Harry the Moth

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You will be missed Harry. I feel like your death was partly my fault.
r.i.p in peace (pieces). 
Big thanks to Jaiden Animations for sending me clips of her dog ➤https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGwu0nbY2wSkW8N-cghnLpA

Videos I used in Harry's memorial




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Rebecca Darnell
I loved moths growing up. I also used to catch and release them.
Rebecca Darnell
I loved moths growing up. I always used to catch and release them.
estela gonzalez
My friends and i cought a moth that we named Gilbert Fred Johnson
I never really liked buterflies so a moth was a BIG NOPE but Gil really grew on me, he high fived us ( he probably just moved his arm but im counting it as a high five) and he was overall very chill.
He had a broken wing and was literally minutes away from dying
So my friends and i gave him the best hour of his life.they killed him to end his suffering
I almost cried
Lim Yee Mun
the pictures of the hairy moths looks so cute
Violet 723
I saw a HUGE moth one night, it was about the size of my dad's hand (he has huge hands)
I would pick a moths any other day then a butterfly cuase i'm scerad of them
FreelyColorful -Kranki Rantass-
In freshman year we had a moth land on my jacket and it let me and my friends touch it and it would glady crawl across us. I named it Timothy and I didnt want him to die in my class so I let him go in a tree. now everytime we see a moth one of my friends yells "YO IT'S TIMOTHY"
sophia garland
Why are we not talking about his beautiful voice
he small
he scary
but most importantly,
he’s Harry
I’m watching this at night and trying not to laugh when he died
Jose Estrada420
I was a really stupid kid I used to think those months were baby hummingbirds
Damian Rivera
your not the only one my isopod died too i miss him D:
But James they don't eat flowers they drink nectar
Araceli Romero
#crying dude you almost made me cry
Hannah Franklin
Here is what the lsast thing Harry saw
mothra is actually a hero not a killer
Shadow Claw4762
Moth lives matter!
Glowstick Fluids
Matthew Baloney
I hate bugs, so they videos a the end had me schieved out.
Me: ok I see where this is going, after she lets him out of the jar a bird out of nowhere swoops in and devours it

Couple of seconds later

I want to tell a story:
Back in summer of 2015, there was a tree in front of my house (its still there) and there were Caterpillars on it. So, I was walking outside and then I saw those Caterpillars. And I asked my mom if I could keep one and we did. So, we got a little storage holder box which is suppose to be for legos, but, we put it in there. We put holes, gave it food and water everyday. We named it bumblebee because I liked transformers at the time. We did some research on wikipedia and when it turned into a butterfly, it was a silver butterfly, but not any butterfly, a moth. When it turned into the caccoon, It just sat there. Then it died. RIP Bumblebee
CrazyDirtDay YT
How cute the moth is just makes you think its normal. Nah! You need to see how they actually look like.
Publicbee 67
Justin birb
Melissa Olvera
Justin berb hahaha omg james your so funny
minecraft gamer
TrIGG3r H4pp13 H0oL1G4n
lel :(
Doge The Burger
You didnt carry the baryy harry
Kayden Mills
Glitterunicorn :3
I...had a moth called jimmy....but HE DIED CAUSE MY MUM KILLED HIM!!!
Ian Sousa
Gabby G
Am I one of the only ones that has a legit fear of moths and butterflies ?😂
It sounds silly but I blame it on that one spongebob episode of wormy, you know the one

Ash Wolf The VA
A dog ate Harry? (All you Jadien watchers get me) Wow. R.I.P.
Fergus Canavan
Rip harry
Tigo Stok
noooooo hhhhhaaaaarrrrrryyyyyyy
Scout Paws
thats sad but funny
Jinx Star
Your 20
Tongyu Penman
My name is Harry
Magic Tooky Toucan
Butterflies can’t eat shirts plus Mothra like the best Godzilla monster
Rikuto Kyo
My moth was eaten yesterday
I was pretty dumbed up about it
but then I thought the bird eating my moth was probably happier eating it than I was sad losing my moth, so the total happiness in the world increased
so its okay
I've never seen a praying mantis
Prank Master
that jerk bird was calling his bird friend on his shell phone
Umar Abdullah
i hate creepy things
Top 10 most saddest anime deaths
Meme Of Spider-Man
Isn't Mothra good?
The pinkunicorn8251 Sarah
Enrique Esguerra
Sorry I can’t go I wish I can go but you go there I say hi please remember me by always what’s your videos all the time kind of but yeah my parents don’t let me go anywhere because him do you don’t let me take anyway I like but I’m not going I was 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I love you videos❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😱
Flying Puff
I lmao at this and now im crying about moths and birds
Xavier Vanover
Wait are they actually related
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