holy shit. looks like some real stuff
I can't wait for this one. American History X Part II...
So blood in blood out? Lol
M. G.
Looks good
jamie Lannister vs james st Patrick
kris mohan
you wanna be a baller ,shot caller french montana
harry dixson
Jeffery Donavan looks boss!
kind of a copy of the movie Felon though.. for those who havent seen felon, watch it - great acting too
I Am Christian
This looks good!
Holy shit
Raul Sanchez
White Hollywood
Choad McSquirtin
this looks really good
Diego Gonzalez
1:48 Cheddar Bob! Also, "questions"
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