Honest Airline Commercial

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If airlines were honest about what your experience flying is really like...
Watch bloopers and bts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN_sgREa2jw&feature=youtu.be

Thank you to everyone who came out to be a part of this video and Scroggins Aviation Mockup & Effects!

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Ang Wei Lun
We drag you out when we overbook.
Kawaii Potato
Sean Looks So Happy!
Lego Strain Gamez
'What other choice do you have?'
Me: Well i could fly united airlines
sees the video of the doctor getting beat up on a united airlines plane
Me: Yeah I don't have any other choices within my budget
Ben Triggs
Here at EveRy Airlines; we can't beat our competitors, so we beat our customers.
MrWolf // MRW
Ryan, do you own Ryanair?
MrWolf // MRW
Ryan, do you own Ryanair?
Hannah Lee
ironic because of the recent united airlines incident๐Ÿ˜‚
tyler ernesto
Good when can i get tickets to the next flight
Kim Costanza
wow,they predicted united Airlines
Jevelyn Lawrance
Woo published on my B-Day
Grandpa Alyssa
Anyone else watching this after the man was dragged of the plane.....
John Nguyen
Who came back here after the united airline incident?
Atomic Bomb
Honest airline commercial united airlines
Philippe Cordero
Still looks better than united
Arusha Nirvan
Anticipated that United thing
Jamm Iieee
1:07 Phil A. Pino? Filipino?
"If you don't comply with us, we'll drag you out!" - American Airlines
i would fly this over United
Mr. BunnyWabbit
At least it's better than United lol.
Pigs 1341
hidden fees huh? XD
Nathaniel Zero
And now EveRy drag people when the plane is full
Kittt Kattt
You should do a second version of this and include the person that was dragged out of united airlines I would appreciate it because I was kicked out from getting on the plane I hate American airlines
Evangelista G.
"Gweg Stefani"
I like the new United commercial
Autumn Smith
Wow... Gweg Stefani
*united airlines commercial
Honest airline commercial
United Airlines : Putting the hospital in hospitality
Why are you guys copying united airlines u just cropped u crews faces on the united airlines crews faces.
the Rob burto dude sounds gay
Ciol x Joy
Is that Shane off fight tips? The pilot
HowToBeFun101 M
Gweg Stefani
Kammy Bammy
this would be so different if it was made after the united incident
Ugith Dahanayaka
Just Stay Home Bruh...
Can I sit next to the friendly guy?
Jackaboy Bossatronio
I can't relate to this because I've never been on an airplane
Luigi Capinpuyan
united airlines' advertisement
Carlo Sarmiento
lol talk about united airlines ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
It's United Airlines
Short Shots
1:06 Frag-uh-lee stuff.
Short Shots
1:28 Ryan's mom.
Short Shots
0:51 Gweg Stefani
Anonymous Anonymous
I would rather die... thx.
Hiroyuki Chiba
That doctor on that United Airlines flight should've just did what this video said and stayed home lol
Troy Rowe
Still better than united airlines
Carla James
Rewatching this video.. at 2:36 is that Ryan's mom?
still better than united
Benjamin B
Julian Zhang
Doesn't this remind you of a specific airline cough...United...cough..Airlines...cough
lol I thought this was a united airlines comercial
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