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Lee suan-hoe
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Caroline Blake
My little brother like this so so much and he watching every day 👻👻
Fatima Salam
I love. monster trucks
Juan Guevara
Max Fitzmaurice
Shelly Bennett
our day is not complete without watching this video! we love Blippi!!!
Anna Nastasovici
Campus Suite
your hat is silly
Nadia Martin
my little brother loves this!
Akif Azri
Kathryn Emma
You should do one with four wheeler dirt bikes 😀
Michele Huang
Toddler Fun Learning
nice monster trucks!
becky oladi
my son loves it 😁😁😁
Shelly Bennett
Hi Blippi. My name is Gunner and I am 2 years old. I love to watch your videos and my favorites are the Garbage truck and Monster trucks! Thank you for sharing!
Fred Siggins
Estefanie Gomez
Sinnot blipi
Gaston Gonzalez
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Estrella Lopezosa
lo London
Kyeon Petties
Bernaliza Pacuri
I had never seen this
Hurriyyah Fiza
my baby cousin loves It
Kiarah Wolfe
my 5 and 2 year old cousin fell in love lol
Julie Conlon
Mary Grace Nabua
Mary Grace Nabua
Me and my little nephew(2yr old) enjoyed watching each videos...thanks #Blippi
Pierre-Eric LAZARO
jose Mendoza
Easton Donald
I love your videos
Marco Gomes
we randomly came across your videos a few months ago and my son who is 19 months cant get enough of you. we are from toronto canada. we watch your videos over and over and over ..:-)
Elle H
My little brother loves this lol!!! Thanks for making this!!!😘
Bambo-Jambo: Educational Сartoon Video for Kids
Like your cartoons) ✌
Jagmohan Kaur
hi blppi I love your videos
Josh from SDK brought me here!! 😂😂
Mayaan Gonzalez
my son loves u, good job!
Nylah Pylah
I'm here because of Josh sobo
This is Josh Sobo's favourite channel 😂
Teegz Adventures
Found your channel by the recommended search. Great videos! I'm a small beginner channel but I plan to learn and grow. Keep up the great content!
Blippi by 2 year old brother Will LOVES you. Beacause of your videos he can look at almost any piece of machinery Thank you SOO much.😄
Jill Moores
my little man loves your videos. do you sell merchandise in the UK? importing from USA is very expensive. Thanks Jill
Liana Sangiacomo
me gusta mucho
blippi, i love u. monter tucks r so cool like u!!!!!!
Chad E
Great vids. My kids always laugh at "pee pee eye"...
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