Trump University: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


Trump University recently settled its lawsuits for $25 million; here's some background.

Asher Reising
i was scammed of money for doing an Computer course they promised instant scam a student is worse thing
Annette S
My dad has a Theatre Arts degree and I can say that the reference was a bit accurate lol.
Arian S.
I only like vanilla and strawberry...guess I'm a boring pervert😂
TexanLatinWhisper ASMR
Trump trying to keep business out of Mexico - good luck Trumpy. Americans love Cabo, Cozumel, etc etc.
Nato Boram
John Oliver just treated me a boring pervert…
Ser Eric de la Tostada
mexican is not a race
dog whistle even in his "university" "one company one culture one goal" i know the goal is success land, but that could easily just be a white ethno state, a la fascist douches, i know i'm stretching here, but come on!
Sugarhighme Gaming
Seriously... How does Trump's base just ignore these things? There are so many things he's done that actively HURT his base and other people.

Like, political beliefs aside... how can you just completely ignore the complete moral bankruptcy on display in his business history?
Thom Baan
How much cocaïne does trump take.....
Leeroy Jenkins
I still can't believe that the best people america was able to come up with was Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
I guess I have to quote obama here: "aeeeermmmhhhhhh..."
Automatic Oversteer
2:58 President Donald Trump was until becoming president, a lifelong resident of New York City? That truly answers your question.
Will's Game Reviews
The country is going to end in quite the smoke show
Bryan Echeverría
So the US has the second worst president in the world right now. The first is in South America.
"... who is a hater of Donald Trump" ... EVERYONE with half a working brain and at least a detectable amount of basic human decency is a hater of Donald Trump.
The is unscrupulous, and shady of course but how do these people fall for this? Did they check out the coriculum or instructors at all before shelling out thousands? "I thought I was going to be a millionaire." I mean poor lady but how could you be that foolish?
Missed out Rumpole (44 episodes). For shame, Oliver. FOR SHAME.
He left out the 26 episodes of Daredevil. Matt Murdock is a lawyer, so isn't it then technically a show about lawyers?
0:38 3,500 lawsuits...and he lost pretty much every single one. He's a loser. Sad!
Katy Tui
How is this the president?
As heard from one of Donald Trumps lectures at Trumps university.

"Teach us Your secret, Professor! yap his Yahoos.
Then for the hardness of their hearts, and for the
softness of their heads, he taught them economics.

Teach us Your real secret, Professor! how to become
invisible, how to acquire love, and oh! beyond all,
how to print money.

But how much money will you give me for the Secret
of Infinite Riches? said Donald Trump.

Then said the foremost and most foolish; Professor, it
is nothing; but here is an hundred thousand
This did he deign to accept, and carefully whispered in his ear
this secret:

Dutch Meister
who tf is "April"?
Kevin Corey
Wait, what about Law and Order: Civil Asset Forfeiture Unit?
Jimmy TehFreak
theres still Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law
Sairam Kaushik
The lawsuits are still less than aap ki adalat
Sauve Kordia Siregar
Hahahahahahaha now he's 6 months in on his presidency, what a joke
Ryder Hartshorn
Funny trump already got 1000000 jobs and is getting us out of debt you fucking retard
John A S
Donald Trump sold me a sex toy made out of a smoked duck for 30 million dollars. The deal was supposed to be a for a Picasso.
kelvin ananda
Heil Trump!
HQ Yang
you forgot games dude...
Paul Mutzel
Boston Legal is great! :D
Jacob McFarland
he forgot Daredevil
Matt Trimm
What about Matlock?
BERNIE SANDERS 2020 ... Hill Hill and the DumbOCRAPS leading the DUMBOCRAPTIC party
Trump's a fraud..
Gabe Van Hoose
What retard would sighn up tho
Chris Andreski
You forgot about Law and Order: Trial by Jury
Anni-Riin Agukas
That was 33 shows about law. Wow.
he forgot Harvey Birdman attorney at law
Cinestar Productions
Where did Donald Trump find the time to make over 5,000 youtube accounts to dislike this video?
Aaron Nicholls
Isn't there a Law and Order UK?
Vivek Lasserre
That one extra lawsuit is John Oliver vs. Bob Murray

cat foy
What about daredevil
Noah Wright
But I like strawberry icecream ;-;
Kata Dragovič
Everyone needs to stop hating on strawberry ice cream...
I feel like the people who voted for Trump applied to and got rejected by Trump University
AnalKarl der vierte
2:08 I think I'll make this "EEEEEEEERRRRRRRR" sound my new ringtone.
Cady Jones
Trump will make America great again and all your libertäre can cry for next 8 years. Oh wait, the heath care just took away my benefit and I can't keep my job? FAKE NEWS. We have alternative reality to fix that!
Audrey Zimmerman
What about Law & Order: Trial By Jury and Law & Order: UK?
Just because of this fuckup, Trump should not only have not been elected, but also smacked across his arrogant visage before being taken to court.
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