Miki Pietrzy
1:09 backpack kid movement
3 silly kids
1:04 the girl from the crying video that got my old account 2.4k likes on a comment
3 silly kids
1:04 the girl from the crying video that got my old account 2.4k likes on a comment
3 silly kids
0:25 that one awkward kid who don't know how to dance so they move their shoulders lol 😂

0:53 me when i see my crush I make that face
Irena Audila
XXXIssa Pencil The Slump God
Looks like those 2 creepy twins grew up
Payton Ruskowsky
The girl at 1: 00
Talya Simone
No milky rock????
This is so cute, I was smiling throughout the whole video
I judge you
I actually love this vid, they look so cute xD
Seth Koffler
0:29 Tell me that's not fucking Jordan Peele
nadia almira
Of some one ask me that question.... DABDAB
The orange Withersmith
My go to dance is the moonwalk
Mitsue RW
Such a good one!! Made me smile, seeing everyone so bashful and smiley! Very cute :)
return to sender
0:15 😂😂
Cheese For Life
1:16 they are lit
Luthando Masuku
And the purpose of this video is???
Ben Ball
1:03 that old guy is my hero
Tea R.
the last guy is maaddd cute
i wouldve been that one idiot looking person
Kayla S.
starts doing Jin's traffic dance
Ava A
That guy at 1:05... 😂😂😂
Tajai Adams
1:17 damnnnnn
this was so cute
Dean Machine
0:55 how did this guy sneak in!
No Name
Almost all of them look awkward as fuck...
Ziomara Quintana
1:59 is that dietrich?
Levi Freeman
yay Anthony
I feel like all of these people are from portland
YoonBum :3
0:26 Very attractive person :)
jada towner
1:04 idk what he's doing but i love it
Claudia L.
surprised no one did the sprinkler
ICE Trooper
Is nobody gonna talk about 1:17
rebekah stars
this made me so happy tbh
Madison Campbell
That singular dab 😂
makayla ross
1:04 is me by far
Jose Marving Ventura
ever seen 2 400 lbs Mexicans doing the robot simultaneously?? me and my fatass brother!!!! rest in paradise brother!!
Ava Grace Sannino
1:56 is me
Run Times
* funny hand movements and a dab * 😂😂
Game Freak
All these people are probably dancing to some music in their head
Stormey's Way
Go to dance move
Me dabs
Charming af .
I've been every one of these humans at least once. Oftimes during the same song.
a guy
1:48 how on earth did you guys pay Kevin bacon enough to do this?! 😂😂😂
dude at 1:48 looks like fetus Frank Gallagher.
this makes me happy :)
Fuzz LPS
And no one did the Michael Jackson moves
potato lala
aw this video made me smile ❤️
Toasted OCD
Mine is the floss
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