Disney Princess Go Back To School

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SNOW WHITE-Laura Cassidy
ALADDIN-Rodd Farhadi
CINDERELLA-Katlynne Grace
ANNA-Lucia Towers
ARIEL-Jenny Formica
MERIDA- Hannah Blume
POCAHONTAS-Gianna Hammer
MULAN-Jamie Yun
TIANA-Ashleigh Morghan
JASMINE-Brenda Palaby
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CINDY STEP 2-Cheryl Ann Gottselig
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I decided to do a, Disney princesses go back to school video, because I already did, disney princess pool party, disney princess date night, disney princess carpool ride, and, disney princess slumber party, so why not continue the series? in this video you’ll see, anna, and, elsa, or, anna and elsa, from, frozen, snow white, cinderella, maleficent, sleeping beauty, merida, princess jasmine, princess tiana, so I hope you enjoy all of these, disney princesses, going, back to school, because even, disney princesses, go back to school, I hope you enjoy, love, rclbeauty101, or, Rachel Levin

Kate M.
999MIL Views
Shaniqua Silbernagel
I Love all princess
Abi Rexha
Kireth Majere
Imogen Crocker
Cinderella is SOOOOOO pretty though!
Imogen Crocker
I like Auroura and Belle I can't decide! (I only like belle cause I LOVE Rachel)
Kalyani Raju
Gayatri Yeravadekar
I Nlove Belle
Harley Quieen
Ariel and belle
Kelly V
Anna because she's so cute ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Shannon Shore
i think belle is the best one
Brayden McColl
Everyone is my fav princess
Princess Dawis
Who likes Cinderella like if you agree
Kate Gaming
I like rapunzel because she believes in her self and she is pretty
Urzula Martinez
pobre ana
Ben Metcalfe
Gabbie Widener
Sherlly Ramon
Sara Montiel
i love everyone bell and eles
johanna Yela
johanna Yela
Que te parece Anna a salgo bien
Rio Monroy
My favorite princess is you
Gabriel Lopez
Fabiola Guzman
Are you still giving the give away
Alexander Kravitz
mi favorita es Anna y elsa de frozen
Evodio Pelcastre
Mini Donny
My fave princess is Princess Kawaii Potato! <3
(Princess Kawaii Potato=me! Heheheh)
Jonita Paige
Chastity Dalton
valley outreach
I love bell and elsa
valley outreach
valley outreach
Brisa Delgado
Alex You
Nasiah Wade
Nasiah Wade
Alana Ault
Denise Vargas
Wait no it's bell and Meredita
Denise Vargas
Bell and brave
Lula Moss
i thought rupunzel was barbie
I love bell because she's sweet and I like Tiana because she's strong
Denise Vargas
Eulalia Jorge
I love bella
Patty Bell
belle because she is the best and i love her
Katie Taylor
victoria yazzie
Belle I like you you red alot you read to a sheep
Ella McKay
Anna is da best
Halen Tana
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