Bruno Mars Forced Chris Martin into a Dance-Off During Super Bowl 50

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Chris Martin chats with Jimmy about Coldplay sharing the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show stage with Beyoncé, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

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Bruno Mars Forced Chris Martin into a Dance-Off During Super Bowl 50

watcher lim
So humble and simple.
I just realized Chris sounds exactly like Richmond from The IT Crowd 😂😂😂
Gina Ochinang
I love coldplay and their songs love Chris Martin!
Mozhan Sh
his EVERYTHING [the shape of his head and face, laughing, looking, talking, joking, even sitting!!!] looks JUST LIKE my ex and it annoys me cause his adorable but I can't take this amount of similarities 😩
Merlin Meowcat
I don't know what idiot would ever want to "consciously uncouple" with him... he has such a warm personality and humble demeanor!
you can sorta tell jimmy didnt know who guy berryman was lol
Ulka Chandini Pendit
i am sick and watching this makes me feel better.
So lovely ❤️❤️
Hoob Stank
omg its coldplay
Jose Fermalino
Fedi Berzerk
He never changed. And its amazing.
tumari maguire
chris Martin is like the white farrell Willaims, will he ever get old?
Ruben Canales
I like coldplay, but their performance sucked here
overhyped band.
Teddy Vivi
He's like an innocent boy here, im in love.
fuck appel
Tirza Andrea
Coldplay's humbleness overwhelms me. Not even an inch of arrogance. That's why I love them! Their music is Amazing with great message.
Rhonda Tracey
i remember how stupid i fealt just this year 2017.. when i finally found out who chris martin was.. i had no idea during that superbowl and I was like wow this is awesome and the colors were beautiful.. i thought it was the best half time show ever.. a little late finding out who was who.. but i loved it.
Aina Izzati
He's so hot damnit
Natasha Coda
He seems so nice and down to earth. How in the world did he stay married to Paltrow so long? She seems the complete opposite.
mofo should just stfu
what accent is dat
Raidah Rani
he looks like an excited little teenage boy
Kimba Shakti
chris martin very humble person,- :)
Polly-jaiyne O'Marlley
wiggly woo how do you wiggly woo do! 😆
B. Hall
thee best
The Note Thief
What a fucking great person, Chris Martin, that is.

Watched their concert, they were even better live. They are so engaged with the audience. My favourite band and the best concert performers ever. They care about the people. Heck, they care about the world! They are even promoting peace and love with their tour! Coldplay, truly is magical!
Advaith Bala
DO meet your heroes if it's a guy like Chris Martin
Sumycheen Bhusal
Why haven't you guys invited Bruno yet?
Amairani Rodriguez
I love you Chris Martin
Ilona Shobutinskaya
Please, what he say at 2:36?
Valentina Bahamonde
Nova Amy
even still talk sound sexy #Crish Martin 😍
Phương Anh Nguyễn Trần
Chris just so nice and lovely aww
Smurf the murf
emma vazquez
Gerardo Ruiz
He performed at the Super Bowl?
Natalia Prado
You know you're an amazing human being when the 90% of the comments are positive! You go my son you gooooooo! This is the kind of interview you need to watch every time you feel sad and omg I died when Chris said "if you flip it over, it says I drink Budweiser" about the believe in love message and his smile I can't even hahahahahaha Chris is so pure, someone protect him from this cruel world
elaine cowell
I love Coldplay!
OK. he's hot
Aek K
"we're so proud of it and we had just the best time" <3333
Yas B
oh please please please have bruno mars on your show please please please :)
Flamin Pain
1:32 hit marker sound
Brayden Kollman
Is cold play Chris Martin?
I love Chris but Jimmy is so fake... that laugh! Ughhh!
Chris is a pure delight both for the eyes and for the ears
He surely makes us want to believe in love. I don't believe in many things, but in you, amazing awesome gorgeous Chris, I do.
It made me squirm when Jimmy said "by the way, how are the kids, I love your kids".... so cheesy and insincere.
Chris probably felt awkward at that too.
Aniket Rudraksha
Lol his Lennon impression
Leo Cagape
How come Bruno Mars never interviewed by Jimmy Fallon?
I like the word yeah so yeah yeahhh
i want to have gay sex with him so bad and my girlfriend wants to date him ://
Why is Jimmy so fake and a cocaine addict
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