Dancing | 100 People Show Us What It Looks Like When They Dance

We asked 100 people to show us their go-to dance move. What’s yours?

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Thatgirl 1165
1:02 oh, scream cryers back with some moves

Also the guys after her👌👌
Kade Peralta
the old dude was amazing
1:56 I was waiting for that dab
Two Blondes
1:05 same
Molly ONeill
idk why but i was expecting to be rickrolled
why hello there
when you pass exams's
roses are red
violets are blue
i came for the thumbnail
and so did you
1:41 died
Emily MacDonald
The person at 0:57 made my day by far 😊
Hunter Imazasu
0:48 - 0:54
Break your back.
Alicia Sykes Carlile
The one dabbing is my spirit animal.
ravioli ravioli give metheformuoli
me decides to twerk
Madilyn is Bomb
I would have dabbed🔥
Klara Hitler
"I cant dance in any way so Im just gonna do the carlton
Lys M
OMG THIS VIDEO IS RACIST! lol im just playin...sup yall?
Mel Girl
0:14 How I dance at every party
1:04 When you still have water in your ear from swimming.
Roshonda Baker
what is life?
Fa Ma
seriously where do they find these people
3:03 Wasn't she the pregnant girl in that viral Insta video, with her lightskin boyfriend / husband?👀 anyone know her name?
Linee Gregersen
I feel like I'm a mix of all of them when I'm drunk haha😂
Sofia's owls
I don't judge anyone in this video...

except for the guy who dabbed. I'm judging him a lot.
Roven Laco
it would be less awkward if they can dance with a partner ... cuz im pretty sure none dances in the club by them selves
Why didn't they atleast play music , so they didn't look as silly lol .
Squishy MarshmelloLOL
did any one see that cry video when that old lady was crying so loud
I love these people.
Lara S
I can't dance in any way so I'm just gonna do the Carlton - everyone who can't dance, everywhere
beaxti. leila
Who came here from watchin the crying video? 😂
BiWei Chen
Why do people always have to drink to really loosen up and dance?
Maddz Draws
I can tap dance but that's basically it.
Paul Romeo Despuig
when u winning the big dick 0:30
K-pop Trashue
I'd be there just dancing to kpop like " save me save me, I need your love before i fall, fall
0:49 wtf
Jarelle Coleman
This is so amazing. it makes me so happy!
Natalia araujo
This is a crime to latinos!! 😂😭
How do I work here!!!!!??????!!!! 😂😂😂
meow meow
1:27 isn't she the actress from Flipped?
Luna Lovegood
they have cut my scene due to my 'dancing' 😭😭
Tobi Phillips
was her for 0:53 and left
Maxinne Roseno
The twins. XD
1:04 got me laughing so hard
Ben M
0:57 meeee
Chelsea Rumagit
i looovee your contents please dont turn into buzzfeed
kill yourself
this was super cringy but super cute
this made me laugh
MR White
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