chance albert
Damn I could have met you i was at Disneyland on Sunday 2016 not last week I was at Disneyland while my brother had the vidcon ticket so win loose
Lime Head
do a face reval
Krazy Kane
Rig Veda
2:45 was that markiplier ??!
the liam
That Canadian channel lol
Camy Maryona
Captain sparkles if you're watching this reply to me
Panda girl106
little did he know that that girl who walked in front of him will soon be his girlfriend
ThePotatoGaming :D
golden_daniela _
I like Alex's animations who else there cute
Savannah Cortes
How tall ARE you???
A. Ham
Superminer Vlogs
Who is watching in 20 20
I just realized the girl from 1:06 is now James girlfriend. CUTEEEEE. 💃💃💃
mikayla snow
dancing charles Tima
you would get a lot of views
1:05 i thinkits makayla snow
Evan W
The girl was mikayla snow
Em Space
How tall are u
Pokemon Master
I would totally buy theodds1sout merch...
CpurrLuvs2PurrIs#Awesome At PvP lol
That was Makayla snow idk what it's name is
why didnt odds1sout get a panel he deserves it
XDaLightning Plays
420 dislikes
am i the only one that thinks the marshmallow figures are adorable af
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sniahmed5 hours ago
RibhavYT where did marshmallows come from
Aaron Does stuff
Aaron Does stuff4 hours ago
sniahmed It came from James, James named them marshmallow figures
Canned Water
Canned Water4 months ago (edited)
who else started watching vidcon videos after Jaiden's face reveal video?
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Ryddle1 week ago (edited)
Canned Water don't you mean her face revival
Reply 1
thisbitchisnotokay15 hours ago
Ryddle no her face revival😂😂
AvocadoOfEpicness2 months ago
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Johanikken5 days ago
food is good
Reply 3
Cursed Weeaboo
Cursed Weeaboo3 days ago
Food is god
Reply 2
Freja Pihl
Freja Pihl3 months ago
Waiting for CaptianSparklez to comment
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Galaxy4 days ago
Me........... But he never did......
Reply 2
Birkir Steinarsson
Birkir Steinarsson3 days ago
Freja Pihl he never did.........
Nicky An
Nicky An2 months ago
I recognise the girl she is your girlfriend
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bella luna
bella luna5 days ago
OMG Malaya snow
Reply 4
Adam Costa
Adam Costa17 hours ago
bella luna h
KieranD95031 year ago
Why does he talk like he's such a small youtuber but he's nearly at 1 mil
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kaveralli1 week ago
*3.5 million, now.
Reply 6
420 dislikes 👌🏼👌🏼
Sofia Gray
That girl who said she did makeup tutorials is your girlfriend...
Markiplier !!!!
Sniper killer 123
My name is jordan
Stipe Pupacic
there are 420 dislikes
Princetine Orbillo
Thats pretty awkward to me
Sahejroop Chahal - Claireville PS (1504)
Giselle Guadarrama
Mark was there in disney
Oh and sorry i post this late i was bored so i was like i am going to watch some youtube
Eva-marie is soft and neat
I saw James in a sooubway once, he was in front of me, sad times I didn't know who he was then 😔
Maggie May
Cort Strait
Her channel is mckayla snow
The Baby Fox
Christen Dominique
Awesøme Sauce99
I've wanted to see Jordan since I was 8. I'm 13, still watch MC vids, still play MC, and single, sad and lonely. Ugh....teenage years.....
When the video has 420 dislikes... You know it's good
Nerdylittleliar 369
1:06 that's Mikayla Snow, you make a video with her in the future that made every person who ships you with Jaiden mad 😂
Bunnigaming AJ
I'm may go to vidcon 2018.

and I will ask to ride in captainsparklez car. DONT TELL HIM THAT
Gerkinjamjii YT
Mikayla snow was the girl who did makeup tutorials by the way.
Abdiel Moreno
Wuz that MARKIPLIER!?!?!?
Logan Wagner
420 dislikes
Grayson Jones
Hey does anybody realize that the person captain sparkles is talking to in the haunted mansion is markiplier
Blueberry the fox
TSK /TheShadowKnight
Hillary Isidro Martinez
cangrats james!
TheChocolate Coconut
2:35 lets see if you're taller than tim tom
Lapis Lazuli
lol jardons flower crown
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