Emma Watson's Harry Potter Outtake

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Jimmy reveals an embarrassing habit that Emma had as a kid when he shows an old outtake of her shooting a scene for Harry Potter.

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Emma Watson's Harry Potter Outtake

shaden al
What her accent called like what part of the UK is she from? She has a different accent I think 😅
Class Act
Jimmy Kimmel has never had a non-Caucasian on his show literally
warlord Alguhani
he almost said emma stoone in last
HAMMATIC Andrewgyny
Niye bu kadar tatlısın amk
Patricksucksatlife -PG plays
Like this commer if you love Harry Poter series
20 points for Gryffindor
Mike Winn
Have Emma Watson react to Phil’s video, “How NOT to Meet Emma Watson”
just me
Cutest thing ever
Lily Ruiz
Emma it's so prefect 😍😍😍😍😍
Jimmy Rustled
Stupid, dull, vapid, empty headed moron with absolutely no real life skills or experience.
Diego Pisfil
She looks like Nicole Kidman, Nicholas Hoult and Brenton Thwaites
Steve Christopher Young
magic cleans off my hands every second that I want so when I picnic at the pond I don't have to wipe my palms. I've got Hermione Granger's blood in side the core of my wand and I'm enchanting musical equipment to play my favorite songs. no one's allowed to come over at this hour cause I'm using an enchanted sponge and towel on my shower plus my levitating garden hose is watering my flowers and I hexed the neighbors plants so all the leaves are facing downward. if you don't like Hogwarts you're not going far like a three-headed dog asleep beside a harp. You might as well say screw being sharp unless you're me cause i can see inside the dark and pleasing Emma isn't hard.

Lyrics by @stevechristopheryoung
Landdy Manjan
So cute
Cal Westland
I love you ans she's the best!!
Angie Pizano
I want harry potter movies back now
Suresh Manchu
U amazing
Yuri Boyka
Ben bunun pornosunu izledim
Yuri Boyka
Pornocu emma
Yuri Boyka
Emma Watson =porno
Cherry PH
Guys pls subscribe to my channel and I will follow you too... Let's share our blessings
I love Emma so much
Insane Taco Cat
Emma was the same age as me when I started to read the series
sea - owls
It's weird to know that there's a generation out there knowing Emma as Belle first and not Hermione ._.
She gets me everytime....
Nigel 1990
Lmao they finally asked her about that
Abigail Breslin does this all through Raising Helen lol.
Maddy Stull
i'm going to be Hermione for Holloween this year 2017
mario sube el camino
Gran videoooo
Rogue Gamer
hurts me to think I'll never meet her ;(
PIM's a Whovian
lol you could tell she was super uncomfortable, I've never seen her cross her arms in an interview before.
Pandas are cool
I have never heard someone abuse the words "I" and "like" in 2 minutes as much as she did.
The luckiest three kids on the planet
And this one has less than zero talent
Morgan Carter
If it weren't for Emma, Harry Potter wouldn't have been nearly as good. She is as close to Hermione in real life as it gets!
Katiebo Mowbray
Omg i thought she was 12 when she started acting im so sad i wanted to start at the same age
Every girl is taught to be a elegant princess. But hermione taught them to be a warrior
CJ 4 life
She has a sweet hairy pussy that drives me wild...
Here's the picture where you can see her hairy pussy http://i.imgur.com/R8WFOuq.jpg
octopus stinky
Lela Bryan
I still can't believe that that adorable little girl who just wanted to be an actress has turned into a beautiful award winning young woman who fights for women equality, encourages people to read, and nails every role she's assigned
I'll put a spell on her ass
Irsa Tariq
"I was such a looser" the story of my life 😂👏🏼
Lego man 111
It's pretty weird that Rupert, Emma and Daniel spell RED because of Ron, Hermione and Harry.
Nickel M
That's a screen test...
Clara Schmid
Did you notice that she was repeating her first sentence
"I was nine" silently during the interview?
Im Wilstar
What a beauty 😍
Felix Santos
So cute
She is so cute! I think I'm in love :D
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