Parents & Kids Guess What Age They Lost Their Virginities


"Oh, you think 20? Oh, I'm so excited to tell you the truth!"

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Playful Pizzicato
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Made by BFMP
Nicole Zayana
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Bruno The St8
ho yea ?
i lost my virginity when i was 6 .
because of my uncle ._.
Bruno The St8
kids today loose their virginity at 12
and im 23882 years old and still virgin
Eric Chang
God both Nicole and Becky are hooootttt
The Only Queen
My friend lost her virginity at 5
This comment section is way more depressing than I thought it would be.
Melker Linder Gustafsson
i lost mine at 6
Limited Clorox Bleach
I actually lost my virginity at 8
Marwa Safie
Thinking about ways to drop you off..... ayyy burnnn 😂😂😂
AuroraS 92
He lost his virginity at 14?! Whoa, if my parents saw me speak to a guy for more than a minute at 14, they would interrogate me like detectives.
Hayden Evans
I'm young and I can't imagine doing "it" when I'm sixteen. I guess I'm just terrified of getting pregnant..
Fact Planet
Im 11 and still a virgin :(
Kassidy Campbell
I'm 16
I lost my virginity when I was 16
ProLuca Tv
I lost my virginity at 15 :)
lacey hoscoe
"We should have never put that couch down there." Best line ever.
Melana Diamandis
If youre from the UK and are reading this comment section... you feel like a hoe 😂
Mia G
Im 13 years old and I lost my virginity #ded
Mystical Donut
great half of these people had it lower but they arent allowed to talk about their uncle anymore
Emmett Sporalsky
Drum roll please.................. 13! I am a playa
Carsen Albert
Rachel's shitting herself somewhere watching this
Sonny 101
The reason they didn't put one of our Indian/Asian children in this video is because their parents would reach their hand out through the camera and backhand slap them until they were red😂😂😂😂😂
Mikael Boileau
I was the last of my friends to get a gf (I started dating the girl at 14) and after 7 months things happen ,more than once,was crazy and then few months later,tried without "the C*ndom and dam step the thing waaaay higher and better lol
Ali Hussein
I hope they all die in freak accidents. Goodday peaceout
Cameron Hall
Does being raped by a dog at 5 count?
Chris Fimple
I have to be doing something wrong
Indi Heaton
As a Brit, where the age of consent is 16, I do find it minorly amusing listening to these parents be shocked that their child lost it at under 18 😂 But I agree with a few other people in this stream, 14 is far too young.
luke Zapata
im 4 and im still a virgin
Nicole Cater
My parents would beat me because I lost mine on their basement floor lmfao rip
Rahul Mate
20yr old still virgin no girlfriend and am still happy about it really. ☺
me: dad why didn't have the bird and bees talk
Dad: I thought you wouldn't get laid
My parents would beat me if I told them I lost my virginity at 14
Gaming Geek
i lost my viginity at 13........with my ps4 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
When that guy said 14 I dropped my iPad on my dog.
She woke up and I now fear for my life.
In my school a 11 year old lost hers and 12 year old lost his
Drama Queen
Annnnnd I have a bf at 10.....
Cat Girl
Pause at 0:02 his face is so creepy
Ruby Marlene
lost it at 10 after too much youtube
Fina xsummerx
All my classmates lost their virginitiy at 13-14 years😂
Epi Start er
14 Christ, is that possible in Australia.
David Kumar
Glad to know there is a lot of girls out there (after looking through comment section 😂)
Louis ED
These stupid people are laughing like if losing their virginity was a game!
DatNotGuy 17
0:01 he looks excited
Violet Harmon
I lost mine at 12 lol
Soccer love 652
What is a virginity
Julie Aldridge
boldly, young kids/teens watch these videos, & may feel pressured to lose their virginity bc of these ppl's stories. none of these ppl lost their virginity past 16 yrs old, with the exception of the biology need to be conscious of the effect videos like these may have on our youth...& if yr going to do a video like this, have more variety...this was just tasteless & not an accurate portrayal at all
The cringe level is OVER 9000!
Luke Mitter
14 I'm almost 14
Tyson Miller
Happened at 14 for me and just a week after I turned 14 too
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