Historically Accurate Disney Princesses

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What Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Aurora, and Tiana would have actually looked like if they were historically accurate. 

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ODESZA - “Bloom”

Sonia Reshetnikova @soniaresh
Annah Yevelenko @thebelleface

Esther Yoon @estheryyoon

Cathleen Cher 

Caitlin Zenisek (Snow White) @cmzenisek 
Aina Singh (Jasmine) @aiinaa
Carlie Thomsen (Tiana) @carls212
Marissa Heart (Aurora) @marissaheartt
Mercedes Esquivel (Pocahontas) @damnitmercedes
Laura James (Belle) @lauraellenjames 


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Tabinda Saher
Jasmine 😍😍😍
Catie Levengood
aurora looks cute
Valeshia Lloyd
i dont like fairytales bcause it isnt real love i know a lot of people want a fairytale but it isnt possible just like princess diana or lois lane and clark kent when she finds out that he is superman and she had to share him with the world and for the females maybe ur prince is staring u right in the face dont let them go
Victoria Reed
my favorit was belle
Natalie Grimmett
Do a part 2
Zainab Abdullahi
Veronica M
0:41 so much coke geez
svit jeram
i just love the music
Isabela D
The Sleeping Beauty is a french fairy tale...
amy garmina
Estelle .S
Tiana in this, she's so beautiful✌️❤
MaddySquidCat 7
Sticking the necklaces to Pocahontas' nipples! XD
Estelle .S
Why haven't I seen a single comment about Snow White??? I mean I know she's the oldest and most classic Disney Princess, but still. I was absolutely amazed by her outfit! I want it! Also Pocahontas's outfit was so dramatic and it looked great. All these actresses are so beautiful!!! (Snow White was still my favorite)🍎💛
Throwback when buzz feed had quality content and trump wasn't president...good times
Dylan Nguyen
When buzzfeed realized Islam is evil
Belle Tamayo
ok Ok i noticed That Eugene Is In The Background Making The Powder Fly Or Flow??Whatever Its Called I Dont remember>...<
Ryan Keiper
When your main hoe ODESZA makes it in the video
Regina Suarez
well pocohantas is historically accurate, right?
Connor Reed
I like tiana she looks amazing
Denis Ciawo
Ashley Donutz
I Loveeee the musiccc
Honey Show
That cocaine tho
Die antwoord and Stranger things
I didn't know they did cocaine though 😬
Karen Wright
Do part 2
Gia Omila
the Tiana one doesn't look like a pure native American, her nose is long
Wasnt Aurora French????
Buzz feed can u make a part 2 of this video plz it would be the best
Yoongi Min
ㅂI want to see Megara from Hercules 😐
SB CookieGamer
My favorite one is Tiana because I can actually understand what is happen and where they are(as I am a Louisianan) and it signifies the ways they were back then with trite stores and I just....AHHHHHH I love it. I want another princess from Louisiana!
LS Zoologist
Beauty and the best is a true story
LS Zoologist
I like how acute Pochantas
Abigail Holbrook
This video is so cool
Owaru Chan
Pocahontas looks beautiful
Renan C Brazil
Mai Lor
Anyone know the name of the song playing?
Nanao Rajkumari
This video has Eugene written all over it. . .
Bae_27 For life
They should do all of them!! Like if you agree.☺️
Jordan Watson
Umm, why is tiana white
Sedna Ceres
Oh god the Aurora one scared me, she's flexible.
Mystic Gamerz
The French timeline is very interesting also so is 1920s I watched a lot of clips of 1920s and I enjoy it, I also love WW1 and WW2 (world war 1 and world war 2) (1930s-1945)
Аделя К
I loved them all
noe flores
the only BuzzFeed video that deserves any sort of recognition
Joaquin Acevedo
1:23 When did Aurora become a contortionist?
Ann Mary John
Jasmine and Pocahontas are played by the same model...
Ayluh A
Princess aurora is the daughter of the king and queen of Spain. She's Spanish. But the movie takes place in France because she's set to marry the prince of France..they even play the French national anthem in the beginning of the movie. aurora itself is a Spanish name.
Penny Kate
What about Mulan?
id k
I like Aurara
Srishti Ganguli
the belle one isn't accurate at all! Belle's hair isn't white and puffy!
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