April the giraffe... When is the live birth gonna be?! PITOCIN PLEASE!

aprilgiraffelive birthlabor

Uugghh with this giraffe... Let's go APRIL!

Grn Peepers
Hahaha! This is EGGSACTLY how it is in the chat rooms!!! The egg wars! You NAILED IT GIRL! Thanks I need this & the break from watching the live feed for.....i don't know how many days! What day is it anyway, they seem to bleed together lately! Thanks again!
Holly Hane
omg, a perfect summary of the chats!!! Love it! :)
I said this
The voices you chose went perfectly with the faces! I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard! I was crying! Soo, soooo, funny. Thank you!
darrell kirk
3:28 PM
Sarah Gloria​I am starting to think she is just fat. This pregnancy is a cover up because all she does is eat and sleep 😃
Mom Stuck In The Headlights
Idk but go in there and hit the angry face about 40-50 times real fast and the people freak out! It's gold!! Haha
😂 that made my day thank you
Nicholas Liberti
Hilarious😂 keep doing what you are doing
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