Pitch Perfect Riff-Off with Anna Kendrick & The Filharmonics

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After Anna Kendrick got word James was boasting he's the best acapella sing in town, she challenges him to a riff-off with some help from The Filharmonics.

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nickee rancel ganal
anyone who got Filharmonic member list?
Amethyst Singer
Is it just me or did anyone else think they were gonna sing It’s raining men! When the category was weather songs? Lol
Joshua Strittmatter
“You’ve awoken the beast.” “I love the beast!” A few minutes later it wasn’t the airplanes...it was Beauty killed the Beast.
i know she's not a 10, but damn something about her is sexy.
Love the into the woods reference 😅
Jason Johnson
Wheres Amy Dammnit!
What’s the brand of the shoes she’s wearin’?
ava presss
Zoe Rose
Anna Kendrick Wins
maxine nerida
Its nearly 2018 but i still watch this😂😔
People really like singing/lip syncing bye bye bye to anna
Emily Musa
SueLyn Cheang
Is this really on the spot? Really not rehearsed?? 😲
pari s.
Move bitch get out of the way😂😂
Napoleon Cabrera
proudly filipinos
... Filharmonics
Payton Carter
She just have done toxic for the songs that will kill you 😂
Katherine Hunter
Ana rekt him, but it is her show so we can’t blame the host for losing.............
Alexis Craft
Love u kendrick
Hannah Fernandez
you can tell they rehersed
Galaxian Alli
is filharmonic filipino? OH! get it,,,fil means filipino
Maeesa Ebrahim
im actually really impressed whenever i hear james sing
Andrea Baeza
Omg this is sooo amazing!
Maryam TubeXD
I almost forgot they were both in Into The Woods together 😂😭👌🏻
Mouse Games
Copy from dsm they sang that girl is poison
Laela Rodriguez
I freaking love Anna Kendrick
Mstr Jeannoj
what did i say? BITCH MOVE OUT THE WAY!
Antti Nikkanen
does it help to press the like button more than once
Valeria Leon
Anna kendrick wins just because her last name almos almost has the Word DICK dosent mean shes a bitch dumASS im just likeing for Anna kendrick!
Mikel Cristobal
i love you more and more Kendrick❤
tbh wanted it to be raining men in the last round
The JKing
So beeps out Shit but lets them say Bitch
Rainbow Pride Queen
Anna: I heard you’ve been telling people your the best accapella singer in town

James: er ya cause I am 😂
Ultimate Gamer
When Anna Kendrick is tired of twilight and wants to show talent 😂😂
Yaaaaasssss!!! Carpool Karaoke with the Barden Bellas!
Sam Stargirl987 Mason
6:26 the ending for love is a battlefield, ANNA KILLED IT!
Thea Cave
Rina Berardi
Emma Mazza
me: stops the video and goes to the filharmonics' youtube channel, listen a song, they are so good, goes back to this video xD
Swaggy Pants
am I the only one who noticed that James had a glance at Anna's boobs at 5:07?
Theresa Lim
....Anna Kendrick is on drugs right? Why can’t she stop sucking her teeth
Pyper Nadon
Anna Kendrick had an amazing voice, but she doesn’t use it a lot
Robin Jashinsky
She's too sexy. I don't like it. Makes me sweat
Leah Rea Benitez
Filharmonics woohoooooooooooooo!!!
She's has such a nasty voice ...hurt my ears
jason meir
On the second one Anna own that battle field
jason meir
Move bitch get out the way says anna
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