Christian Docto
You could have just played it. -_-
But you watched the Japanese on Fuji TV so you're ahead of time with the time skip technique my friend! You already knew what was going on
Arya Rambalangi
fuck u. i dont like ur video.. bitch
Ugh. Jiren is so ridiculous. I don't care if he's a good guy in his universe. I want him to lose. Especially after beating Hit and treating Goku like a chump. I can't believe that in 3 episodes it went from, "Yes! The big fights are happening! Finally we are getting to the climax of this tournament..." too, "Nah. That was just the 2 minute drill right before halftime." I mean it seems like the 2 biggest possible fights that could happen in this tournament just happened and instead of Jiren saying, "I got rid of Hit. Goku is pretty much helpless. Time to systematically butcher everyone else in my path." And basically having Jiren start clearing house. With more and more intense fighting with unbelievable elimination after unbelievable elimination. Nope Jiren decides, "I did good. Now I will just sit here like an invincible rock daring anyone to try anything." What??? Really??? You beatdown Goku and eliminate Hit. And now you are done? Ridiculous. I can't believe we won't be seeing a Goku vs. Hit rematch. Or Vegeta vs. Hit. Or Frieza vs. Hit. Or Android 17 vs. Hit. So many good possibilities have just gone flying out the window. And now we have to watch all the other characters eliminate each other in practically meaningless battles because Jiren won't be a part of them, despite setting the bar so high. I don't wanna see Cabba vs. Vegeta or whatever is going to happen in the next episode after having just watched Goku vs. Jiren. Maybe Vegeta somehow helps Cabba and he unlocks some potential or something. Even if Cabba unlocks something like Super Saiyan 3... Survives to fight Jiren... What's the point? In the end it's going to come down to Jiren one shotting him anyways. lol. Goku just needs to get back his power and attack Jiren head on as soon as possible. Or at least have Vegeta, Frieza, Android 17, Gohan, and Piccolo just try and gang up on him. Something. Anything to where Jiren is involved and the story can flow smoothly. If this drags on much longer it'll just start to suck. And that's sad of me to say considering how much of a Dragonball fan I am. My number 1 anime of all time. Could possibly hit a rough patch and actually suck. I hope this is not the case.
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goga wins
Spoiler Alert! :- Hit has not been dropped out yet!
First of all Hit didn't used his full potential against Jiren,he was just testing Jirens power and weakness.
If any one have noticed the Zeno Sama didn't tapped his picture in his pad,,only grand priest announced that Hit has been dropped off the arena & half time is finished.
You can notice when Jiren crushed his time attack & blow hit away,he was totally in control rolling & landed,,,, & that's when he created a copy of him who Jiren blasted out!..
It's Like when one guy played dead against Android 18 & surprised her later & Zeno Sama didn't tapped his name too as they already knew it's that fighters plan so they didn't spilled the beans.

It's Hits plan to make Jiren believe that he lost so he can let his guard down & he succeeded as Jiren went into meditation, now they have to beat toppo and the other rabbit dude.
He will come back later and surprise Jiren,,cause If you've noticed he said 'it's his job' & he never fails.
And last but not least there is no way the writers will wipe such strong character out in just one proper fight.
Hit will return..its not over yet! 😊
tafadzwa romeo
And hit just tool the L
I have cable I hate satellite
Frieza going 2 be the one who beat's Jiren
David Bonet
Dont sleep on the Prince!! I believe the Prince will take out Jiren!!!!
yandi garcia
Jiren want an utopia universe everyone is perfect good and specially justice that's the reason why he want the dragon ball
Hugh Schift
Hit is going to try to kill him because he knows he's outclassed and he knows Jiren doesn't want to risk elimination (by killing Hit). Jiren's perfect instincts will be too much (the punch Hit lands is probably rolled with by Jiren in some way) and that's the kind of ability Goku will be able to attain eventually. At this point though I think it's more likely that Jiren (if he is defeated) will be defeated by either Ultra Instinct Vegeta or Chou/Mystic Gohan for a total subversion. Oh and the new warrior is a fused Namekian. Wild guessing over.
Hemil Aquino
Here is my opinion about my dude Hit, Do Not Underestimate him, as y'all know he has the ability to increase his power during a battle. Nonetheless hit still no match for Jiren. Jiren it's a beast honestly speaking. Even though goku fought with the kyo ken x20 and ultra instinct, couldn't do anything.

Now, dont forget that hit it's an smart fighter with an IQ of 9,0000. He could give some good fight to Jiren until he improve with him. If hit improve with Jiren, I think he could be a beast in a near future. Although, I have to add a list of fighter that can become beast than anyone else in the galaxy for now.

1- Frieza. This dude it's a prodigy fighter that can gain immense power after few month of training. Imaging that dude training for two consecutive year, I can say for sure that HE will reach Ultra Instinct and more.

2- Hit. This dude has the formidable skill to improve in a battler faster than a sayan warrior. Mean he can defeat a sayan no problem if the sayan becomes stronger than him.

2- Sayan warrior. I think Y'all know why.
Kevin Anderson
Hit had a problem with despos speed not his power
Bobby Billingsley
Jiren god of destruction is helping him. He's giving jiren power and seeing his opponent movements
Maybe JIREN lacks power in his punches
Frieza is trying to get the super dragon balls. That’s why he’s being such a sport
Terrel Terrel
Legally, who cares.
If Hit gonna fall out today, everyone from the 6th universe should catch him at any cost cause without him they're doomed to failure.
Jordan Cannon
The punch of DOOMMMMMMMM
Joyce Carter
first all of yall are dumb, if jiren had ultra instinct he would not have got hit once. While goku neva got touched. And if he did then why did someone like hit whoop his ass in the preview? don't get me wrong hit not weak, but how did he fucking hit jiren with that same attack goku dodged in ssb without kaioken? Oh ok then, stop sucking off Jiren and wake up. I hate that goku is always winning too. Put vegeta in the spotlight. Btw vegeta got a new form too. I wish someone like Bardock would come back. If he was still alive he would be true badass
Marcia Arnett
Jurin knows about ultra cuss he told goku the heat coming from his body is his weekness
Ryan Samson
slow faster
Brad Adams
This just came to me... Please read!
The world of the void is a world without time or space, this was some massive forshadowing, just follow along! So, why would they give so much attention to labeling the world of the void that of without time or space? Also why would they give attention to angels having the ability to rewind time up to 2 minutes? Also remember when whis rewinds time, those of who was touching whis the Angel, kept the memories from the time that was rewound, so with knowing this, could this mean that when the tournament of power ends that an angel of a universe could choose to rewind time for that of there universe or for select people? Since the time spent in the tournament of power which is in the world of the void is no time in the real world outside of the world of the void, Maybe this way this gives Angels choice and maybe even the grand priest has the ability to give the memories to select people? Not sure but this theory gives a lot of room for different outcomes! I thought it's a theory that could be even better with more research and time! Thank you for reading, just suspicious how and why the world of the void was labeled in such way and also why the Angels were specified or foreshadowed to have the ability to rewind time.. This theory opens the mind to a lot of different outcomes!
JD Philips
This is my first DBZ episode it was fucking awesome I can't wait till the next
William Pack
but i cant wait for it now we need hit vs vegeta
William Pack
i think i hit is going to get beat cause hit cant even beat that cat dude
now that i think about it...

remember when hit killed goku... jiren has the same dent in his chest over his heart... goku and both jiren made that same "omg ahhhhhh" facial expression

it makes me wonder if hit actually used a killer technique on jiren but held back as to not kill him due to tournament rules... in fact this is a PERFECT way for jiren to still win the fight but at the same time have Hit save face and for all his fans while still living up to his name... as in saying that had this not been a tournament Hit would have lived "the legendary assassin and assassinated jiren... xD its perfect... Hit the assassin makes the point that he may not be as strong or even close to jiren but that even killing someone like him is something he's very capable of...

so ep 111 either jirens tanks that blow... or its as i said... Hit is making a statement... im going with the latter...
William Pack
ya i watch it like 2 times it was super cool
Anyone else think frieza might take out jiren?
Thano- sied
Geekdom I've already explained to a bunch of threads that it's a REASON Vegeta didn't give his energy to Goku and it's because in SSB Vegeta is actually stronger. Not sure w kaioken.. But it doesnt matter because goku can only maintain the kaioken x20 for so long before it shreds his body and drops him back to normal sayian, So, this time akira is writing to let Vegeta be the one to save the day, and everybody is going to give there energy to him to defeat Jiren.. It's so easy to see coming and predict, cause goku ALWAYS saves the day, and Vegeta has a daughter now and IS NOT going to let 7 be destroyed.. I got paypal put something on it bruh... Bet ya money..

Edit: let me explain in a little more detail why it will be Vegeta... Vegeta obtained ssb on his OWN, and was training a while before goku, he was clearly more powerful than goku against Freiza, and later in other arcs as well, and so what will happen is Vegeta will absorb the spirit energy this time, INCLUDING gokus as Vegeta didn't give his energy to goku Vegeta will be far more powerful with the power of a WHOLE other ssb added to the spirit energy this time and will wipe Jirens ass with the ground, THIS is where youll see the ultra instinct OMEN as the power it's SUPOSSE to be.. Ill bet ANYONE on this.. It's always irritated Vegeta that goku saves the day, and that's why he said "damn Kakarot, I'm not helping" or helping this time. We are gone see Vegeta actually become the True Sayian Prince.... ㊗㊙
Mr Sensitivity
ur a virgin pal
Neel Waghmare
I have two opinions.
1.either both hit and goku will beat jiren by using their combined strength.
2.Hit will provide an opening for goku to hit jiren.
black raider
Dude shut up you talk way to much
Jiren doesn't have Altra instinct
Petree GY
Hit knows Goku is the best shot and hes basically trying to give him time to recover and damage Jiren as much as possible. Hit is smart and it wouldn't surprise me if Frieza had a go afterwards too to test his power as he's hiding something and everyone forgets hes a master of fighting unless he lets his anger control him. Frieza could also control that god ki that Goku couldn't
Zachary Williams
This episode reminded me why I love dragon ball it’s because of the music it’s always been the music
Zachary Williams
11 is obviously cheating we just don’t have any explanation on how yet
Mr. Satan could beat Jiren, he should of been in the tournament.
Carlos Jasmine
SPOILER ALERT!!!! Hit loses lol episode 112
Jave Dakid
Jus let cell come back and absorb 17 then its all over
In the rematch between Goku and Hit, Hit was on the ground but didn't seem hurt at all while even though goku tricked him, he was done and littered with scratches. I think Hit isn't as strong as Jiren too but he's probably gonna be better against him than Goku before Ultra Instinct.
Lll Main
Do any of y'all notice that freza n a17 n universe4sgod are to calm and I think jirnstill anit the one I think it he still hiding and y'all must den see det dent in jirn chest n if freza is dis stronge in the tournament why can't 17 be close to whis level over tens time freza did it in mouths nigga who 10yrs for 17 and they did say 17 will be an important key in the tournament of power det man stronger den y'all think
Geekdom101 stop saying Jiren was handling ultra instinct! He wiped a scratch off his face after Goku shot pass him and then embarrassed Toppo and speedy rabbit whatever his name is! Then the big knee drop in mid air knock the holy fucking wind out him and he made a face like he felt it! He was lucky the form power ran out because that off top rope punch from the mountain was gonna be game over!
King Blader
I think that heart punch will damage him over time and will effect him or maybe its a different punch that is actually meant to damage over time instead of kill. Like slow kill with ants
Leo Palitti
So would Goku and Vegeta be able to fuse in the tournament or nah?
corey anderson
There may be a new warrior coming after episode 114.
Nathalie Santos
Jiren is cheating becuse the clown told him to crush goku his new form was good but Jiren got in full power.Hit got no cheances to beat him if goku jumped in hit and goku would win
King_ Goldenskyteam
Don't pause it that
Ultra instinct Goku
Ultra instinct and super Saiyan blue vegeta fusion
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