$2 Pizza Vs. $2,000 Pizza • New York City

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“It’s fulfilling one of my greatest fantasies.”

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Braulio Bunay
Mario Batali
Alex Bisogni
Sam Elesawi

Heather and Ellie
Andrew always sounds like he never wants to be there
twentyønepiliøts fan
the Asian guy kinda looks like rice gum also here is a emergency plan if you get roasted by rice gum step 1 hide in your shed lonely also LEAVEY OF BACK
Donny Bugga
I feel kinda bad for the $2,000 pizza chef. Like....they didn't really have anything good to say about his pizza. :-/
Andrew is aaaaaaaaalllll about the cross-section.
I reeeeeaaaalllllyyyyy wanna have their job
Omg i looooveee eataly
Regina James
Hey how many pizza eat
I was waiting for a ninja turtle joke!
It doesnt cost 2 $
ist costs $ 2.75
Naaz Iqbal
aren't they bored of eating gold
ShadowMaster 45
Its burnt
H dawg
Just buy casco pizza
And I'm just sitting here like..... Pizza Hut is pretty good.
Why did you NOT do this in Chicago?
Neil Lotakoon
Can you bleep out all cus words plzz even guest
The eel is here
the pizza is burnt
Ethan oh
the middle place always seems the best to me
why does the camera guy look like he's watching porn xD
Re do pizza in chicago
「 blue jins 」
tbh i want gordon ramsay to try out these foods and see what he says
Joshua Ogunlolu
Mario Batali seems so great
Rahman Md Hasanur
Come to Italy, ez.
Rodney Laur
4:27 The map looks like something out of GTA (behind Steven's head)
Julia Rosenberg
I love joe's pizza!!
Games GO
10:38 I thought he going to say my name is jeff
Ok Ok
Give some food to Adam too ...I feel bad for hin
Faith Langdon
Points. That's burnt. Hides underground
Quinn Babbidge
Adam is my spirit animal.
antonio gutierrez jr
What happen to joe these guys aren't them aren't even Italian guy has Spanish accent lol
Arcsaber Gamer
4:02 when you're high on pizza
Das' Lame
So you take common food n put gold n you can sell it for $$$$, "way to be creative'' lol.
Dark Dan
I,m on a diet for a month and I have been watching these all month lol
ItzEpix YT
$ Kebab Vs $$$ Kebab
多 多
Why u pillaging the Adam's pizza !
astrid wulandari
$?? burrito vs. $?? burrito
Peachy Keen
"with the best people"
Alicia Swan
Omg I love you guys!!!! I'm a new subscriber after watching this episode!!!!
why didn't you guys give some of the 24k pizza to Mario
Nicholas Gyutyan
waste of $2000, Joe's is definitely worth it because its cheaper and tastes better
Extraheat No
Joe looks sexy
Sherry Freeman
The last one is NOT pizza..😴
Some guy on the internet boy
You know, not to be that guy but, that pizza is burnt
AFC 1993
That's burnt
Annabelle Eugui
It's burnt
Soumil Sahu
how is the moon's "fullness" gonna affect how high the dough rises??!
Teddsmooth -_
I live in New York City and we have the biggest subway service and stations and the world
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