Levi Garcia
song lit
Lil' Mich
Daisy Star
πŸ˜” i miss my baby
Pháábìé_Thã_ Kïd
Free ma nigga Kodak Black
Andrew Vaughn
Why did I just now find this video
gnasto theboy
man i fucken cried
Kahlijah Jones
This song makes me want to break into jail
Lane Rose
FUCK all of you guys!!!!!
Zan Fosho
If I wasn’t paper chasin I would probably neva leave ya side ✊🏽
Allison Gardner
This me and my best friend fav song
FleX Beatz
Does anyone get a Houston Z-Ro vibe from this?
Gloria Hernandez
I love this song
Samuel Tiscareno
Relatable πŸ’―
Rose Saez
I lev that way assp
Rose Saez
I lev that way
Rose Saez
I lev that way
Pete Graham
"send me some pictures that'd mean a lot" has hands down pants a couple seconds later in the video
Que Witcher
Bro dat bitch cant wait that long without sex she cheatin who agree
I still love this songgg πŸ˜£πŸ’―
Saadeq Taylor
yes free my nigga
nancy Luna
I miss u spider
they love ny
First Kodak song I ever heard πŸ”₯a year later I'm still rocking with his shit
Eduardo Colin
i love this song
Jarmar Piece
I like song
rayanna almanzar
love it my boyfriend told me to listen to it while hes in jail free2dope!!!!
This shits gay as fuck hahaha
Javier Jb
Amanda Ayres
You suck and your only doing it for the money
Nicholas Curnyn
He is beating his meat
Alicia Delgado
I liked and subscribe
future alan
He jerkekd off on the phone the hell
Jose Curiel
Are you free kodaaakk
Jesus Lopez
Kodak I know how you feel bruh
Jesus Lopez
This shit puts a nigga on his feelings bruh
kodak X CastroFlows ... hit that boi up kodak. straight outta texas
Catherine Pollock
I love your song and your voice
Siraiyah Walton
jus sucribed
Damany Edwards
kodak free
Star Life
Ilik ur sogs uow inspir me
imraan Abdu
Yo this is better at 1.25 speed try
Jayla Ketchup wit me
Love this song😍😍
lil kodak
this song made my friend cry
Alex Vasquez
this how I fell
Emily Chairez
Lover Boy
2017 wya
Alex Vasquez
I love this song I am listening to it right now
John Cardenas
Welp to bad he bout to get locked up for 30 years
theresa keltner
This song is fire and lit
Senoja Jones
HE is the only rapper that would sing a song to his girl that y I love Kodak Black 😍😘
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