LPS: Bad School! (Bad Teacher 2) 😂 | lps kitkat ♡

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hey guys!  Today my friend and I made a bad school skit!  We hope you all enjoy :)  my next video will be Mysteries of Remarkable Ep 4 or a Halloween special. 

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☽ about!

I love you guys!  I’m so happy to have this YouTube channel because you all are so sweet and making videos is my passion! I NEVER thought I’d be able to say thank you for 10,000 subscribers.  It just means the WORLD to me!! Now I’m at 11k!

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Basket full of Seals
I look like Mrs. Singer when I try to put on lipstick :')
Madelyn Faessler
Ha Stephanie her plastic surgery she still has not looked in the mirror since then ha kit Kat
gaming girl Esther
Love you ahhhhhh
Ms_ Unique
Why are your skits so funny 😂
Alaia Allison
i don't think the school is bad...it's crazy
erica cooper
Those teachers are CRAZY 😝
josephine harrison
|-| |
dayna lol
You don't sound like maranda
Lps wolf friends LPS wolf friends
I love your skits I was wondering do you have instergram
#Lps-Freddles 1234
He's mine now honey!! That was funny!!:)
M Moorcroft
Roses are red violets are blue
Kit Kat is awsome
And should think that too 👍
Ps love u kit kat😄
Maisy Grieve
why why
Marlene Croes
Miss singer is like miranda
Nylah Moore
Sophia Lenore Pizarra Mortel
Earned a new subbie🌸👍 Btw, what table does every LPStuber have similar tables.. I NEED TO GET ONE, and I love your vids!!!
1. Think of 1 Lps you want
2. Say kitty cat three times
3. Repost on three other videos
4. Look under your pillow
Wolfa lps
I love your vid and can you give my a shout out or sub to my channel plz 🤗😍
Grape Bleach
Mrs.Singer sounds like Miranda
Ashlee Vlogs/Gaming
Omg I love this!!!
Kahlen and Aliyah
Your the best
Soo Yeon An
Stephanie Oglypants!!! OMG! RuN!
Btw, I loved it when that tiny girl said, he's mine now honey!
Mystic Mist Productions:3
Can u make another one of this!!!?
Śtárbúćkś Løver
so funny! great video!
Shaniece Omoregie
mrs.singer looks like miranda sings
1 cybr boi :v
look at it on urban dictonary
galaxy animater
Hollow Fox
ha ha omg I love this! pls make PART 3 QUICKER!!!!!!
Johannah Graham
"I bet I could beat you in an arm wrestle CHASE!"
Me just thinking "I bet I could beat three boys in an arm wrestle!"
(I am stronger than three boys pulling on one stick....)
mya lps
Love you sooooooooooo much
Kahlen and Aliyah
Kitty cat
mlg gamer
lps Stefanie
hi i like your creationlove tydle videos defnitely like
LPS KitKat u r awesome and i wish that i could be like u and have so many subs :( ur so lucky anyways stay awesome and i loved the vid
Lps Timber
I am Stephanie

Foxy does gaming
Judge me id you wont but the pink sub reminds me alot of miranda sings xD
Ana Lps
Ana Lps
Isn't every school bad
Courtney Camille
love it so lol
Malou Balmaceda
I like ms.singer she acts like miranda.. xD
Jess X01X08
The new principal I have both of the characters of the head and body
LPS wolfy Star
Wait lip stick it's red a bunch of it last name Ms.Singer Meowanda Singer?
LPSRed Starz
The places that you put the bows on the collies and dashounds triggers me really bad
Funny and kawaii Ashlyn :3
OMG I LUVVV THIS VIDEO! BEST OF ALL! :3 Edit:I remember that lps !
Black Kitten Gaming
When you try to find the perfect video and you realize that the treasure chest is right here... :3
Flower Sparkle Girl
Everything in my body is XD's
Funniest Pet shop
Hello loaf your vids
lps zebra productions
So good the teacher is funny if she was my real teacher I would explode
AJTheKutePotatoGoddess LPS
Lps AngelYT
Mrs.Singers She's like Miranda sings xD Nice video though! very funny 😂
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