Historically Accurate Disney Princesses

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What Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Aurora, and Tiana would have actually looked like if they were historically accurate. 

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ODESZA - “Bloom”

Sonia Reshetnikova @soniaresh
Annah Yevelenko @thebelleface

Esther Yoon @estheryyoon

Cathleen Cher 

Caitlin Zenisek (Snow White) @cmzenisek 
Aina Singh (Jasmine) @aiinaa
Carlie Thomsen (Tiana) @carls212
Marissa Heart (Aurora) @marissaheartt
Mercedes Esquivel (Pocahontas) @damnitmercedes
Laura James (Belle) @lauraellenjames 


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Why is there so much dust?!???
Pitbullover 161
Who else really likes Tiana's Dress in this
Aldrick Espinosa
R.I.P. Pocahontas nipples
Beautiful video. I wish there is more video like this. Perhaps you can make video with another princess. Instead of your kind of video lately :)
Holly Gangte
where is sister mulanT.T
ThatOneIndianKid IzHere
I know someone is gonna reply.

Why is try lady for Tiana white? PS. I don't have on my glasses.
Whoever shot and edited this video is brilliant
Hannah Nguyen
Where's Mulan?
Nora Stack
2:57 Buzzfeed video or Sorority Recruitment video?
to be precise, Germany didn't exist during the 1500s.
amelia nightwolf
Omg Jasmine's model is indian
Charm Jewel
Actually Princess Jasmine is not historically accurate in this video, as the story origin of Aladdin took place in China and Badroulbadour who Jasmine is based off of is Chinese.
Zainab Adil
wasn't islam already around in the time of alladin?
Sasha Roguszka
Do a part 2!!!!!!!!!
Kate Hirsch
What about frozen?
Christopher Mccarty
Is it just me or does this video give you a weird but cool vibe..
Kaylin Brinkman
This is my top favorite buzzfeed video, hands down.
Emily Rose
11 27
What's with the cocaine
siaramint l.
bruhhhhh I love this video especially the song
Ei Ei
Who just love the sound of this video
Poor Belle. If the French Revolution is anything to go by, her head is gonna be displayed on a pike like Marie Antoinette for marrying into aristocracy.
Elise Andrada
Damn! Great video editing yah got there 👍🏻
Avatar Edward
all of these are great and the details to what they are wearing is gorgeous! i think the jasmine one is my favorite closely followed by Pocahontas
Ryn Rants
Sleeping Beauty was France though
Podo Jeff
I like when the black girl was pouring the champagne she missed the glass mostly
I demand more
Leedle Lee
Lyrics to this song: ohhh oh ho ho ho owowooo oh oh ho owowooo naa whoem oh la naa whoem oh ha.
Grace Kelly
They say pre-islamic Arabia but i thought that jasmines dad said praise Allah in the movie
Ixeeyl Prieml
the jasmine one was a complete fail. Pre-islamic arabia was not modest at all. They had five different types of sexual relationships and were drunk all the time.
"Did they all live happily ever after?" If you want an answer to that, watch After Ever After.
Whack. @omgvinita should be princess jasmine.
El Vaquetón
I absolutely loved this video. all the princesses have interesting background stories however the only real historical character to my knowledge out of all these is the powhatan princess pocahontas.
Jimin's Right Buttcheek
Not Pocahontas
Umm snow white was Dutch..
N Cakir
"Pre Islamic Arabia was a modest society"; so modest they buried little girls alive😉
ErrorPlays Everything
belle almost look like Eliza Hamilton
Carina Fox
i don't want to know about their dresses I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THEIR STORY
Belle in the movie probably wouldn't have worn the wig since she married into high class society instead of being born to it. I think.
Iva Bakovic
Does anyone know what the
Music is called?
moonlight princess sariah
og aurora is French
Dr Danger Productions
I love. This video
Where's ARIEL!!!!!?????
Vivie 0X0
Did they make a part 2? I NEED A PART 2 WITH MULAN, CINDERELLA, MERIDA ECT!!!!
Back when before Buzzfeed ran out of ideas. This is the Buzzfeed I miss. Artistic content. Not "Women Try Glitter Mascara for a Day".
Mrules4life Yo
Where's mulan 🎋🇨🇳
caitlyn who r u
I missed when BuzzFeed used to do videos like this sigh
Lorelle Pennington
Why is the girl who plays aurora like 13
ai soon
But keep in mind that every story except pocahontas is a story and did not happen in real life. So they can be dressed like whatevs
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