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BadGuysSub 090
I feel bad for the baby 😭😢😣 blood was coming out of his mouth
Kam Gabrielle
I've subscribed
Patrick Willin
Trevor Offutt
i found a cockroach in my icecream
I lost 90 pounds watching this.
Good thing I always cook for myself or I make things at home with love
Lupe Escobar
I had a spider in my rice crispy
Izabelle Schwarz
JoAnn Churchill
Another reason why I don't eat the McDonald's fries I like em but I'm glad chicken nuggets aren't on the list I love chicken nuggets :P
your just putting me off everything on this list
Ella Lange
Cinnamon Roles :3
That is why people, you always open an Oreo to check their is no squished spider. If there is, I recommend you Chuck it at the nearest thing. If you don't, then just scoff the whole thing in your mouth.
Fan Gamers
In my school,some of my classmates bought a bread, and in the bread there was a ton of ants.
bob 123
I found a rat tail in my drink. Ewwwww
S Gamer
Say the raise because the police can see you ok
S Gamer
I way subscribe to. Your YouTube Channel now ok
S Gamer
Yes or on
S Gamer
You. Want to Lie for in to the people
steven jones
Safiullah Taj
wtf i will never ever eat or drink from these countries
The Chromy
The roach was grossest
Kristy Simpson
Tallulah Watts
The galaxy kitten 0407
Truth be told i hate mc Donald’s it’s gross
awesome Anya
Favorite or as you say it favourite is spelled wrong
Casey Taylor
The glass, that is just sad how a BABY FOOD company put GLASS in their product😭
Breanna Wood
one time I found a spider in my cousins wendys
Ceiling Cat
I found a dead newborn mouse in my rice from a Chinese takeaway store.
I complained and they closed down a month later. A refund would have been nice.
Dolls & more
Elexia Ponce
What's a Jorix?
Jorge Genis
i always check. my food
Hossam Abdellatif
I found a caterpillar in my food!!!!
You spelled favorite wrong
Rolands Rolis
not french fries u nub french fries pro dont u even talk to them
Good thing I barely eat fast food or junk food. Seriously, the world has to be a little more nutritional to stop incidents like these and obesity!
Nuke Feedz
I actually found a spider in my pizza from pizza pizza
Θανάσης Φυδανίδης
No bred...Noo
Lee Ward
Ibrahim Butt
Omg thank-you for telling these products
An extremely picky person with username ideas :/
One time at KFC I found a fly in my chip.
Ever since that day each time I get chips with a meal I examine EVERY chip for 1 minute before eating it and moving to the next chip.

;-; Whats wrong with me and over exaggerating.
i bet they stuffed that spider in it
Ally and Kelsey
Christian Robert B.
A fucking knife in a sandwich !!!
Asmrbut Asmr
Once me and my sister found a huge bug in ur ice creams
Rayed Ul Haq
The mouse in the mountain dew I mean that was just disgusting
M Autumn
One time when I was about ten, I had a loose tooth and I got Wendy's. When I bit into the chicken nugget and there was a tooth in my nugget. Then I realized my loose tooth was still attached to my gums.
Luna Pulido
i dont wanna eat never ever again.
like if you dont ever ever ever wanna eat again
what is a jurek's
Lauren Drake
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