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The Gifted Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & review of official trailer for The Gifted on FOX 2017! X-Men TV series!

The Gifted Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official trailer for The Gifted on FOX 2017, the new X-Men TV series!  The pilot is directed by Bryan Singer with Stephen Moyer starring as the father of two mutants!  Share your own reaction to the official trailer for The Gifted before you see the pilot and each full episode on FOX in 2017!  And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

John Paul
The xmen was originally largely focused around the struggle between colored and whites and MLK and Malcom X. This show seams to be focusing on more recent events/ issues. Parents persecuting or taking the side against the mutants-- anti gay or republican side-- and then once finding out their children are mutants-LGBT- the line that it's difference once your children are involved becomes even more relatable.
Brekner Catalin
Imma watch the first 3 episodes but i don't expect much. The trailer doesn't get me hyped one bit.
Polaris Van Samus
Yeeeeeeah, girl, buuuuut- aren't you tired of seeing film after film of superheroes being in high school (apart from Spiderman, which is forgivable). I've been WAITING (obviously- look at my name) for Lorna Dane to hit to screen. Here she is, and now I'm already angry. There is nothing about how they dressed Emma Dumont that tells us that she's Polaris. Emma Dumont is a great fucking actress, and a totally badass chick. She could have pulled this off, and they dumbed it down to,
Nothing. No green hair, no characteristics. It's a typical Singer Xmen. He's making money off of killing our heroes, essentially. I'll wait to see it, for sure, but I'm expecting it to either be a flop, or to ruin more fucking hopes and dreams for fans.
I hate when movies and TV shows give their characters generic powers. Everyone here seems to have the same powers just with different colors.
Vigi Lante/Kelly
i was already gonna watch it when i heard about it but after seeing this trailer and after seeing that Amy Acker (Fred from the Buffy spinoff Angel) is in this, i wanna see even more! its great 2 see Amy back on screen
Cory Torres
Watch HIGH-DEFINITION quality free movie right here
Chris Lockhart
I'm going to watch the first couple episodes to see if it's worth watching
Terrance Hylton-lyons
the show might be drawing from the age of x reality that was created by Legion. the guy asking about lorna is eclipse an alt version of sunspot. the brother is the mutant Alpha the Sister is Mantra she controls the 4 basic elements
Honestly Grace, if I was a producer on an X-Men project, I'd hire you as a consultant.
Mike Jenkins
this show looks dry and the acting is dry......boring
2:14 When Grace said think bigger i was like "ikr" like i can get snacks from the vending machine for free too .__.
MTD Gaming
I Feel like that this new show GIFTED takes a lot of inspiration from HEROES and it annoys me because Heroes was the best!
It Reminds me of Mutant X and No ordinary family.
Looks to cookie cutter....cookie daughter, outcast, agents, stilted action, ....looks sluggish and possibly very boring...similar to Iron Fist actually....
Sara Dickson
is anyone else sick of everything taking place in a school?
Magnus Liadal
I'm so sick of the 'white bullied teen with powers' storyline, like it has been done so many times

Dev h
As soon as Grace said she liked "x men apocalypse" I said fuck this show, as a X men fan how can you route for Jean to help out at the end of movie? no wonder they feel its ok to mess with the timeline and storys.. x men apocalypse was garbage, don't ever say that was a good movie seriously..
Colotordoc Colotordoc
This show looks so bad. Im still wTching it though
Анжела Кочешкова
looks very Heroes like. i mean a blonde high-school girls w/ powers she's hiding from her dad and he's hunting down those w/ powers. i mean... i've seen this already. do i wanna see it again? i'm not so sure. doesn't look like it's gonna outdo the heroes imho
Thyco2501 of the VKP
I'm confused. I thought this was about a little girl who does math.
Ray Del Mundo
pretty sure I requested ninrod as the bad guy
LF Drumming
Why do they have to do it so teenyboppy and have really cringy soft-pop music that you hear in like the OC and one tree hill.
matthew fenwick
I really like Blink and and her portal type powers, but in this clip it just looks like she can move or explode stuff? In the days of future past movie they really delivered in the action sequences with blink, I just hope she has a personality this time. :)
Teapot S
is that Blink?
O.o o.O
wow! so bad! gifted was the name of an arc that joss whedon did that brian singer already based the x2 movie on. so basically he read 6 comics >.>
Hitman Thornton
Not a fan of Bryan Singers directing, but looks interesting.. Where's the diversity, one Asian girl? That's it..
Looks very "safe" family theme. ill passion on the other hand Legion was a dream come true. It was not silly or have that "family fun" whoooopppiiii style. It was a masterpiece. Legion IMO was the best Marvel adaption ever to come on the TV. Movies, shows and everything. As for The Gifted. It will have a good few episode run and then fail. Then the tv execs will blame "people are tired of the comic book thing." NO !! Thats not the case (meanwhile Legion will have won Emmy's and be on its next season) So hopefully the writers, producers and people in charge of ideas will take a risk (like they did with Legion) and finally make a X-Men theme with the darker adult theme instead of this teen/family drama style. Every actor looks mis-cast, no Easter eggs, no reference at all to the mutant universe, no teaser of anything to do with comics this trailer is an ultimate failure.
Ivan Fonkoa
this looks kinda cheap
Love that Lorna aka Polaris (Magnetos daughter) is in this series!!!
Looked so terrible, cringy, and boring! Couldn't even finish watching the whole trailer for this pilot.
Gerard Monroe
I highly suggest watching the anime X-Men, dubbed of course & this is coming from someone from the Fox Kids era.
Phil Wynter
hi 😊. you are my favorite comic related video person (even though you do movies in general, which you are also my favorite in 👍🏿, but right now I'm staying on comic stuff 😉) but I KNOW you got as happy as I did when the dad talking to that character in the last scene says "...tell me what you know about Lorna"as in Lorna DaneMistress of MagnatismDaughter of Mutant Malcolm X a.k.a. Magneto😳
Taheem Lewis
whos the boy? banshee?
Joshua Kania
i'm fairly sure polaris is in this and i really hope shes actually amazing
Crazy Dónut
1:43 that girl is polaris(daughter of magneto)
Jonatas Silva
It really didn't impress me, but this is just a trailer. I'll give it a watch.
Chris Sucharda
agents of shield vs 2
Jay Campo
"Things change when its your own kid", tell that to a republican lmao or this administration.
rugged english
Awesome!!! Legion was very cool. Yeah, it kinda got murky at times. But first season as a whole? Very good. Streaming and art of binge viewing definitely affecting season building formulas. Cant wait to see this! 💥🍻😂
Keyon Ricketts
I'm pretty uninterested about SInger's X-Men lore I likely will NOT watc this, especially based on this trailer.
Yep, I watch it. Sold
Legion looks better in every single way possible. This just looks so bland and devoid of any creativity.
Xander F
Looks like an over-serious, self-indulgent angsty YA mix of Carrie and Heroes... and that could have been awesome.
And Magik isn't even Russian! She had better be adopted... but then she would be just like Heroes' cheerleader.
Meh, not interested tbh, kinda feed up with the X-men type movies or TV shows and this TV show doesn't even seem to have quality CGI..
I hope things work out for these white people......People think that Marvel has a diversity problem....well here is your answer......hahahahaha
Cole Lucier
This show looks like complete crap
Caleb Broadnax
Gotham is trash
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