M41Patton gaming
New home if sun ends
Nashaa Phoenix
Lokio Brolis
Humanoids from the different Worlds. What the differences are possible to impress..? If do You itrigued in the parallel Worlds.

Hachi de Fibonacci
We had satellites already when the men in space hoax was delivered. My tax money for an extreme sport? Cars exist, make the jorney, u arrive fatigued, gassed, abandoned houses r abundant, and I have said the first three out of the many dead r plastic cups along with that under 21 Brasil football team were plastic cups, but im sure if the footballers were asked from football to taxi driver or death, men would drive a flaming taxi right?!?!?... Still boycott NASA!!! We don't need it. It's an econo
Peter Stephens
Will nasa going set telescope on Mars,Jupiter moons,Saturn moons,Uranus moons ,Neptune moon and Pluto moon so we can see exoplanets very far and see exoplanets very close including space telescope near our planet's so we can see exoplanets much close and far away exoplanets in future !?
Zoran Kafadar
What I know planet is flat .,
tiziano real
ATENZIONE a DINO TINELLI che non solo da del falso al lavoro da voi svolto,ma fa cattiva propaganda sulla scienza e sulle scoperte scientifiche
NASA is a boondoggle that should be cancelled immediately.
chander kant
that red head has some emotional issues
richard chaney
NasA what are you doing with the money ? LOL
Levent Özdemir
( mars 2030 inceleme ) Copy search. yotube kanalı izleyin super..
JayKaiiGamer123 _YT
Earth is flat?No
Your brain is flat
Seth's Eye
NASA is lying. Not because the Earth is flat... It isn't.
But because they are stealing tax dollars to get rich!!!!
And spend very little on actual science.
the whole Flat Earth Movement is actually created by NASA
to make whisleblower sound like people who are dumb enough to think the earth is flat.
Maybe a reach will be here in 400 years
My username is so obnoxiously long and there is absolutely nothing you can do about the matter
it probly only look tiny cause it's far away
Gurmeet Singh
Liquid water and land? it is earth twins
Maxinne Roseño
This reminds me of The Little Prince. :O
challagiri jayakrishna
Finding planet is secondary first find out the space craft to reach the planet After that we'll find many wonders
Cosmos - Space and Exploration
Can I get 20 subs please!
Ahmed Ebrhim
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
{إن الذين كذبوا باياتنا سنستدرجهم من حيث لا يعلمون }
يبدو من الصور الملتقطة أن بن لادن الحديث يختلف كثيرا فهو بدون لحية كما أنه مدخن بطريقة تشبه كثيرا الفريدهة
وملابسه تشبه دنيال وربما صدام حسين حسين
رجاء ظبط القمر قليلا أريد مشاهدة البرج وأبو الهول 😂من خلا مجرتي
Corey Lew
liars no such thing as planetd
Jesus Vieira
good job Nasa! I can not wait to see pics of the James Webb telescope🌌🌒❤👍
Sami Samsoum
هذه معجزة الله
Mr Scientific
Thank You for putting me in the video!
Mr Scientific
Thank You for putting me in the video!
Gabriel Sixton
we get the rope project down American scientist
Gabriel Sixton
whether we get dropped when we die for being a bad human to the size of our sun to about Jupiter the same planetary being the world which is easy to read being above the futuristic travel no cars just drone pack gimme fuel fly high water system
Gabriel Sixton
I'm positive there are water beneath the universe and the rope project would defeat the time or there is a planetary system below or a ocean region we estimate the sun to be big as sun to Jupiter distance the formula eliminating density by our heat space a(x-c) we are positive there is a sea volcano / sun a positive project eliminating the orbiting time of our planets . then do it send the rope down my elevators
Fiha Fiha
I'm so excited
Anderon James
even it life existed, it would be lesslikely the sama with what's on earth
Raymond's Backing Tracks Go!
whatever habitable planet we find, we could only dream to get there!
SuperBogdanaGamer02 TV
I really want to be one of NASA's guys.When I grow
If there is a life on those planets, those life forms might have abilities, due to close proximity with other planets and the cosmic rays(radiation) bouncing of from planet's surface onto the other
Larma Company
thinks of something funny/clever to comment cuz I'm finally early to a video
your "Staged" Alien agenda wiLL FAIL Miserably!!!!!!
Shahadat Hoasain
Luc Comeau
looks like nasa found a few more hollywood liars to lie to us and its easy to spot shame on nasa
David Halldin
Does anyone know the artist of the soundtrack?
Guess what i just found a planet and i named it G=527196389936363627289263627826286363673383.
Fake science. Just artist graphic renderings of bodies that may actually not exist.
Barry Dummigan
Humans have only been around for about 200,000 years which is a mere 0.004% of earths existence. (Approx) Given the fact that the universe is billions even trillions of years old we have almost managed to destroy our planet in as little time as it would take to blink an eye in comparison.
Amazing ! what does professor sanremy (1sanremy) think of this video? Thanks a lot
I agreed totaly with Jeffrey Z. below, Certes, Proxima Centaure l'étoile la plus proche est à 4,5 années-lumière et il faudrait 40000 ans pour s'y rendre à 30km/seconde. Quant à Trappist-1, qui se trouve à 40 années-lumière, il nous faudrait 400000 ans pour l'atteindre. Mais ô combien enthousiasmant d'en savoir plus sur ces planètes! Las! les humains sembleraient plutôt tout faire pour détruire la nôtre de planète et ses habitants nous rapprochant ainsi un peu plus de l'apocalypse. Ce seront peut-être les gens de ces exo-planètes qui nous remplaceront un jour lointain, à moins qu''un miracle se produise pour nous sauver de notre abêtissement criminel sans limite... Jean Janyn
Jedi Knight
how about sending your next rover to the polar caps on mars and testing that for life , you have never done it because your traitors and hide the truth .
Mr.Space with Jackhack
j brown
A treasure trove of CGI
j brown
in life their are a lot of educated fools. don't let college get to your brain because there are people out here smarter than you that waste your money in there water down educational system.
Pharaoh King
First fact is that no technology has been developed to travel to the moon due to facts the moon gives off heat. Secondly the moon is the size of the sun therefore if you were to land on it you would not even see earth from the moon at all. Imagine how big the moon really is for us to see it in such detail. The closer you get to an object the bigger it becomes and this means the stars are even bigger than the moon.
Jorge Villarejo
Are Planets In Another Galaxy Or In The Milky Way?
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