Marbles Don't Do It (Song)

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Epic Fail
Marbles response: why did you write this song? U wasted so much time that you could have been feeding me and Kermit chiken! πŸ—
Marcy Moo!!!!
Lol this was beautiful
this is my favorite twenty one pilots song
Animal Skipper
I would really try to keep him from jumping because I have a chihuahua who used to jump off of the couch and now she has awful arthritis in all of her legs.
Ella Garcia
This genuinely made me sad
Trissa Tiffin
I forgot that Marbles used to move on his own
Is this on ITunes because I will buy it immediately.
Selena Fernandez
OH EM GEE how could i forget about this GEM! dude literally played on repeaat back in the day! still remember every word! (:
I'm so jealous that Jenna can write songs better than I ever could and I'm a singer (';
AllMonkey Bizz
Kevin was the name of my pup when we got him lol
What is the chords does anyone know?!?!?!
Tiffany Orton
Girl, that was KICK ASS!

Seriously....probably my favorite I've ever seen from you!
kristanna fridolin
when Jenna said commit suicide my cat dramatically turned his head and looked at the door
Daphnee Reid
Where can I Find this on iTunes
THE Eljaaee
could this stop suicide?
Lizbeth Soriano
Alicia Ello
marbleee dont kermit suicide!!!
Chloe B
I wonder how Kevin is doing
Nailah Rose
Omfg I love you jenna I'm crying πŸ˜‚
Dylan imgay
the second-ish part of the song where she says she'd cry if he died made me actually wanna cry

what am i?
Marisa Baldwin
Why has marbles gotten dramatically fatter and you have gotten significantly less boujee?
Kira G
well marbles is now deadπŸ˜…
L Arcturus
reminds me of your butt song lol
Shaye Barash
Make a song for Cermit and Peach/Paech!!!!!!
Sally Rayborn
So this is how marbles died?
I miss Kevin
Phoebe from Friends is that you?
Shae Yutuc
This is why everyone thinks marbles is dead; you made everyone think he's a suicidal pup
madyson williams
supermarble flys
Sara Robbins
Rip marbles
Malachite Sapphire
Marbles dont do it. Don't Kermit suicide.
I'll see myself out now.
Gio Cistaro SFX
She's the real life phoebe from phoebe from friends
Nothing Susspicious RandomOnly
this was actually quite deep and sad as fuck
HeyyItsNikkiHowl Lol
Marbles don't glue I mean do it!
Melanie Consolo
Kizana Sunobu
please dont make fun of me but this is what I think of when i feel suicidal (which is often)
Roz Golshani
The everything is glue is the stupidest video you've ever made ( no offense I still loves it) this isn't
Grape koolaid
looks good purple
Phils Eyelash
For some reason at 3:22 the lyrics kinda hit me any I started crying? I lost a much loved pet a few months ago and I just started thinking of him when you said that.
John Vandevert
don't kermit suicide. I'll leave
Juliette Dawson
I needed this song in my life, thank youuuπŸ˜‚
content not found
I like that jumper transition ( I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend)
Margot Stewart
You play the ukulele better than me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Weirdo Aliens
Twenty one pilots is quaking before the queen
emma p
this reminds me of phoebe from friends
Harry _13
New 13 reasons why theme song
Emma Matthews
sometimes she calls him Marbles and others it's marble??? is this a cermet type joke?
Dat face Color
Nina C
my new favorite song ever
anyone have the chords?
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