Bruno Mars Forced Chris Martin into a Dance-Off During Super Bowl 50

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Chris Martin chats with Jimmy about Coldplay sharing the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show stage with Beyoncé, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

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Bruno Mars Forced Chris Martin into a Dance-Off During Super Bowl 50

Claudio Sergio
Ótimo Bruno Mars
Oliver 2000
Wish Chris Martin was my dad.
This man is a BLESSINGG
Chris Martin has a great personality !
Aly Berry
that pendant on his necklace looks like Venezuelan's map
Jailene Martinez
I love this man
Mary Kosin
if I could choose any one celebrity to meet it would be chris martin in a heartbeat
Jimmy the reason you never get invited to the super bowl because you're Jimmy freaking Fallon and there wouldn't be any beer left for anyone else
Xenia Angelica
everyone in the picture looks so good except for bruno, he must be damned XD
Samina Thapaliya
You just can't not fall in love with Chris Martin.
I love him!
ooh when you use your heart as a weapon, it hurts like heaven..!
chris is so cute
Cindy A.
He seems like such a nice and funny guy.
Ashton Sollosy
"If you saw it from above it says 'Believe in love'
"If you flip it over it says 'And drink Budweiser'.
Daniela Pacheco
Ugh, what a beautiful creature 😍
Jel-Ly Bean 2000
Funny video😂😂😂
Be kind and weird
Chris fucking Martin. The guy is just so genuine and cute? Like, he seems so down to Earth and humble and kind of shy, but very funny and I'm in love with this fucking cutie pie
Peter FFyOU
I love Chris but I just can't listen to Jimmy Fallon, I cant !!
Adline Writes
Wow Chris Martin. How do you become a huge International star and yet stay so sweet and pure?
Jagoda Ostrowska
I don't know why but Chris resambles me a little bit Eddy Murphy...his like a white Eddy Murphy [sorry for English]
Logangster loves bruno mars
Best advice performing
With Bruno mars&beyonce:
"If they ask you to do a dance off run hide"
Catie the Scribble
I love the fact that he's pretty much always wearing tie-dyed clothes
R Besh
Chris sounds like he's caught cold. Maybe that's why they re called Coldplay. And it actually makes sense
11: 11
Beautiful creature! I love you 😍
He's SO sweet. Such an inspiration. What a gem of a person.
Clara Bonnet
Des gens qu te matent chez toi à ton inssu , les pires merdes que le monde ait jamais créer.
Summer B
Chris's character is the standard for my future husband ! ♡
certainly madam
Let's be honest we all would like to be friends with Chris Martin :)
anny chua92
How could Gwyneth divorce this guy? He is just too nice.
Hannes Cloete
Chris may just have to take care of his coke abuse before it actually destroys him
Georgina Quiroz
I can't stop loving Chris, he is the cutest thing ❤️
Juwita Palgunadi
Christ is so sweet anf funny
Chris is 😍😍 and his voice 😙
Title should say "Beyonce kicked Coldplay out of the halftime show."
Kat Crawley
2:29 Stop staring into my soul Chris!!!😭😭😭
Jullian Anne
i litterally likes all the beautiful commments about chris martin. Hes beautiful
Proxire GT
Wow my birthday is on march 16!!!!
Slirpz Social
such a sweet guy!
standin Jhay
im so in love with him ❤❤❤
He loves this shirt, right?
Airel Bonifacio
i do not what a enjoy chris brought on me.. i love you
He looks slightly like david bowie
Weaam Daksa
He's sooooo cute!!!
watcher lim
So humble and simple.
I just realized Chris sounds exactly like Richmond from The IT Crowd 😂😂😂
Gina Ochinang
I love coldplay and their songs love Chris Martin!
Mozhan Sh
his EVERYTHING [the shape of his head and face, laughing, looking, talking, joking, even sitting!!!] looks JUST LIKE my ex and it annoys me cause his adorable but I can't take this amount of similarities 😩
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