Historically Accurate Disney Princesses

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What Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Aurora, and Tiana would have actually looked like if they were historically accurate. 

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ODESZA - “Bloom”

Sonia Reshetnikova @soniaresh
Annah Yevelenko @thebelleface

Esther Yoon @estheryyoon

Cathleen Cher 

Caitlin Zenisek (Snow White) @cmzenisek 
Aina Singh (Jasmine) @aiinaa
Carlie Thomsen (Tiana) @carls212
Marissa Heart (Aurora) @marissaheartt
Mercedes Esquivel (Pocahontas) @damnitmercedes
Laura James (Belle) @lauraellenjames 


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Elizabeth Schuyler
Bravo Eugene!!
Susana Jones
This was gorgeous
finally it shows what jasmine should really look like. she's still so beautiful and not whitewashed by disney, arabs focus on covering themselves, especially muslims and jasmine was muslim. and jasmine might as well be one of the least covered disney princesses
Sleeping beauty was FRENCH! not english.
sarah johnson
I was hoping for Milan but this was so beautiful
Here are the names of the Aladdin cast in Arabic:
Jasmine is ياسمين 9 (still a very common arabic name)
Aladdin is علاء الدين (only alaa' is common nowadays... علاء)
Jaffar is جعفر (also a common arabic name)
Ali is علي (very common as well it's the name of the prophet's grandson even)
... even the Sultan is what a leader is called in arabia after the ottoman empire colonized us! I wish in the remake they put more Arabic words & Arabic culture giving the story justice :D
YESS JASMINE THE ARAB PRINCESS!!!!! she's my favorite <3 <3
Mohammed Bakye
but jasmine was muslim so pre islamic don't make sense
aurora was french, no!? here it says that she was English and...
Mel thor
My favourite buzzfeed video. I can NEVER stop watching this.
Fairy Law
1920's New Orleans?!? I'm so glad Disney movies don't show racism..they even made her have a white bestfriend
Ishraq Issa
what's up with the Indian music
Jasmine Yu
So, Belle was royalty right before the French revolution?!

gg Belle...
Rekha Ravi
Yepper Nepper
It's thanks to this video I found one of my favorite bands, man. I freakin' love ODESZA
This was a good video
Michelle Taylor
The new beauty and the beast movie is more accurate
Aladdin couldn't be set in pre-Islamic times because in one scene the Sultan says "Allah forbid you have any daughters" and in another scene he said "Praise Allah!"
The actress playing Snow White looks like Queen Victoria!
Jasmine's time era should be post 600s, not only do they call upon Allah several times in the film, but sultans were an ottoman governing system....not arabian...so it would have had to take place AFTER the ottomans conquered Arabia.
brave, wise and Slytherin
part two:
Victor Souto Maior
Does anybody know this song's name?
Blu Rain
I never tire of this video.
Max Robert
Well, we all know that Pocahontas did NOT live a happily ever after.
Mmb Productions
I like Tiana the best
Jamie Abraham
Vanessa's Crazy Life
What's up with the powder
Tyson Hall
I love this ❤️
Lauren Simpkins
I thought Aurora was from Germany or France
Angelina Fernandes
So sad! I didn't see Merida, it would be so cool to see her! Please do a part 2
Lune Aurore
I love how they kept the outfits similar and recognisable, while redesigning them to be more historically accurate. <3
Patsy McFeeley
The jasmine one was so much different from the movie. They said that the girls wore shapeless clothing but jasmine in the Disney movie wore basically a bra and sweatpants 😂😂😂 Disney was waaaaaaay off😂😂😂
Bhadsav 221
I absolutely love this. The music. The shots. The outfits. The reality.
Music By Bernace
This is amazing. I liked the one about Princess Tiana and her movie, The Princess and The Frog because it was historically accurate about the Jim Crow Laws, one example from movie is when Tiana is trying to buy the place to open up a restaurant they refused to give it to her because she was a woman of a different background than the realtors.
Sylwia Skolarczyk
Aren't princesses supposse to be pretty?
Shirley R.
Can we talk about those giant European dresses I would KILL for one one those I LOVE the medieval times I want to go there soooo badly
Faith Anne Richardson
like this comment
Faith Anne Richardson
wish they did cinderella 😭
I miss these kind of videos...
Nice idea!
Hannah Meaker
still my fav buzzfeed vid
Bts stole my suga kookie
This is probably my most favorite BuzzFeed of all time not joking
But What
Pocahontas was so cool.
Aurora B-)
No one is gonna talk about Aurora breaking her spine?
Niall Kelly
White/European styles are the best 😍😍
Jacob Sed
They missed out Ariel 😡
ODESZA - Bloom
if someones wondering
Kim Nolan
The effects in this video are beautiful. I wonder who directed this.
Jasmine looked omg😮and Tiana? 💕😭 GORGEOUS
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