Guys Guess Makeup Prices

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“It IS covered in French…”

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Better Than The Real Thing
You Are To Die For
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Becky Diaz
3 of these is an Xbox ahahahha seriously !
The Pun of Harts
I miss Henry
Rhf Awad
Where is Sia!?
Rita Mendes
"It IS covered in french"
Lainie Loucas
Zachs nails give me life
Mara Gillis
i will never read NARS in the same way
Faith Hamill
"wait, are you married?" dude, where has this guy been, literally everyone knows Ned is married by now
It took Ned 0:23 seconds to mention his wife lol
koala bear:•3
Hopefully now they know why women cry when their makeup gets accidentally destroyed
Rita Vizuete
Thanks god, I don't use makeup
Miss Not famous
Omg zack has nail polish on 😂😂😂
Monique Monique
hahaha their reactions are priceless hahaha
Sharma A
I'm a girl the only one I was close to was urban decay naked pallet I feel ashamed 😔😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Andrea J. Crespo
Nice nails Zack!
Violet Cooper
the guy in the black t-shirt is CUTE
Bella Garson
I saw the brush on the thumbnail and thought it was someone's hair it took me about 5 minutes to realise it was a brush 😂
Elizabeth Resendiz
I cringed when Ned threw the eyeshadow palette on the table! 😮
cindy xu
"wait are you married?"

ned: "time to mention my wife more than i already do in every other video"
Shelby Brasfield
I have found elf at the dollar store.
Ughhhh that guy who jus brags about how he's married is so annoying
I love Zach's nails!
Tip if the eye shadow pallet comes with haired brush pricey if its a sponge brush cheep so usually check the brushed
IHave NoLife
2:20 does he have nail polish on?
Lilian Ziranda
" 3 of these is a Xbox "
And the Xbox lasts longer
Justyna Patryn
did anyone else's heart fall when ned dropped the elf eyeshadow palette and think "that definitely broke"
does anyone know who the skinny cute green eyed guy is?? (not Ned haha) I can't find him anywhere sob
"how do you not get makeup on" still trying to figure it out myself
And I'm over here in the drugstore being like "Uuuugh, 10 bugs...we don't wanna get too expensive..."
Zhora Daiyu
Is Zack wearing nail polish?
Mutant Lizard Girl
ned is so distraught i love it
IslaHasNøthingTøDøWithThePhandøm XD
That ending tho.
Ahlam Zawaideh
nice nailpolish zach ! :)
Is Me
Elf's products range from like 1-10 dollars
Imaan Rahmani
Every time I see the thumbnail I always think the brush and the blush or whatever it is is a girl who is faced away. EVERY TIME!!
Miki G
Anyone else think that the thumbnail or video cover was the back of a ladies hair ?!😂
Sarah Duncan
I have the Naked pallet 😂😂😂
Sarah Duncan
Ned "because I'm married"
"Wait, you're married?"
Ned face lights up bc he gets to talk about his wife
Meredith Hagan
My most expensive makeup item is a $50 Too Faced eyeshadow palette that I love. 😍
Noo Naa
Im 26 and still dont know what a foundation is and it seems like is too complicated to put those things on and then to take them off and the type of skin you have, etc. Im just gonna keep looking like a vampire besides its too expensive and i have to eat
Mountain M
lmao I love Curly
Kamille Rasmussen
Everytime I see this thumbnail, I think the makeup brush is a girl from the back😅 is it just me?
Anime Trash
I submitted a definition of on urban dictionary of the word "married" and the definition was "being Ned Fulmer". Please try to get this to be a definition.
Jezzle J
cle de pleh 😂
Kiabeth De Paz
Am i the only one who saw the back of a lady in the thumbnail

No, just me, ok.☹️
Eman Ellaithy
Hang on, is Zach wearing nail polish? cool!
Daija Anderson
lol Xbox 360 😂😂
Alissar R.
"3 of these is an x box" 😂😂😂😂
Septiplier Is Life
Mia Zaragoza
Pause at 2:20 and zach is wearing sliver nail polish 😂😃😃
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