11 Period Life HACKS That Will Change Your Life!!

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Welcome back, Everybody! In today’s video, I’m going to show you 11 Period Life HACKS That Will Change Your Life! Please let me know which hack is your favorite! SUBSCRIBE to my channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/xoJahtna

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If you’re reading the, comment “chunky monkey” :P haha

I hope you guys enjoyed my “11 Period Life HACKS That Will Change Your Life” video! I've included a lot of helpful period life hacks for back to school and college to make your period a bit easier! Also, I show you some fashion/laundry hacks to stretch out your tight jeans since things can get a little bloated! Last but not least, I show you some really innovative never seen before hygiene period hacks to prevent leaking! I hope this video helps you out! Please let me know which hack was the most convenient! I will be picking my top 3 favorite comments and shouting them out in my next video! : ) Also, don’t forget to subscribe (if I’m cool enough) bahaha


Welcome back, guys! Missed you all so much! I hope you enjoyed my Period hacks video as much as I enjoyed making it! If you liked this video, please leave a THUMBS UP! : ) Also, please let me know which hack was the most convenient! I will be picking my top 3 favorite comments and shouting them out in my next video! : ) Follow my Instagram & comment on my latest photo for a chance to meet each other via video chat! xo Love you guys!
J lit Blah
See I don't understand why some girls are embarrassed about there periods! When I was in middle school I rocked my pad or tampon down the hallway to the bathroom and if anybody gave me a look I'll be like you got a problem because a normal thing and I'm not gonna be embarrassed about it🤷🏼‍♀️
Lila Toy
Video starts at 2:10 .. you're welcome.
Sindy Marquez
okey so it was like the worst day ever idky all started when I was working in class in group of free time so there was a guy who always come up to me so I can worked together we both were working when he was looking inside my bag to ennoy me I realized it when he already had saw the pad inside my bag I turned red I was mad n embarrassed I went to my friend table n I told her what had happen I was so embarresed the guy came up to me n told me "it's okay I Know is normal I know about that u don't have to b like that " I was like 'go away don't talk to me ' the boy I had a crush on was on the table of my friend he keep looking me with a face of "what tf Is going on " after that I talked to the guy a week later 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😝😭😭😭😭
xoxo_mya 11
Olivia Smith
i have no pain just carvings
Kpop Forever
Why amaericans they period start on 13 - 17 on Philippines are started they period on 11-12-13!!
Pica Chu
More life hack and makeup hack pleas
Wtf when you put jeans in the dryer they get smaller not bigger wth
Acro 2000
How do you get rid of your period 😂
Bby girl 2005
Eh who cares I'm still going to wear my tight jeans !!
kyn-dro slayys
Ways to sneak food in class
Bruh Jayda
You should do a easy hair hacks
Thank you. Im 11 and Im having my 2nd period. And in 3 days im going to the beach worst timing ever.
Sunshine Lollipops
I clicked on this cause it's that time of the month right now.
Sonya Fletcher
I both learned something new and did the heating pack and tyneol cause I got my period yesterday cause right now it 12:28 for me so thanks for your tips
Oli Santoyo
Can you make a video of how to tell your friends you got your period like if you agree
Tarynn Eagle
Girl I am with u when I am on my period I haft to have pickles
Thanks for that sock hack!!! I have really really bad cramps so that helped a lot!!!!
can you do another period hack vid? I have a very heavy flow, so I need all the advise I can get.
Jello Music
I clicked on this video faster than rushin to a black friday sale.
Sheryl Johnson
Do a how to put in a tampon video
Kiera Estes
Trying weird food
kitty meow meow kitty
Do hair hacks
Monique Daignault
Do hair hacks
Emma Beuty and DIYs
I'm on my period right now and this helps so much thank you 😊
Dalia Gallardo
Im pregnant but still watching this😂
Jesus Christ
I really needed this on my period. My dad gave me one cause I listened to Fall Out Boy.
Sheryl Johnson
I was 11 when I had my period when my stomach was cramping I didn't know why was happening
Grace Holden
Girls World
jayden harris
do make up life hakes
Abby Newman
I've been putting pads on my whole 3 periods
Abby Newman
Once I was in the mood to watch loads of period videos, next day woke up and started my period. I was like 😧 SHOOK
Also i don't need a rice sock, my black cat was just outside in 100 degree weather and is now laying on my stomach so yeah, Cat life hacks FTW
Usually i eat like half a slice of pizza, now i'm considering my fifth piece :|
Simply Super
I'm on my first period and IM DYING. Also I'm 11
Jungkookies Kookie
omg the sleeping one help me sooo fucking much
Lidia Soriano
Yes it is lol
Erin Henderson
Keeping your feet warm work 100% for me and my mom said it worked for her too!
Pastel Knifes
I'm a transgender male ( I was born female) this really helps :3 thanks 💕
Elina Freiman
Can u do school life hacks
Citty Mcbride
I am so nervous 😩 for my first period I don't want to put a tampon in or wear a pad 🖱and your video really helps
21Mychemicalromancesonthedancefloor •
Smilla Kirchhoff
i have my period, im 12... rn im going thru rly bad cramps, and sitting with a bottle filt up with hot water on my belly... HELPPP
Watching this, got my first period today 😭
Gamez 101
since I play basketball 3 times a week and exercise in between. that's probably why I don't really get bad cramps. my friend was dying while we were walking home because of her cramps and I was laughing so hard
the react
do more!!!!!!
dimo lady dimo lady
who wore their favorite pair of under where when they got there period?
Alexandria Balbantin
can you do a video of how to swim on your period
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