Pokémon GO - Adventure Together for Legendary Pokémon!

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Legendary Pokémon will soon appear in Pokémon GO! Visit https://www.PokemonGoLive.com to learn more—and keep an eye out for the latest news on when Legendary Pokémon will arrive in the real world!

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Aqua Productions
Team Instinct ⚡⚡⚡
leandro silva
LazyPinkWolf 4545
Omg thanks so much for inviting me on the world tour
Mr. Foot
Does anyone actually still play this
2:14 fly ? HAUAHUAHA
show niconi
Creadores de pokemon go esta fallando su juego y no agarra mi cuenta lo pueden con poner
Brunno Andrade
Que emoção pensasse se pudesse ver os pokemon dessa forma
Wesley Huang
Huma enjoy masssacare battle :V
Rezz Key
Play pokemon since pokemon red,blue yellow and green
Shanto Dlx
We don't have any pokestops and gym in Bangladesh.....plz do something
le petit gamer
We are all gonna die beccause the up date beccause theres bosses
Daggi Azz
There is one problem and that is ...there are a lot of people who play pokemon go but they don't know each other. I would like to players can send messages to other players but players who are your age
Epic Scamp
Why do I feel like this is becoming like Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale XD
And here I am only getting pidgeys
Griego Castrejon
peter 777
wath cool
zozo warrior
Mais il a des jouer de 56
Abdalla Xz
Who else couldn’t get a Mewtwo pass?
Jean-Pierre Paquot
When is Niantic going to fix the issue about the distribution of coins in Pokemon Go?


The last coin distribution update really makes the whole taking over a gym not worth it anymore. One of my Pokemon just returned after defending a gym for 8days + and I didn't receive a single coin for it. This game use to be so fun, but now it's like it's just getting worse with each update.
Edison Chen
Did Lugia eat Pikachu but Pikachu killed Lugia?
ender cat
Pshh they never put actual gameplay in they're trailers do they.
dupla game
Amei ese jogo
UmbreonHD Roblox & More!
I’m sad I couldn’t get Any legends
UmbreonHD Roblox & More!
Why does Pikachu Always have to be the Pokemon to Be in every trailer winning
It should be another Pokemon that makes it more good
Like……………… iknow!
Idk Really
Sakib Hossain
Can you fix the language in bangla
When will Come Ho-oh and The third generation
Lyrics Master
Michael Orrett
gen therrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Michael Orrett
gen 3 gen 3 gen 3 gen 3 gen 3
Song at 0:59???
huyen thoai chien dich
No Lugia
General dos games
murilo martins
Niantic disponibiliza o teu jogo no Windows Phone por favor pérsios jogar esse jogo maravilhoso por favor disponibiliza valeu niantic
Miguel Oliveira
I'm really sorry to say this to all of you, but Pokémon is dead. You might say "oh only for a little bit" but it feels like a for good thing.
Dwi Kasiyanti
This video is making i sad but i'm not sad hahaha😀😀
Carlos Alberto Real Pacheco
Zulqarnaim Zulkefle
Meriah pesta pokemon
Dead game
Pardeep Yadav
, Assam ho sakta hai
So...when P-GO will give ma an EX raid pass bacause i have completed an raid at a sprint store???
salena hernandez
The game will be a lot more better if you can battle Lugia or Raid legendary yourself eating too just a weaker version of it Earl players just like me
Deep_ Ocean
What is Pokemon?
Warfu ­
I just realized how that'd be possible. Remember Yu-Gi-Oh duels? Some of them had special projectors in each corner of tje field to display all the monsters, now imagine that on a bigger scale...
Matthew Sudartan
They should do an update when you discard items and get 100 pokecoins each item discard
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