Emma Watson's Harry Potter Outtake

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Jimmy reveals an embarrassing habit that Emma had as a kid when he shows an old outtake of her shooting a scene for Harry Potter.

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Emma Watson's Harry Potter Outtake

The funny part is... this is not an outtake, this is part of the auditions xD
Hueanne Zephaniah Pangcoga
1:36-1:40 Hahaha
That's why she's my eternal crush.
If being intense about Harry Potter means you're a loser (why did you use this word, Emma??), that makes me a proud loser too!!
Jamily Pereira
love you Emma
Luna Lovegood
I think it's possible that race mixing can be good and healthy. And at the same time I'm concerned that white people in America might be headed toward extinction via race mixing and large amounts of non-white immigration and television commercials that might be biased against white men and boys. The extinction of white people seems like an actual possibility (although to be honest I'm not the most educated person.) I understand that many negative things have been done by people who happened to be white, or rather the ego inside of people who happened to be white. Race mixing can be understandable. And at the same time I still think it might be good if white people don't go extinct. White people might have good qualities that are worth preserving. And I think white people are capable (and already in the process) of healing/transforming/advancing to a higher stage. This comment is intended to encourage discussion and free thinking. Thank you for reading.
Patricia Ashleigh
glad jimmy brushed off that lame joke quickly
Paulina Edmunds
I love Emma Watson
wow 😍😍😍 she knows it all
mlg telletubbie
is she the person who played Belle?
Nicholas Bragg
Does she live in New York or California I really want to know
Derek Wolly
dreamy just dreamy
arai erika
awww this is so cute haha
Hidden Panda
who else has a crush on emma
But they're not all outtakes - watch the first movie and you'll see it XD
she's just the best women il Harry Poter I very love she because she's beautifull and a very famous actor !
Daphne Cruz
she is my girl crush like if yoir the same
Alex Kirkvold
love her brows <3
Méga Samir
She is so cute ^^
Puppy Pals
I can elate to Emma on like 20000 levels
Bridget Ekeberg
They all mouthed each other's line in the first movie and then they eventually stopped when they got to the second movie not just her that's why the first movie is so memorable and noticeable bluppers
Elsa Rodriguez
Right after she answers " I was 9 " she mouths the exact same thing
26gboy90 __
well.. hermione is being hermione.. lol
Steve Bruce
There are scenes in the Philosopher's Stone where you can see her gritting her teeth trying to restrain herself from doing this, it's absolutely precious!
Cookies 4 Life!
Haha! Love your outro Jimmy!😂👏
It's not only in the outtakes, when she's going down the hill to Hagrids in the first movie she's muttering harry's lines too.
Emma watson moves her head a lot when she speaks.
Trying to shake off all oppression i guess.
lego snow flakes
oh my gosh she is so funny I love you Emma ❤️ 😂
Hailey Hudson
That's why Emma IS Hermione. Over-achievers. :)
Dank Dino minecraft and more
if you ask me she's a tall Hermione #HermioneMidget
Dramione X
Emma is an amazing person!
Michaela Belle
gahd Emma Watson is an actual angel
Q Bion
If Emma is a loser than what am I? A retard? :"""
smoka joka
sexy girl
pt q emma wattson si q es la mejor
R. Oyler
there's actually a moment in Chamber of Secrets, around the time Ron gets slugged, where you can see her mouthing Dan's line.
Joshua Vitos
You folk talking ill of Emma here should be ashamed of yourselves.

Think of someone like Emma Watson. All she has known is a life of patriarcal oppression.
When Emma was born in 1990, Margaret Thatcher was PM, Elizabeth II was the Queen (with the longest reigning monarchs at this stage being 1. Elizabeth and 2. Elizabeth II). Julia Roberts was the highest grossing movie star. Driving Miss Daisy won best picture. Bette Midler won the grammy for song of the year, Ms Bonnie Raitt won grammy for album of the year. Daddy by Danielle Steele was the highest selling novel followed by The Plains of Passage by ms Jean m Auel shortly after. 3 of the top 4 all time best selling authors were women at this stage. Martha Stewart was worth approx $600m just signing with Time Publishing (would go on to be a billionare before Emma would start kindergarden)
Roseanne was the biggest show in the USA and and in Emmas UK, it was 'Keeping Up Appearances' starring lead actress Dame Katherine Patricia Routledge.

Growing up, Emmas parents were both lawyers yet it was Emmas mother who won full custody of her kids. Emma would study at Oxford which had 40% boys to 60% girls. Emma would go on to audition for Harry Potter. The casting directors were Janet Hirshenson, Jane Jenkins, Susie Figgis & Karen Lindasy-Stewart, all women. She would be cast as Hermione and would earn $50m from Harry Potter films by age 21, equal to that of other co-start Rupert Grint. The author of Harry Potter (a 'ms', J.K Rowling) would become a billionare.

Take some time to think of the view of the world from Emma. All she has ever known is hardship, inequality, lack of opportunities as a woman, no females in positions of power and simply oppression from men at every turn.
I Love her so much!
My dad was in a play and I went to every rehearsal and I sat in the audience and every show mouthing the words to the actors helping them with their lines and they actually looked at me for help with there songs and lines it was sooooo funny because the director of the play at the end brought me up on the stage and called me the actors living teleprompter and the audience thought it was so funny and it was a great experience and I made a lot of friends
Lucy LondonGirl
I don't know why but in this Video she is reminding me of eddie redmayne
Rubie Randoms
She's my favourite character in Harry Potter 😂💚
Nevaeh Ray
"I was such a loser!" Really? I'm sitting here, eating soup, while watching Emma Watson videos! I'm the loser! 😂😂😂❤
Kuurama Athena Chalifoux
yeah but their TINY LITTLE FACES ❤
Dani Mae
She will be forever known as Hermione Granger and Belle.
john jackson
who has seen her nude leaks, she has nice hard full nipples very suckable
It's leviOOsa, not leviosAAA...
Bogdan Shumenko
Now we have seen Hermione`s nudes.
Erika Castro
I love her so much 😍
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