5 Time Travelers Caught On Camera

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Froma russian cyclist appearing out of nowhere to a time traveler recording a mike tyson fight using a smartphone, here are 5 Time Travelers Caught On Camera

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Harold Victor
he was behind the guy 0:05 look clearly behind his neck
YoungEnte sad
The fifth one is very easy to edit in.
lol! you all know time travelling isnt real because if it was time and space will be destoyed! besides only God can do that! time travelling is impossible
OnlyMe AndrewDiosoBalderas
You can see the guy on the bike for a split second behind the guys right shoulder before he appears from his left.
Rice Waster Aleks
The first to commit the crime of vertical filming
Johann von der Becke
0:41 look over his left (for us) shoulder you can see the ''time traveler's'' arm
Predator Gaming
it is possible people from thousands of years from the future come back in time
Julek Szymczak
0:40 Slow it down to 0.25 and look at the left side of his head. You can see a bit of him hashtag_exposed
tom waters
bunch of shit
Johannes Barfod
the bicycle man was behind the man
Psychopath xPxssive
Cocaine is one hell of a drug.
All of these have been debunked.
Hey ItzHoodi3
Tye first one u can see him
bender is great gaming
all of these have a proper explanation
it is a Casio QV-10 not a smartphone
Hello, food?
3:49 that's just a cam recorder stupid
fugix f30
Jyotsna Attri
1:42 It's probably a Walkie Talkie cause they were invented in 1937 and this video is in 1938.
lps Dark dog
Whoa hold on 1. Wouldn't time traveling damage the whole universe 2. How is it possible to go back in time 3. Wouldn't it change any butterfly effects?....ya it's a stupid comment I'm sorry
john lodge
There was a mobile telephone service in England from 1968.
Number 3 got early acces
Washu Bebe
Broken Matt Hardy
Where's Future Trunks?
Fury XYZ
its is a spirit riding the bike then they will disappear when somebody see him
Rommel Gonzales
it is not a phone its a radio
Twenty Øne Crybabies And Pacify Her Pain
The 5th one is from Ridiculousness
just me just me
Jhony Walker
If you put at 0.25 speed and 0:41 video time you'll see that man
The Beast 3000
yes he just spawn nehind man
2:01 you pick a film extra from 1938 of someone acting, to be a time traveler?
BasE Habit
who else has been with Terrifive since 30k?
0:41 look carefully at the mans neck you can see the cyclists jacket
Nonsense Clips
Watch carefully at 0:41 secs bihind his hair apears the cycling man! and at the slow mo its been masket off. U can see clearly when he is there and takes turn and its just good timing and bit of editing! Im Pro editor plus VFX producer i can tell. Watch carefully 0:41
its not like with the surfer dude that his attire could've existed during that time
no he must be a time traveler
he doesnt have a unique sense of fashion for his time that would later catch on
must be a time traveler
only explanation
at 0:05 , you can see part of the cyclist's jacket behind the old man
you earned a subscriber!
Uscita Sempre
Logitech Fotoman camera made in 1990 white color u welcome ;) ... i can perfectly proof other once too like the wallet that lady holding
Mayra Leon
mj is alive
Number 2, at 1:00, he's in front of another guy. As if he's sitting on his lap. Poor sap, take a group photo and some surfing time traveling guy photobombs.

Is Mike Tyson fighting Muhammad Ali?
Maxwell Kelly
look at 0:41 on the old mans left shoulder and you can see the other guy in the background
Lady Scribe
kyle laguatan
the first one you can clearly see that the Russian man on the bike was circling around because you can see him appear a slightly over the mans shoulder
iam topsecret
the last and the first one look so alike..the blue sparkling stuff you know XD . and at the last video the guy grapped some paper or anything
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br549 Lyfld
old videos lol
that is true mobile phones were not evened in 1938 they were invented in 1973.
Abid Patel
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