Marbles Don't Do It (Song)

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Supreme Gang
You always make me happy, thank you.
Best video ever!!! I love you Marbles!!! Stay alive, m'kay?
Stevie G
the last part is already in a song i think. or MAYBE im just getting MAJOR DejaVu
Lingling Hao
Adri Carlos
who else is dying because Jenna played semisonic?😂😂😂
Who else heard the song that she paradied this from and started singing this one?
Plot twist, he did and that's why he's so unresponsive (love ya Marbles ^3^)
Orange West
That was accually a really good song. For only playing for a week she did really well. Have a nice day.
Cassandra Campbell
Caelyn Swendner
her hair is so beutiful and bright and my favourite color but its so bright it hurts my eyes
Lahja Heino
This is now my favorite song of all time
Is it weird I almost cried? 😂😭😂😭💕
Rain Fall27
You know that you're a hard core ukulele player when you know all of the cords in the song by sound.
Poems Remain
This song makes me emotional :') I take it personally
Sabina Fogal
Officially stuck in my head
Adrianna Richman
I think this video is y ppl think he's dead 😂
Kaitlyn James
I sing this to my dog every day
Madison Juneau
this needs to be on itunes
Supreme Gang
Awww beautiful voice
Rebecca Chaves
Your dogs are soooooooo cute!!!!!!
Fell skeleton Is here!
This is sad and funny at the same time...
Sushi Rolls Paints
Jenna's hair is brighter than my future...
Chelsea Marie
boi you can stop with that highlighter you can see your face from face
Joel Collazo
This video is hilarious
Kayla Gonzales
okay this is so cute 😭😭😭
Anna M
When I read don't do it, I thought of heathers
I love this video so much! ❤️
AJ Jammer
Still better then Taylor swift
she looks like an oompa loompa with that spray tan. i love you jenna but fuck
SquidGirl Tanigawa
This song saved my life 😂
Alexandra The helicopter
How can marble commit suicide if he's already dead?
Animal Lover
I'm dancing to I would understand
salem ward
DAMN GIRL WHAT R THE CHORDS TO THIS I WANNA LEARN IT!! imma make a parody of my dog piper, and my horse (actually a great dane BUT NO ONE GIVES A FUCK HE LOOKS LIKE ONE ANYWAY!) cobalt. and it'll be about my dog cobalt eating food of the counter and piper always laying on my feet even though she's 65 pounds and I'm 86, at the age of 13. i just want her to get off me.
Rebecca's Reborn
But not if your bunny is your one true honey bae 😂😂😂😂
spaghetti meatloaf

am i saying meme or me

the world shall never know
RIP marbles
Demi Meshell
This should be on i-tunes
Courtney Stewart
I love this so much. I sang this to my cat as she jumped off the back of our couch and my dad looked at me weird and I jut said, "YouTubers are weird... But oh-so amazing."
Monkalina 1
Omg that lipstick is wayyyy to light for her skin
Peanut Butter
Your ukulele looks just like Dodie's!
R u sure u didn't steal it from a guy named Kevin? lol jk
Psych Draws
she predicted marbles death! r.i.p
Jessica Messaca
Jana Henderson
Sophia R.
Is this based off of jumper by the third eye blind
My ukulele's name is Ulysses
This video is amazing.
Holy shit, that Third Eye Blind - Jumper
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