Karan Johar Reaction on Rajini's 2.O Satellite Rights For 110cr | Bahubali 2 Trailer Launch

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Recently, it was reported that Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 satellite rights were sold for about INR 110 crore to Zee. Talking about it, Raju Mahalingam, COO of Lyca Production and the producer of the film tweeted, “It’s true Lyca Productions gets a partner in Zee for our mega opus 2.0 Satellite.”
Today, at the trailer launch event of Baahubali 2, Karan Johar was asked about this deal and how star power is important for such deals. To which he said, “Yes, of course, it matters. And I think coming together of two humongous stars from two different parts of the country in a huge film will definitely make the satellite deal exciting.”

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Muthu Kumar
we the south will rocks the bollywood
Rakesh Ranjan
both movie is completely different.but I am waiting for Bahubali 2 first
buena venturas
We tamil and telugu are brothers and unite together. Lets we support both Rajamouli's Bahubali 2 and Shankar's 2.0.
Jay Raj
First part they did't make any money 😳😳 what a big lie.
Murazi Zahir
waiting for AR music. robo
nikash vinoth
Came for 2.o
Rajkumar K
Don't wait robo 2.0. See old robot hollywood movies. Endiran remaked from hollywood flim iRobot.
raj kumar
don't wait for 2.0. see old robot english movies. endiran remarked from irobot .
Samhan Salman
Kadhir Mohamed
im I am waiting on Bahubali 2 and 2.0
Good waiting for the movie release
hitler killer
for all telugu brothers .. we tamilans love rajamouli and I luv rajamouli more than Shankar.. we're waiting madly bb2 plzz don't comment rudely that we aren't supporting telugu movies if we're interested we'll support them.. we're one plzz don't create fights guys. jai mahishmathi 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙇🙇
Shiva P
Yugul Kishore
Waiting #2pointO
Visu. 2.0 Visu
only 2$0
Visu. 2.0 Visu
Rajini da
Rajev S
Very sarcastic people ! Can't they just simply answer. Ridiculous
sruthi kumar
See karan johar's reaction at 6:20 ....funny. ..!
sruthi kumar
How rude they r to ask about their physique. ..!!??
sajith sandaruwan
2.0 super
First aid
why can't we just enjoy Bahubali for now instead of comparing to 2.0. Tamil ppl r too stubborn man.
Praba Garan
that 'ha' reaction from karan was for the interviewers silly question. not for the sattelite rights cost
vinoth vino
waiting 2.0
jason Susai
2.0 2.0 2.0
jason Susai
We saw Prabhas with that long hair for the past 4yrs and now he had cut his hair & with this new hair style, he looks like a different person.
Google A
creativity vs money which one wins?
2.0 > B2
Kanagarajan P
2.0 only
linges varan
Indian biggest Blockbuster movie only 2.0,,,any other Indian movie can't do touch history of record 2.0
Shain Benjamin
Pradeesh Kumar
waiting for 2.o
Harini Simha
What's so ever the gigantic scale? surely a movie with good story will prove and reach the everest which has proven already in the history
Mohamed Ismail
Endhiran start 2:29
Superstar Rajinikanth Fan
2:30 waiting for 2.0 😍
Padma Kumar
ada evanda avan chandramouli
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