Guys Guess Makeup Prices

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“It IS covered in French…”

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Better Than The Real Thing
You Are To Die For
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Ellie Ho
It's 120 dollars
I look down at my 20$ foundation and 10$ eyeshadow ya I'm good
This video made me love Zach even more than I already did, especially because of the Darth Maul reference ^.^
Brittany Moen
Ned's reaction is basically my reaction every time I walk in to a Sephora...
so, boys, please don't take our make-up for granted
draakje x
zach is wearing nailpolish😂
Stephanie Zhou
so I scrolled the comments and didn't find the answer; anyone know the name of the guy next to Curly??
Sylwia Skolarczyk
Ned is in the thumbnail so you imidiately know there won't be Eugene or Keith XD
When your entire watch it again list is buzzfeed
Christina Mina
Am I the only one that peeped Zach's nail polish???
Regan Meunier
I wonder why zacks nails are painted?😂
C Gosselin
Dang crap just got real in Ned's world!!
Single Cucumber
lmao I'm a girl and I guessed all of these wrong
cooking potato
Oh Ned. Don't you understand? The less colors, the more expensive.
Grace Clarkie
It constantly amazes me how ignorant guys are about makeup. Like most don't know the difference between mascara and eyeliner 😂
hristu tase
a man has nailpolish wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
RainbowWhale 2
You dat dude looks like a white version of the weekand
And prices like that are why I use Wet n' Wild and Nyx.
Is it me or do gay men have an accent?
(not to be rude or anything just wandering)
blank blank
Ned's that one friend that continually mentions his relationship for no reason 😂😂😂
Clariza Mae Sevilla
Ned slammed an eyeshadow palette.

Krazee Unicorn
I realised Zach still had his spray on nail polish on
DreamKiller 33
I clicked on this video without looking at the title, bc on the thumbnail I thought The brush was someone's hair and that this video was going to be "Guys guess how much is a hair cut."
Mae H
when he dropped the eyeshadow my heart dropped
Funny as hell!
3:10 "How do you not get makeup on your makeup" lol.
Natalie Schlagel
Not even 30 seconds in Ned mentions his marriage

Come on Ned
Lauren Hess
Drinking game: drink every time ned mentions his wife
Jaahal Gadhvi
Ned, are you married?
Katarzyna Andrulewicz
"How do you not get makeup on your makeup?" Idk good question
Bookie Florina
It's just powder in a box it should not cost that much. No make-up on earth is worth that much money.
Abigail Jamison
(so many good and funny quotes) " there's a sidecar can you imagine what side car looks like" Yes I can I have the pallet 😂
zach's nails though
Yun Duck
This is the struggles of being beautiful in the world.
Am I the only one who noticed Zach's silver nails? 💅🏼
phiphilu M
i JUST started wearing makeup and i do a better job then they do and that actually surprises me
Hermione Holmes
Ned's reaction at the end was priceless, unlike the foundation...
Syd B.
"cle de ple byut" 😂😂
Adriana Salas
"How do you not get makeup on your makeup?"

We don't not...
Myera Mian
Karissa Lara
wth why did the thumbnail look lika a lady showing the back of her head lol
What? ???
Ned's face in the thumbnail: What?
Bed really !?? 3 days oml that's 6 months to me
Savannah Behr
That guy was like "How do you keep your makeup from getting makeup on it?" I was like "You don't."
Daisy Foster
The last one broke my soul
Katie B
Curly's laugh is everything...
Star {Nocturne Girl}
"Wait are you married?"
Oh boy here we go
Marin Marquez
did ned say 6 divided by 2 is 3.3333
Magi MiteinemG
I love how Zach has just randomly silver nail polish on his nails
Yongxi Liu
Hahaha!there should be more!
Elizabeth Rhodes
Love Zach's painted nails 😂
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