i like how batali just sat down and ate the food with them
Anyone who pays 2000k for pizza is a chump. Come to think of it, anyone who pays more than 20 dollars for pizza is a chump.
Crob Crob
These are the videos that ruin my diet...
Princess Funnies
why do people eat gold
J Edgar
Why isn't this show an actual TV show or Netflix "original"???
Fawad Khan

http://sincere.sincereadvertisements.online/?utm_medium=5ecaa8a12267d2ca15b169216fada868227a3dcf&utm_campaign=Default SmartLink&1=beautiful_brown_guy&cid={clickid}
sometimes.... things that are expensive.... are worse.
Coca Cola
and here i am. eating 2 pieces of toasts with butter.
tbh, 24k looks like it's too much. or maybe cuz i'm a poor teen. lel.
Samaira Cook
Bruno Mars should try the 24k Pizza lol
Drop Faith
Pizza isn’t meant to be fancy, it’s pizza, that’s why it’s so good
R0My 12345
I'm watching this while eating pizza
Justin Wright
Would rather go for the $2 pizza and spend $1998 on making a new Gaming PC.
Mario Batali stole Kramer's idea hahaha
Nyomi Neko
that last pizza looked so good i wish i was there 😀
Nyomi Neko
1:27 andrews cute smile 😄
Lorenzo Picchi
the pizza is not burnt. it's black flowr.
Anonymous Phucker
You should harvest the gold from your poop now.
Legendary Notlrac319
13:07 so I'm not the only one bro.......lol that's the pizza talking bro.
Jahirul Islam
I love pizza 🍕 .
fred jones
dont tell me thats not a burnt pizza
Andrei Matei
RM N' Kookie Lover
I hate the guy in the 13 dollar pizza.I hate his attitude😕😕 Also his not one of the three musketeers😕
that burnt piece is actual cancer , some one needs to teach this ignorant some food ethics .
Jeremy Hayes
Now this is real pizza. Not the crap in the LA pizza episode
Random Moustache Guy
That 2$ pizza is cheaper than gas station pizza where I live. Gotta love small towns!
violet paul
did your poop turn gold
I hate to break it to you guys but a booklet of 24k gold leaf is only like $44. So, um...yeah.
Dollie Dollie
I'm not a doctor, but I'm not sure your supposed to eat gold🤦🏽‍♀️
Dollie Dollie
Them: Some guy on the internet is gonna say it's burnt😒

Richard Huang
And... When it comes to some of the most expensive food, CAVIAR IS A MUST.
Jeffy Ho
That pizza is burn't af. XD
Sagan P.
Stilton cheese can get you high
Bullet Bananna
Bullet Bananna
I heard that eating burnt food is bad for you
Joe's Pizza is the best only because it was in the Spiderman 2 film
Sander Ruijsbroek
Foie Gras?
Aljaž Jesen
That last pizza didnt even look like pizza at all, just shaped like one
Elizabeth Siemens
I want to see an interview with these guys regarding all the gold, caviar, truffles, foie gras and lobster they've eaten in different forms
mick smit
15:02 this is hilarious xD you're just gonna pick the one that doesn't make you fart
Hi Sharon
Cédrik LeBlanc
I want to est pizza with Mario Batali. He took a piece of dough and transformed it in a poem that will be serenaded for generations to come.
Please try German food
Aurora Hernandez
I've always wondered how does gold taste like
I wonder if Adam is just watdhing porn there
7:04 It's burnt
man gg
Phil Lenan
All fake italian knowledge !!! Fake news!!!!
BB Moss
These guys have eaten more gold than I'll ever own
Mate Pizza Just Be Called Worth it
The Salty Simmer
I haven't even met Mario in real life but I still love him.
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