$2 Pizza Vs. $2,000 Pizza • New York City

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“It’s fulfilling one of my greatest fantasies.”

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Braulio Bunay
Mario Batali
Alex Bisogni
Sam Elesawi

Ernest Kwok
They said that they'd give the recipe??? I wanna make this
Blazer Strike
What I hate about what restauraunts(spellcheck?) do with pizza nowadays, is theyre basically turning pizzas into crackers, I personally hate thin crust pizza 'cause most of em are crispy inside and out.
Patrick Navarro
Adam is so Awkward
you can almost guarantee that the most expensive dish is going to have gold , truffles ,or caviar. In this case all
Big Red Productions
So jealous you met Mario
minsugagenius jjangjjangmanbongbong
I was literally just in New York and I never even got the chance to try the pizza there. I'm gonna cry-
The pizza is burnt.
lol did i nail it
Icy Reign
anaphylaxis for me on that last pizza. I'm allergic to seafood and gold.
I'm gonna skip the 2000 pizza.
That guy Mario is so genuine. I want to meet that dude. He obviously LOVES food.
Why the fk would you put gold in a pizza
Diana Buck
Thank you to the one lady that didn't like the expensive pizza.
Krystal Campbell
Am I the only one who sees sexual tension is almost all over of the episodes..
Tom Killins
He has a girlfriend??
Marco Barragan
Anyone else noticed the weird "Oh yes" placement? Mario finished saying "...like a baby sucking the tit" and then we get the "oh yes!" Shady BuzzFeed, shady.
Margareth Teodoro
the $2000 dollar pizza for me is disgusting. just from the pizza dough with squid? i like fish but not on a pizza dough!😷
Bryn Condon
Adam is so cute, basically the best part of the show.
Luke H
omg Mario makes burnt pizzas
Briana Davis
Well someone's gotta say it... That pizza looks burnt
Loff da cronch
Anna Avertho
"I know Joe's Pizza. It's the best Newyork slice you can get... niether should be excluded from the party!" That was getting deeper than i expected it to be.
Emma Snap
Y'all should do cheap vs. expensive food trucks
Jared Babwah
($1 alcohol Vs. $2000 alcohol ) <<<just an example
but I really wanna see alcohol and what richness it has to offer <3
love these worth it episodes btw :')
Masked Boy
Honestly, the last one looks like a cake or a giant cookie (soft)
The Sir
I nearly cried when they bit into the gold pizza
matt 8813
Adam looks like he just hates life lol
Ailin Mejia
The woman said she needs a drank not drink
I eat pizza like that no cheese
Please do a Chicago version of this.
When I was in New York I ate Joes pizza for five different meals over the week I was there. right down from the hotel, and why not??
My favorite pizzas are Sams Club pizza...
At 13:56, it's that green box from Shark Tank. Good for them, I'm glad that business is blooming.
7:54 'succulent Like the way a jelly filled donut is''is eating a jelly filled donut'*eyes widen*
$1,000 car vs $1,000,000 car
VA 540
adams the coolest right??
Joseph De Los Santos
I wish they ended with Mario cause he was the best part of the episode. that final pizza looked to me very unappealing.
Rachael Miller
$1 boob job vs $10000 boob job
gaming with jesus
7:16 is burned
Master Chef jr
Hahahaha ITS BURNT he gets so pissed
Benjamin Sawmiller
Worth it omelettes?
Randomly Made
Do sushi in New York
$chicken vs $$$chicken
Bad editing.
Bubby Bubbly
next worth it episode. FRIES. I would literally fly out to whatever place to get the best fries lol
Im Wolfyy
They're stomachs have been filled with more than like 10k of money ._.
Tia Jaskie
no one wants burned pizza

like if you agree
World of Tanks blitz
If something is burnt you will get cancer from it
Lexi Frame
Mario is my favourite chef they've ever visited.
Is anyone else getting bored of the expensive food being normal food but with caviar and gold leaf all over it ? ... I liked better the $100 pasta ! Still expensive, more creative.
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