11 Period Life HACKS That Will Change Your Life!!

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Welcome back, Everybody! In today’s video, I’m going to show you 11 Period Life HACKS That Will Change Your Life! Please let me know which hack is your favorite! SUBSCRIBE to my channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/xoJahtna

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If you’re reading the, comment “chunky monkey” :P haha

I hope you guys enjoyed my “11 Period Life HACKS That Will Change Your Life” video! I've included a lot of helpful period life hacks for back to school and college to make your period a bit easier! Also, I show you some fashion/laundry hacks to stretch out your tight jeans since things can get a little bloated! Last but not least, I show you some really innovative never seen before hygiene period hacks to prevent leaking! I hope this video helps you out! Please let me know which hack was the most convenient! I will be picking my top 3 favorite comments and shouting them out in my next video! : ) Also, don’t forget to subscribe (if I’m cool enough) bahaha


Welcome back, guys! Missed you all so much! I hope you enjoyed my Period hacks video as much as I enjoyed making it! If you liked this video, please leave a THUMBS UP! : ) Also, please let me know which hack was the most convenient! I will be picking my top 3 favorite comments and shouting them out in my next video! : ) Follow my Instagram & comment on my latest photo for a chance to meet each other via video chat! xo Love you guys!
Fatima Baloch
U should do school DIY
I want ice cream
Olexia Denyse
This was such a good video... new subscriber!
Daisy_ Arianator
I'm on my period now,

😭 and I'm craving watermelon
Andrea Sentmartoni
you should do a Prank video!
Ashley Tuttle
thank you soo much
Kyaline Kennedy
can I see tour tits
Megan Roddy
Can you do a video on periods in middle school?
HannahT Music
Shaving hacks!! For like all body parts? Cause I'm half Lebanese and half Italian, so I've got thick, dark hair EVERYWHERE! I need help 😂😩
Le Ginge
Who else works out ON their period 😅
Mari Magnificent
Omg I loved this video!!! It was the first one of urs I've ever watched and I immediately subscribed!😍😃✨
Jasmine Broadnax
😭 definitely will be trying some of these
Mya Musicality
My mom hasn't had her period since she was 24
Phillipa Botha
thank you so much !!♡ it really helped a lot !!
where did you buy that throw blanket? i need it 🙃
Jaden Stanbro
Watching this after I haven't had a period for over a year. 😂 I have endometriosis and take medication that prevents it but this would've made my life so much easier when I was like, 12.
Catmie Artz
I have a weird but. My first period was the week of Christmas and ended on Christmas Eve. 2nd one started on Valentine's Day. 3rd started on the week of st. Patrick day
Saleha Shahid
Thanks very mux !!!
Caitlin and Phoebe's Sunday studio
Legit sat here with a hot water bottle on my stomach trying to get rid of my cramps 😔😭🔫 torture I tell you !!!!!!
Chunky Monkey
Not_Just_A_Girl _
I'm on varsity track and cross country and sometimes I won't even get my period and if I do, it's heavy but I don't get cramps that often
Rebekah Howard
I will be trying some of these
Ashley Flores
Whats weird is that when Im on my period Im in a great mood and I never really get pain. Lots of people wish I was on my period everyday because Im soo bipolar. Like right now Im on my period and I feel great.
Baby Beth
how to get rid of uncomfortable seams in all clothing.?
Olivia Griffith
OMG same I love pickles
Baby Beth
legit have the exact same short :)
BunBun YT
Ok so I'm a back sleeper so the sleeping hack is gonna help a lot now
Patrica_ Disha
Room tour please !!!!!!🙂
love.corinne .15
spring outfit ideas
I have no trust. Baby powder is death
Julia F
Dude I just came across your channel and I just wanted to say....your body is GOALS ugh
Sunny Longmeyer
I'm on spring break and I'm about to start my period and I'm gonna go to Texas to see my nephew😭
Nappy & Nappier
Just chill during your period week.... but irl most of us have jobs or go to school. Lol....
Laura Castonguay
hacks for people with curly hair
Video starts at 2:07 your welcome
Ashlee Nicole
If u actually put a special type of bean in a sewn fabric bag and warm it put it on ur feet its sooooo awesome
Plankton D
I love your socks ❤😂
Crafty Allie
Hi im allie im 12 years old and i haven't gotton my period yet i fell on my back while skiing (on a black dimond) and now my back is out of place so i have to go to the chiropractor but when i do get my cramps my back feels absolutely terribie But then after that i went on the black dimond and i aced it!!!
Em T
Im a new subscriber😁 i wanted to know if she is Dominican tho?
Maya Islami
Diy easter basket
Deara Cummings
I worked at popeyes for 3 years 1 day I was on my period and going to the bathroom to check it alot, my manager noticed and said you were just in there I looked at him with the straightest face and said "my uterus is bleeding" He went ghost and shooed me away and was free to go to the bathroom as I pleased after that
lol I don't even have my period 😂 and this was in my recommended😂 ps I luv you 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️
maggie couch
If you are very athletic and active all the time, and constantly moving, you may never get your period. I have a friend who plays 3 sports and hasnt had her period in like 3 months:)
Jasmine Rogers
it makes me feel better that she admitted she was embarassed of periods too
Alyssa Nicole
Can you do hair hacks?
Julia Whatt
Can you please do a room tour if you haven't already ❤️❤️❤️
Genese McCabe
I learned alot and i appreciate theae hacks. I will definitely use these😍❤
Cupcake Ninja
OMG THANK U SOOO MUCH!!! This was hilarious because I watched this 2 days ago and the next day I got my first period 😂😂😂😊
Roxy M
I'm on my period right now 📌
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