Honest Airline Commercial

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If airlines were honest about what your experience flying is really like...
Watch bloopers and bts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN_sgREa2jw&feature=youtu.be

Thank you to everyone who came out to be a part of this video and Scroggins Aviation Mockup & Effects!

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0:10 I just noticed the flag on the plane has a backwards E.
insted of the unlikley event of a crash he should have said the likley
Johanna Villamor
Worst service.
Mystery Girl
How did the company let him film this.
hilarious,i laughed the whole video
Kieran Ng
This is basically a downgrade of Budget flights
DebbieMoews YT
333k likes..... Weird
Allen Brown
I wanna buy a ticket meme
Cecilia Z
just stay home! Dying
I cant stop laughing hahahahaha
meme girl
Every comment “uNiTeD aIrLiNeS iNcIdEnTTTTTTT!!!!”
Beautiful 767
mindy schiller
your arilines are aweome
Karan Noor
3:31 Was that Your MOM?
they are not even flying...
Lucas Plays
In 3:45 we still have many choices
ColoCoco YT
I would be on the flight tbh
I want my life to be more ANNOYED
Lil Kangaroo
" THIS IS THE CAPTAIN SPEAKING " sorry if i waked you up
Hyper _ Space
0:46 me when I play any video game
Random Guy
"In the event of a change in air pressure"
Shows the guy who keeps farting thinking people don't realize it's him
Cheri Sullivan
Better than Ryanair
Bad Grammar
One of those dudes is from Phil A. Pinnes
myname jeff
2:40 that is what you really do
Thanh Nguyễn Trí
3:32 is that ryan' mom?
artman123 offical
holyfuck like im gonna waste money howow
Jackson Pippert
Ishaan Sood
EveRy (eav-Ry)
The word meaning every in a stupid and orderly fashion
Clash With Kai
Lol 😂
Anthony Trentadue
Honest Medical Commercial
Alexx baldeh 015212950184
because your life is more important:-D
the prankster
the baby's on this is so fake lmao
sqjwang wang
When they say, then what other choice do you have? I would just scream "WELL THERE'S UNITED AIRLINES, SINGAPORE AIRLINES, ETC"
Dare Alamin
Just stay home im dying
In the event of a change of air pressure.

Made my day lmao
This video is ageist
Luke Macapugay
1:08 I am a philapino
Ocelong - Roblox and more!
I see Ryan’s mom
DragonSlayer 1919
It took me a year to notice the joke is it’s “Every” but pronounced wrong and it implies every airline lol
Eagle Lol
At 1:38 is lol
Phil A. Pino

Every flight attendant
DemonArcher 9105
Can i buy a ticket for EveRY? Where are they?
A Plane
It’s actually United Airlines.
Thomas Mapp
I love these fake ads
Gaming Life
why would the passengers use the entertainment system don't they have music on their phone?
You should include that one customer who thinks she’s entitled to everything
Old United airlines joke even though everyone has gotten over it
Darth Cognus
Gweg Stefani XD
I am NOT going in that plane
J Jack
“If you can’t put your mask on ,to bad your probably not going to survive.” 😂🤣
“ Put your mask on because your life is more important to theirs.”
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