X-MEN: THE GIFTED Official Trailer (2017) Marvel, X-men Series HD

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A new Marvel TV Show Coming to Fox. It is an X-Men like show where mutants band together to stay alive.  

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THE GIFTED Trailer (2017) Marvel, X-men Like Sci-Fi TV Show HD
© Copyright 2017 - Marvel Studios / 20th Century FOX

Trigger Happy
looks like hereos season 1 lol
The Brewery
Hey there Marvel, here's an idea.... JUST STOP! Your movies, are only getting worse, and your TV shows have never been anything but garbage!!! Outside of the animated of course... So please, I'm begging you, just stop! Finish the dead pool series, and just go away.
Kenny Dick Corpuz
that marvel logo looks like pornhub
Michael 2pac
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looks like heroes
Manuel Hidalgo
Im just going to say "LEGION"... Good Nights..
pradeep kumaran
you all know fox is shit...right?
this is worse than legion
Id rather go watch Heroes
JDB Creations
I don't get why people don't like how Fox is handling X-Men. How could you not like Logan or Days of Future Past?! The MCU is so bloated and silly. Just a bunch of nonstop fighting with little to no substance. They're movies made for kids, unlike badass productions like Deadpool and Logan.
Nolan Hughes
Let me guess, the older guy that protects the kids are their actual biological father. Then by the end of the season the mom falls in love with him and leaves the dad who turns out to be in on the plot to kill the mutants.
41717527 ezfedzfdqsdfs
where's logan bhaa it's just a bad movie if there's no old xmen character
Bartosz Skorupa
So... this is basically TV series based around "X-Men Destiny "
Fucking kill me now...
Milan S
Noah Bennet ftw
Kiara Sinto
Hari Baskar
Really, Shame... Itz Shiity version of X-men. Going to be total Flop series.
Otataral Space Pod
mmmmmm generic
Marvel should ban Bryan Singer and Fox from ever touching one of their characters again. The prom scene looks like a ripoff of Carrie. Disaster! Sad!
Anthony Hero
the only fucking character I recognize is blink😒
Matt Yusko
Why do they keep giving all super heroes physic/tele powers? Here is an easy form for success: take an adult themed comic line, make a pg 13 & R version, follow a high selling/high praised story = profit.
Chrysandra White
Why are people still hunting mutants?? Just let them be the heroes and get on with it
wesley patterson
huh........a modern Mutant X with Jamie Chung in it. interesting enough to keep an eye on at least for now
Jack 66
heroes reborn of the reborn
Shadows of the Empire
It's a rip of Heroes.
Titty Twister
Di Gix
I think its the story line of heroes .....DC rocks
Marian Emil
Is this a continuation after Logan timeline, because i dont think so, so what the hell is it? beacuse this one does not look X-men to me... fbm :(
Don Caleb
What are you hating on exactly?
I so want to see this. Wow, what a trailer. Hope it lives up to its potential.
Audio is really off.
Well this looks dull
Vilz MauT
looks like heroes lol
Erica Woods
This trailer for this show really gets your emotions going. When does this air? I can't wait to see it when it comes out!
آخر الأخبار- latest news
good movie
Shaggyxs 2430
maybe this is one way to introduce x 23 in a new world of mutants
AJ Batac
Heroes spin off
my body is ready
J4kE 0B
Searching...searching...milf detected.
Ralva Rafai
Zeusík Swager
like i dont know but this is not looking like marvel did it
kelvyn polanco
song trailer: Lapse by Black Math
Kristof Greystone
Dammit Bill...
Happy Parrot
Omg this sukks balls.Teenage Mutant hmmmm:D
holy shit ANOTHER fucking super hero TV show just riding the trend. who watches all this shit?
yawn another yank teen high school bollocks cheap tv show
Pendragon 090
I never even understood the concept of the X-Men universe in the first place.
What is the deal with this deep-seated hatred between Humans and Mutants?
Additionally, how come in a world where we have Mutants running around all over the place, with their powers and all that, this isn't some kind of world that's run by tyrannical Mutants who perhaps abuse their power, both supernatural and political, over the Humans, and the heroes could be Human freedom fighters alongside Mutant sympathizers, while the villains are Human terrorists who believe in destroying all Mutants in order to set Humans free, as well as corrupt Mutants who want to maintain their dictatorial rule over the Humans?
Why not the X-Men universe being set up like what I just described?
Cloveranium Freezing Raine
This is probably the is series (I know bad English) as I suggested, because the worst trailer I have ever seen.
Tommy Jackson
this will be another show about people with "powers" yet %95 of the show will be a teenage soap opera
0:46 : So John Legend and Giancarlo Esposito knew Dragonball Fusion afterall.
Ahmad Murchad
X-Men Origins: Magneto
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