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Have you not ever seen thisamazing stunts?? First Watch and then tell me ... Now watch and Enjoy these clips..
Ganesh katkar
What is it?
c'est quoi c'est truc
Fazil channel
What are the black ball
Peace for the whole world
To increase pollution on earth.
Syed Majid Ahmed
2:09 😲😲😲😲😲
Rahul Rahul
Munmun Sarkar
what is this
sam 6068
Ever for destructive nature
sunil Kumar
pengen kreatif Chanel
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Baron Local
2.087.053 de vizionări in 30 zile = 6 aug 17
TV kansas
La technologie Limitless
حسين حسين
منو يعرف شنو هذا النزلوه بالماء
Too many ads. I give up.
Naga Bhushanam
what are those look like balls
these are the balls which are film which covers water to prevent evaporation during drought situation its civil engg bro
hurryam gutierrez
Quê massa bicho
Ayden Schwartz
I've always wanted to find a massive thing of marble
Andia Siena
Fare sentire i rumori veri ti costa tanto???
Peter Durrant
what amazing new technology mst of it was screened years ago
dale cota
those are some big ass machines wow unbeileveble
building demolishing clips are so fake as f**k... i give you unlike for fake clips.. who is with me?
RR f2r
les extraterrestre
Arun Prasath
faysal khursheed
Fay Rader
Z Salty
Nice video but the sound is very bad... Nothing
Gerard Nolle
sixsense foundation
Saina. wow Saina
Hurro - Urartian
Hahaha, that's my workplace, in the first part of the video. VN reservoir. Whoa. But those plastic balls are useless for the most part. The wind blows them in high waves and piles up on one end. Actually it adds more pollution than it prevents. They attract dust and dirt. Tarp cover is the best solution. After all that money wasted on these balls yet not so effective.
Mansur Ansary
Suyog Gore
Nice background music than other noise maKing YouTubers
hahaha. Funny to see what we do with our planet,
Korek Kuping
faster technology to destroy the earth
ป่าวหน้ากลม แค่อมลูกชิ้น
2:20 i saw tranformer
G Mann
B aß.
Aaron Baldwin
The first one isnt even a machine, this isnt wild, AND THE AUDIO IS ABSOLUTELY BULLSHIT! like wtf
Adrian Delgado Yedra
Nick brooks
No more jobs thanks to this!
kao thavrak
What is that?
that were not balls they were eggs of black niggas
nothing intresting
Sanu India
it's Boom Boom Boom......
Nurlan Agayev
insan nələrə qadirdi 😐
Kinn Lao
dropping balls make yo look cooler?
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