I GOT A BIG FAT... | Family Feud

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Fill in the blank: I got a big fat what?

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Awil abdiqani Ibrahim
Fat dick stive
The first thing came to my mind is big fat dick ):
Rin Jackson
Mouth wasn't up there?
Rayin WPB
Steve was walking in front of both families the whole time, and know one thought big fat "head"?...
Mouth, head, roach
the most feminine handshake ever seen in the history of television
Conjugal Visitor
You know!!!!
willim darmawan
way better than the same show in my country.. way way better..
Family feuds a big fat joke.
Ronmel Rivera
Big fat pussy.
Vardy J
"I got a big fat ass big dick follow" Nicki Minaj voice
John Adams
As a percussionist, I'm really digging that last name
Jeff Stryker
I got a big fat dick.
Joe Sontag
Are we really going to ignore the best part of this clip you know Steve screaming ass at the top his lungs
Remeez Jackson
CORI the package lady was offered a huge package after the show. Rumors has it she Sign up with pornhub
Black package mom
Jewell Foster
Bank account then penis
I would have said Penis, not package
Oh come one, I got a big fat Greek wedding! classics!
Depends which "head" you're talking about. Lol 😝🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
giselle joseph
Arthur Vandelay
Jenny Medrano
Steve was thinking of his package lol
Ramon Garrison
I got big fat testicles
Abigail Wynn
I can die happy now that I've heard Steve Harvey scream the word ass
Peace and LOVE
Kitty KAt
That guy no homo-ed lol
Jill durham
I got a big fat ego should have been said and it should have been the number one answer
Christian Schoff
I thought baby would be up there.
True Gamer Q
Of course one would say that. Can't fault him though we all thought it.
Sebasthian Karys
Ladies loveeee a big fat............

........... Bank account.
That MILF!!!!!
There needs to be a gifset on this video, jesus
My first thought answers:
1- Penis
2- Nipple
3- Ball Sack
4- Turd
Kenna Nichols
They're just asking these questions on purpose now.....Steve shouldn't be shocked if he hears a sexual answer anymore....
I knew head was gonna be there. Anybody w/ hydrocephalus is crying right now.
Selector Ultimate868
Master Yoda
2:07 why they did Steve wrong? lol
Cody Wilkinson
I love how she said " a big fat lip"
Nba Youngin
I got a big fat .....dick
Super Deluxe has been waiting for this
Bob Silver
I used to watch this show in the 70's and 80's...it sure does suck now!
There's a Bobby Flay, and then there's BOBBY FLAM!
Abc it is easy as one two three
Badonkadong means ass? I thought it was a dick.
Abraham Perez
The other family's name is Johnson
Mr. Popo
the penis one is at 1:25
spouse? baby? Wtf are those retards thinking?
Daniel Maxwell
Big fat moma
Luckily I knew what #4 was there. Otherwise it would b very difficult 2 c the answer wit the damn thing blocking the way!
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