Snooker Coaching/Training! How to improve break building, Secret practice routine S-1,Arshad Qureshi

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Snooker Coaching  / Training! How to improve break building, Secret practice routine Series-1 By Arshad Qureshi (Snooker Coach) at

This is a free Urdu / English (bilingual) learning resource for all snooker enthusiasts to help them to assess every element of their game.

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Pakistan Snooker & Snooker Coaching By Arshad Qureshi,

Snooker Coaching By Arshad Qureshi,
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numan hussain
sir how does roonie o sullivans cue vibrates while hitting a screw shot
Masood Hamisha Tanha
I have a question, i have problem with my job, I don't have too much time for practice, I can play only on Saturday or Sunday, now the question is, should I practice or play games ????
WS Sahil
very good sir boht hi acha laga ap ka video thanks
ARTgamer ARTgamer
another grt video
sir, i have problem with my grip

i put a straight line with a pencil on my cue , and after the delivery that line moves abit to the right, but when i pull the cue back ( backswing) that line is very straight, so sometimes goes right after the delivery, i dont twist in or out my wrist at all.

when i play with 2 fingers only, thumb +forfinger the cue goes very straight but as soon as the last 3 fingers come to play the problem begins.

what might be causing this ?
thank you
Arslan Azhar
sir videos ap headcam kay sath start krain, wo zyadah behtar hai.
Zakir Naik
Zakir Naik
Thank you for this practice routine it is a little bit technical I think.
Zakir Naik
I like your glasses.
Zakir Naik
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