Arun Sharma
Kinder Joy is the best of best 👍👍
shaily jain
K ৭
Dinky Jagyasi
You all r wrong lickables is better😜
Umesh Goyel
Kinderjoy is the best choclate forever and no chocolate can take its place
miandadrind maindadrind
Aslam Javed
kider joy
Purushottam Singh
I love lickbles 😊😄
Aliza Meraj
no its wrong everything of kinder joy is the best
Hogol Roy
I like only kinder joy😍
Samuel Chellappa
my favorite chocolate for ever is kinder joy
Shafiya Akram
I want to eat it now
Shelley Rein Colasi
He's playing with the food
rajesh yadav
all r gud dont contest u is not president of kinder and dariy mik
Anil Bellurkar
both r best
Cool LICKABLES!! I have not seen these before
Faiqa Sajad
Lickables is the best😋
Kinder joy is not much tasty😫
Baljeet Singh
lockable is good in taste and its gift is so good
Tabassum Kamal
Kinder Joy is best and in taste is supper I love Kinder Joy OK
Sarita Waghmare
Both are money wastage
Janak Parmar
I like Leakebls kindar joy is not good in test
Laura Wasilewska
To jest Gawin prawda
Rayan Ahmed
kinder is best!!
Hashim Mirza
Sushmita Nag
kinder joy is best for me
stylish studios
kinder joy is so awesome
Minnie R Eevee
Kinder Joy:(
Tanu Arora
ony kinder joy
Thư Ngô
kinder joy good
Undertale Pick
I love kids joy😍❤️
I ate likabels only once but I got a jiggly Puff whistle
I like both
Amysophiani Adeni
ibel irawansyah
hi 🙋🙌
Shirina Akter
ruiyda sara
lickable is duplicate.
Soha in Funland
I like both
Sharaf Deen
jc s
Farhana Chachar
I love kinder joy
Subhadra Thakur
useless video
tulis apa aku gabisa ☺☺☺☺☺
Nena Fausto

Yeah but

I kklll
Yes Hey I Is me at
do you know it may contain wax maybe (kinder joy)
Mansi Waghmare
i like likables😊 cause i think kinder joy is not good for our health
2:18 Water in my mouth!!
Rajkumar Mal
for me kinder joy tastes a lot better
Chinni Pushpa
kinder joy is the best😘😀😊😋😉
princess S
I like both
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