Parents & Kids Guess What Age They Lost Their Virginities


"Oh, you think 20? Oh, I'm so excited to tell you the truth!"

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Shrubby Gravy82
There's going to be that 8 year old saying I lost it when I was 5 lies
Da_Host L3GT
Eric Taylor
I was 22, in the Old Faithful employee dorms Yellowstone National Park...
Twisty 00
I did at 14 and I'm not ashamed...
I'm a Virgo so I can't lose my virginity😂
Natasha Sim
I was 11
Awkward Sause
And im still as virgin as the Mary Saint
Angie 1707
I've been reading the comments and y'all are losing your virginity at like age 13?!
Join the 13 club
Summer Dais
My mum waited until she married. I waited for the guy I married. My daughter told me; I can't remember how old she was. 16? It was a while ago. shrugs
Gerimaye Henry
did buzzfeed change their name??
Clorox bleach Drink me
These parents are enjoying this
14??!! My god that's too young!
I lost mine at 17 I am currently am 19 and am with the same person
Ruth Chi
...seems about white to me
Kayla Drozdowski
My mother is a prude. She'd tell me that she's still a virgin!
Logan the GOAT
Everyone was awful young
Darkness Playz
I want to be a sage so I'm waiting for 30
Sarah Myers
Why did Buzzfeed change the name to Boldly?
Mackenzie zzx
I'm 29 and i'm still a virgin
Kelly Leung
I'm 13, lost my v card. HELLO HATERS
AloisTrancy LovesCiel
14... Like 4 months after my birthday... 🎉
Yaranaika Senpai
Lost mine. by my right hand
I'm 24 and still a virgin :-)
Ollie Q
I'm not losing mine till I'm married and 20 years old
darren spohn
I lost my virginity at 14. If anyone finds it could you get it back to me.
a stray and a killjoy
lost virginity at 13
Angie Paredes
"well...with 16 year old guys, it is quick"
hahahah I lost it when that mom said that!!
Jane villanueva
you stole the video from buzzfeed
Taynara Melo
Well, while many people are hoping to lose virginity ASAP, I want to lose it close to the marriage or after it.
The problem is: I have never had a GF in my life, never kissed anyone in the lips, that is what i want to have, I've been passing in a moment in my life where i got really depressive because I wanted someone to love me, and I'm almost out of this sadness, I almost got over it, this tuesday i'm gonna confess to my crush, wish me luck!

I'm 14 years old, sorry for my bad english, my native language is portuguese.
Nicaya Walker
My moms old co-worker is now 68 and has never even kissed a boy and never married so she is definitely dying a virgin
Seamus McDevitt
I know somebody that was 12
I'm waiting till I'm married
Jon Boner
This is so weird. In this western culture, losing your virginity at a younger age is acceptable and normal, while in my home country, people don't do it until they are like 28 and higher (for men), for women, they get married and then do it.
Panic at the Hamilton
Anyone else waiting until they're married? Just me? Okay
Cexrianna Graham
I lost mine at 567
Topanga Stovall
The mom & her story of losing it at 17 is the exact story of mine!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂 Woooowww. Hahahaha love this vid
rochelle tang
Wait nvm I talked about the wrong thing
rochelle tang
I lost it at 7
Smallie xD
I think losing ur virginity before the age of 18 is bad ( except if u were raped)
Dean Maya
Here I was thinking 11 was the normal age...
I kissed a girl when I was 5 BEAT YOU
Deja Pen
Man I was worse than them 😅
Holy crap, people lose there virginity at the age of 14?? That's so young
Big Mac
I would lose mine at 30 because 30 in Roman numerals is XXX

Not Really
lynx mercy
iv lost mine at 12
Dude how did he lose his virginity at 14, i'm 13 and I haven't even kissed someone.
johnathan wells
Mine was 13 with my girlfriend at her house and we didn't have a clue what we were doing.
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