11 Period Life HACKS That Will Change Your Life!!

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Welcome back, Everybody! In today’s video, I’m going to show you 11 Period Life HACKS That Will Change Your Life! Please let me know which hack is your favorite! SUBSCRIBE to my channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/xoJahtna

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If you’re reading the, comment “chunky monkey” :P haha

I hope you guys enjoyed my “11 Period Life HACKS That Will Change Your Life” video! I've included a lot of helpful period life hacks for back to school and college to make your period a bit easier! Also, I show you some fashion/laundry hacks to stretch out your tight jeans since things can get a little bloated! Last but not least, I show you some really innovative never seen before hygiene period hacks to prevent leaking! I hope this video helps you out! Please let me know which hack was the most convenient! I will be picking my top 3 favorite comments and shouting them out in my next video! : ) Also, don’t forget to subscribe (if I’m cool enough) bahaha


Welcome back, guys! Missed you all so much! I hope you enjoyed my Period hacks video as much as I enjoyed making it! If you liked this video, please leave a THUMBS UP! : ) Also, please let me know which hack was the most convenient! I will be picking my top 3 favorite comments and shouting them out in my next video! : ) Follow my Instagram & comment on my latest photo for a chance to meet each other via video chat! xo Love you guys!
Daniela C
0:23 why be sorry its natural 😐.
space worm
period+school=unfair af
Directioner forever
my period doesnt come.on time every month it comes every 4 monthes i think and it comes 12 days or less but never 4 or 3 what does rhat mean cause i am embaressed to tell my mom or go to a doctor
Vanessa Gudmundson
you should do an acne hacks pleaseeeee thx girl
Kimberly Cruz
I love pickles too ❤️😄
Stephanie Arroyo
You should do how to get a bf
Kalecia Lowery
do school hacks
sweetie smith
i subbed
Tessy Braun
Thanks so much for sharing!
Vasiliki Poulou
they were all really helpful
Ann Mcmillian
Who else loves pickles
Jasmine Ortega
can you please do a morning routine? or summer hacks since summer is coming up
Deasia Huffman
laura anttila
That sock thing was great❤ it works
Hähnchen 04
Somebody german?
Khyla Gozum
Am I the only one who doesn't feel anything when they're on their period 😂😂
طيبة ْ
idk y i've never was ashamed of my period
Jazmyn Williams
I clicked because I didn't know what the fuck the highlighters were for
Annie Layton
Will any of us never get our period
I'm taking this horse by the reins, making red coats redder with bloodstains
Allyson Horsman
2 Hacks!!:

1) If your school doesn't allow any non prescribed medicin (Ibuprofen, acetaminophen) put them in an Altoids container
2) If you go hunting, snowmobiling, etc. then you probably have hand warmers. They are small and cheap
Sarah Dolak
How do you now when you are going to get your period
Haven't had mine yet... I'm scared!
Poppy Faulkner
Great video
xkBreakWay KittyGamer Girl
Da Guyz left i think lolz
Ballerina Girl
This is so helpful ❤
Eleni De Greve
"chill, your body deserves it, relax" lmao i have a fucking huge test at school tomorrow like hell nah
Clarissa Martin
can you do your most embarrassed moments
Tatiana Viveiros
My cravings are carrots
harmony loves85
you should do a smoothie challenge video?!!
Lilac Sun
I put boiling water in a tea bottle then wrapped it with a jacket
Heyitsme Lani
I subscribed
mary petrosino
That's so cool with the glue or highlighters but like I give a fuck who knows lol
Mamá Pacman
Good attitude tip:
Think about the girl that was on your class, the really pretty one, or your neighbor or cousin, think that she had/has to take care of a baby the full time without having any plan before. Now think that you are on your period.
Um I think we would look kinda weird walking to the bathroom with a highlighter😂
Melissa Lozano
you should do real vs gummy food challenge
Mehran Khan
please make a video for pigmentation .,. . please
Logang 4 Life
You should do a period diy video (i dont know how but you can find a way)
Pika Kakakova
Can u do hair hacks💖💖💜💜
Dan Benedum
you should do a late to school hack so if you are late to school how to prevent it and what to do if you are late to school or not whatever you want to do
Jyllian Vallis
"AY YO CAN I BOrrow a highlighter?"
miranda melo
ur intro should not be more than 2 minutes
sophiexpretty gaming
OMG i think I just started today 😫 I get nauseous with blood😭
Bianca Harris
You should do a life story about you becoming a youtuber
Inkyu Basu
I'm blessed by the period goddess I don't get cramps
Natasha Gonzalez Martinez
summer hacks
Doris Barahona
σмg υ нєℓρє∂ мє ѕσσ мυ¢н ι нανє му ρєяισ∂ αи∂ ιтѕ ʝυѕт ..
Evelyn Radillo
do a school life back plz
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