SHOT CALLER Trailer #1 (2017) Jon Bernthal, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Movie HD

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SHOT CALLER Trailer #1 (2017) Jon Bernthal, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Movie HD
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A newly released prison gangster is forced by the leaders of his gang to orchestrate a major crime with a brutal rival gang on the streets of Southern California.

Release Date: 2017
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Ric Roman Waugh
Writer: Ric Roman Waugh
Stars: Jon Bernthal, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lake Bell

Shot Caller official trailer courtesy of Saban.

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Kaz Se
If you haven't seen it, this is a really good movie.
Watch out for the booty warrior
Edu Fernández
"The prison, where all forms of violence are experienced" - M. Foucault
Jaime Lannister va devoir payer sa dette à la société désormais..
Rev. Mike Londen
Why is a Jew playing a white supremacist?
Shane "Punisher" Castle why can't you stay out of trouble? lol
Amirdumptrucker85 Amirdumptrucking85
i highly recommed this mpvie it was epic
Amirdumptrucker85 Amirdumptrucking85
this movie was so good
Santiago Alvarez
Song at 1:31
Jamie Lannister and Shane Walsh? sounds good to me
Elijah Baseleon
Why do I feel like I just watched the whole movie lmao
ivan ghorbanzadeh
So if this was real life would they really put a successful stock broker in Corcoran State Prison if he is only doing 16 months? He must have had a real shitty lawyer. Don't get me wrong this movie looks bad ass just throwing that out there.
Triple Mexican 619
Looks pretty good
steve cole
this looks fucking sick!!!
Best movie i have seen in years. A+ movie. Highly recommended.
Jose Aldaba
See tough up!
real crunk
This never came out!
Well well, Kingslayer turned into a prison inmate hahaha :)
Prashant Singh
Great to see Nikolaj with lead roles in movies. He is the knight in golden armor.
Always on Azerbaijan
shane walsh
A movie that shows how the US-Prison system is turning humans into animals and is made just so they will stay there forever, therefore actually furthering crime and life as a cirminal with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the lead role? Where the fuck can I sign up for this?
Edmond Taverdyan
shit looks corny to me........I'll wait till it hits Youtube :)
Tony Sahni
Jamie lannister and Ghost? I'm in.
Javier Reyes
I enjoyed this movie so much. I am against prisons. And against the locking up of some of the men that most need help but the acting by thos guy is superb and the story itself is pretty narly....i was in prison too. My homeboy went to jail when he was 17 some dude shot at a passing car just to try iut his new gun well the passenger was my friends mom she got a bullet in her spinal my homeboy killed him... Brutally and got life in prison when i met him he was a top soldier for the Sureños. One if not the greatest artist ive ever met. Men dont need to be lockrd up likr dogs they need to be given a discipline a skill a loving word and a change to fight for righteousness....most men in prison if they were given a chance to say serve our nation...they would make us proud...I'm living proof...14 years ive been out....not one more run in with law or gangs or anything that would make me go back...mad love
GOAT movie
Long Johnathan
Dev Clark
Damn already seen this shits pretty good tho.
gate crasher
Watched this, thinking, just another prison gangster movie. How wrong I was. One of the best prison movies I've watched 👍
Kerrie Phillips
I hate the prison system it breeds hate if your not racist when you get there you will be.
Monikies fifty-two
I took a candy bar from the store but after seeing this trailer I'll take the uneaten part back.
Jacinta Frizell
This movie has already been made. With val kilmer an the guy from 24
Zaki Kat
Goes to prison gets with the wrong people becomes bad. gets released from prison. tries to leave the bad life doesnt want to so in the end he saves his family and dies. 2017/11/18
This looks really good. Thank you for posting.
Cray Cray
the prison slayer
Looks kinda weak. May go see Hostiles...
The Holy Mackerel
This is the first prison movie that they get a lot of it right. The politics, the isolation, the animal factory. It’s a horror show 24-7.
oreo cookie
Badass great movie
Good movie solid ....brawl in cell 99 is another one didn’t think Vince had it in him sick movie
Jzn Ftl
Manuel Marquez? dafuq 2:17
Edgard Cerna
This is really good movie
Jax teller is that you?
Patrick Aquino
A lannister always pays his debts
This will either be trash or have amazing character development
Crazy LazyFaster
Amazing movie.
dan mac
This looks good !!!
king kong
Blood in blood out 2
g r
its crazy. shit like this always happens in america. they lock someone up for a mistake.(a non violent crime/ non malicious) and our government throws them in prison. once in prison then they become a criminal b.c of the environment and get punished again for being a criminal. fuck america fuck the DOJ
Navi Sam
Pure garbage
Vadim Mankhadykov
Good movie
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