Finn Bálor vs. Jinder Mahal: Raw, April 10, 2017

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The enigmatic Finn Bálor returns to singles action on Raw against the fiendish Jinder Mahal.


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Alex Reid
If this was a real fight, jinder would break fergal in half
Dean Malenko
Mahal > SobreBálorado.
Jhon Ames
Finn vs Jeff or Finn vs Aj styles 🤔
आर्य पौरवराज
finn is very skinny weak,how did he not break in two.
Aubrey Coupart
Come on, it was his first 1 on 1 match since summerslam ! Mahal litterally flash knocked out Bálor at 1:08. WWE should take action when performers get injured after dangerous moves like this.
Me.kitty Plays
So boring that the only thing we know is that Finn will win
Jinder is a great worker. With his aggresive style and great shape he i believe could be a great competant for the intercontinental championship.
@the legend 27 gyno
Jobber on RAW= Heel heat on SDL
norbert.blessing kenjio
finn tu es ouf
norbert.blessing kenjio
finn tu es ouf
norbert.blessing kenjio
finn tu es ouf
Rant Tube
Finn Balor should be lucky he's facing the number one contender for the wwe title
the legend 27
what is wrong with jinder nipple
This jobber is n°1 contender for the WWE Championship..
๋Ray Jake
1:50 Fin's eyes didn't focus anything like BigCass.
Q Reeves
Breaking News: Jinder injured Balor during this match.
Chandler Bing
Concussion City.
balor fans are virgins lol
Michael Angelo
Finn's face looked like he was having a stroke at the end of the video because of this concussion
DTBS Gaming
Finn got a concussion in this match and he is probably going to miss 1 to 3 weeks
King Sadiq Vlogs
Gotta love the double standard from the IWC:
Mahal gives a stiff punch to Balor and they're calling him reckless and calling for his job.
Nakamura, whose offense is Strong Style which emphasizes stiff kicks and strikes, gets called up to the main roster and everyone is excited.
You cant have it both ways people.
Mrberry11 Gaming
1:10 DELETE Jinder Mahal for giving Finn Bálor a concussion
young boy gorgeous
Finn Balor = extremely overrated
Normie Joe
Dude...took the hit and didn't quit. No wonder he was the BC leader. #4life
sergio loredo Loredo
Que porrada kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Da Costa Araujo Fabio
Is he still that demon guy???
Rowan Blair
WWE is so messed up fin beat Roman and Roman beat the undertaker like WTF....
D.S Tech
Finn could be the future champion but he never beat the beast the conqueror the reigning defending undisputed wwe universal champion BROCK LESNAR
0:03 Well, he did just that.
Justin_ Ralls
Finn is looking a little bit of a heel
Ronel Limpin
Jinder pushed Finn instead of counting him after that sunset flip at 0:05 lol
Bakemono 17
All he does is kick...
SawftRocky 12
Zaki Chaudhary
Who is here after hearing the news that Finn Balor got injured
Stuff Stuff
And Finn got concussed by Jinder in this match,
Sean-Claude Coleman
And now Finn is hurt again. What was even the point of having him fight this steroided up scrub? Booking by idiots = idiotic results. The guy comes back and instead of trying to build a feud for him, which btw you had 6 months to plan for, u throw him in a useless match against a jobber, who then gives him a concussion. Idiots!!!
Bart Dingemans
Finn got a hard hit...head first on the floor... that wasn't fake at all.
Vince Vandal
1:08 = Concussion.
zlikestoplaydirty -_- KAID
Don't know how Baylor beats reigns
Damn... You can totally see he got a concussion. He doesn't know where he is by the end. Hope it isn't serious...
MaxJuicyBunny The Awesome
Why would they put Kalisto on Raw if they're not even going to put him on TV. If they do he'd probably fight for the cruiserweight title otherwise they should put him back on SmackdownLive and actually give him an OK push. Then, he could get back together with Sin Cara because he's on SmackdownLive due to the shake up and try win the tag titles.
1:09 the concussion strike to Balor
Electrifying 3:16
If only he would get injured again.
Derpy Herpy
OwningTretards 2ndComing
Mahal may be working hard in the gym, but he should be working hard in the ring so he doesn't injure the people he fights...
Slop, Slop, Slop! Reckless-Hitting Mahal.
Gaming Beast
1:11 that elbow make Finn goes Concussion!
Bruce Grossman
Jinder's here looking competitive against a former world champ. Roids or not, I'm happy for him getting to showcase his stuff on TV.
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