How to make a paper water bomb - Fun origami !

water bombhow to make a water bombwaterbombpaper balloonpapermakeorigamifoldrobh0629rob's woldrobjeremyshaferorigamijeremy shaferWater Balloon (Weapon)

In this video I show you how to make the paper water bomb. The water bomb is a classical origami model. Every kid should know how to fold it !
Watch the steps and fold your own water bomb !

The water bomb is sometimes also called the paper balloon.
For your information robh0629 (rob's world) did a video on this origami model. You can watch his video of the paper water bomb if you want.

PS : thanks jeremyshaferorigami (Jeremy Shafer) for your comment !

Justin Biber
wow i liked it
Muhammed Afzal
the third step is difficult
chris liu
my dics too short
So hard...
Maxwell Chen
how does it split?
Steve Terzis
Jaya Prakash
we can do it with A4 size paper?
Ultimate Slayer265 lee
nice paper work!
You can buy a pack of waterballoons
Justin D
dude at 3:36 you spelled strength wrong
Piyush Karia
Helpful to make mice
i gonna like you
Colleen Floyd
I do not get it :1
Joy Gopal Saha
I will learn
gnana sekaran
very nice idea but maybe you have copied some others video or maybe they copied you
Noorhan Meer
It was very good
Noorhan Meer
I learn it
Noorhan Meer
Maxwell Tran
I know and memorized the instructions but I never filled it with water and letting it explode like a bomb.
Pony Little
Thanks so much your helpful! Well mine did not melt. Well since my mom & dad surprisingly got me construction paper.
Jess Rupapera
nice water bomb👲
agha mehboob
if u throw it with most strength it will burst in middle of air
abdulbaqi amjed
How do you make it
abdulbaqi amjed
kasivisweswaran R
I am not k with this
govind singh
it was very hard
jose Zarate
That's a balloon idiot
Damask Rose
I tried it with white paper and it Worked for me😁
You were too fast, I could not follow the instructions.
I am Thu Wolf
that sucks boo!!!!!!!!
XxEdmundoStudiosxX On 720p
Allahu Akbar!
Farhan Fahim
very good performence
Anthony Tran
I thought you put water into that weird thing and just put it down and then at some point explodes. And seriously, if you use white paper there will be a HUGE atomic explosion? Okay then. OH NO I USED WHITE PAPER! BOOM! POWER! BLAH!
tommy schouten
that was fun to make
thnx alot!
Muhammad Taha
Bhai this is good
Dante White
mohd nafis
sabse ganda
mohd nafis
Азиза Атаханова
Leo's Gaming
That is cool
Note: if you want your paper to not get melted easily
put some powder in it just a few
even baby powder can do
Moiz Esufally
your videos are quite good
Raiden N Tran
i can make it
tumi amar bal banaico
Wilson Sierra
un amigo mío lo iso pero más difícil pero tu lo insiste facil
Games Irados
kkk and cool even the Range not being very long and fun and looks like a real grenade because in fact if u get the pin has to play soon and that the water load if u gotta play soon also
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