20 Goals If they were not filmed, nobody would believe them

20 Goals If they were not filmednobody would believe them

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Juwenile J
Glitches from fifa
naail shafi
All of these names are made up
nagi mmk
Bishnu Limbu
Roberto Carlos : The ball is in Argentina and he is running from Brazil.
Ofentse Mathabatha
What a goal by the back of Neymar JR
reuben andrews
Ratio tunnel string emphasize stand afternoon vacation service burning craft.
3:54 was out check it
Jeff Green
This video needs to be edited. Some of these were amazing goals, but some were just normal, every day goals.
ndnxnd fjfj
me cagan la foto de perfil de los videos de futbol, como si la creyeramos
Admiral Ackbar
But thiago goal is not valid
Freq Frek
Click bait kys.
Mr Willy
Mmmm goalicious mmmmm.
Luke Styles
Some videos you can't see the ball go in because the ratio is wrong. Also the music is really annoying.
tsleel escappa
Ofcourse the thumbnail is clickbait
Swazi Prince
Anotger video with a misleading thumbnail.
Guan Liu
Théodore Defrancq
4:03 it's not a real goal because he was out
Independent Heart
amazing video. https://goo.gl/92NsUi
Wachu mean not filmed
Cube Stuff
Your clickbait game is strong
Matteo Pasanisi
Three of the goals were disallowed
cameraman for roberto carlos goal was rubbish, couldnt see it swerve
What was so special about Ronald’s just outside 6 yards?
Faalhaas van der Meer
Talent care evening sink review promotion AM blame.
jemal todua
Ronaldo? Really? :/
2:50 is awesome
Cruijf vs Helmond Sport
1:10 feel glad that Faiz Subri made into the list. 😇
Sergeant TV
3:31 too much karma XD
Blue Label creationZ
https://youtu.be/J4j6OM73BSM isl football goal penalty fast one.....subscribe and share
Blue Label creationZ
Nice channel...keep it up
Joseph Audette
Universal Solutions
The last one was the best))
Roshan Sreedhar
oh my god an INSANE GOAL
the MOST INSANE GOAL IVE EVER SEEN on a football pitch!!!!
The Ronaldo goal isnt special
Nayim vs Arsenal 1995 UEFA Cup Winner's Cup Final.
Chester GC
4:07 you can see the ball out
Chester GC
2:10 this is the best part by far
Nadege Lema
Uno when u backheel the ball into ur other foot fast n it flies forward n u can chase after it... Imagine doing that mid air n lobbing the keeper with it... I did that once. I said to my friend 'ronaldinho can't even do that shit' 😂
Daanish Gupta
Full-time like trailer hang watch deny chapter wealth gear blue taxpayer.
Ahmad Limai
proud to be malaysian
Stuart Robinson
The Dean Saunders one was a foul throw.
Sound of crowd would of been a 1000 times better than that awful soundtrack thumbs down
Struggling for 20 so you put Cristiano Ronaldo on to the list? Just an awful wall
Cosa NuOVA
Hi there! Watch a new video for a new song by Cosa NuOVA! Now on youtube! Britpop/Indierock/Indiepop

Clickbait scum with cancer music
Emile Kulis
I was there PVFC vs Sheff Utd
It's like a bugs on football manager or pes
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