I got to meet CaptainSparklez (Vidcon)


I had such an awesome time at Vidcon and meeting all the fans that could make it! And thanks Jordan for telling the security guard I was cool

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James looked sooooo nervous
Just casually see CS and Markiplier at disney. Yup. Thats normal.
Karis Kwon
your girlfrend!!
John Turner
Dude....that hug wiv captn sparklz woz rlly awkward xD!!!!!
juke ninja
Shaken' Bacon
Λάκης Λούλης
captain sparklez didnt comment......weird
Dr_ Derp101
Caption sprurklas
Impotent RiceTM
A big YouTuber that still has the feelings of a viewer
Patrick Yates
Do you buy your own merch?
FoxWolf 273
Dang it James. Ya finally got me to subscribe to Jordan!
DIY Central
my shirt got delayed by you
Expired Bleach
Dragon 2014
Makayla snow
Hay 🐎. Who the helllllll is jayden
Elohim Senoran
As a viewer I always had this feeling that Youtubers never watched Youtube because "they were to good to be a subscriber."
Elohim Senoran
So awkward around Sparkles.
Music Videos Mix
1:53 WOT!!!!
Andy Chavez
Xclacky Xawesome
“Stick figure dude” DOES THAT LOOK LIKE
Brandy Owens
# A Team
Your lucky u got to meet captainsparklez
Captain Mcfuzzle
Watching these vids make me realise how shitty my own animations are ;-;
PokeFanFrankie !
I Literly just came from TimTom's video of arresting a guy at vid con
Anastasia Gountis
Robo Duck
I subscribed!!! :) ok bye ;-;
insane saltsnake
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Amazing Bacon 83
abbigail campos
my friend likes you:-D
As soon as u said ware yout seat belt i was in the car and my mom herd u and saiod what a wise man be like him!###!!!!! JAYDEN!!##
Puppy Gaming
That's epic
Mr Game And Mickey Mouse from brawl122345 .1
Jaidens eyes just staring into space doe
Tylan Wadsworth
Give me a shout out my chanel is tylan Wadsworth
Makarooos Gaming
You can see how awkward James is by how he moves his left arm
Meep Gaming
That girl is Mickayla snow she has 43k subs
Did anyone else notice how buff captain sparkles is
Jessica And my lps
That girl that does makeup is yo wife
Doge family Fun
The vid is over now the next one is up of course it’s captain sparkelz ugh
Markiplier cool not as cool as you!'+$+)"
Kennedy White
Her name is something.....snow...
Ben Guy
Me and James are, like, the same height. If his head is of average size, and CaptainSparklez is 170 cm, like people say he is. I'm 185.5 cm tall, if someone wants to fact-check me. But I'm 16, so I got a little bit of growing left to do. Also I have bad posture, so I look like I'm 183 cm. I have a weird thing with height...
im rick son
good choose man
Zacharyah Strauss
Rafael Brigoli
Mikayla Snow i think?????
David Wheeler
that youtuber is gloom i think
Aidan Rauf
How tall are you
Littleadventures101 Cuti
I remember when I was small I was in the. Bath and that thing ripped bracelet And I was bleeding everywhere and I was freaking out
Celeste Jimenez
I love your videos
PAC Playz
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