Parents & Kids Guess What Age They Lost Their Virginities


"Oh, you think 20? Oh, I'm so excited to tell you the truth!"

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little ninja
21 and havent touch a girl
Quokka Lover
My mom's first kiss was 25 these people though
I lost mine at 18 to a Latino Girl who is now my Girlfriend :D
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is better than you
Guy's dad reminds me of Jon Lovitz
Kumar Ch
Here I am, 17 years old who has not kissed a girl yet. I mean I have never talked to anyone before. I am not joking. This is how it feels to be in Subcontinent.
i lost mine at 14
Im 21 and i plan to do it with the person i'll marry to because i would NEVER give my most precious thing to someone im not sure im gonna spend my life with :)
Unknown Unknown
My mom had at 15 but got pregnant with me at 14
Vlad Filen
I'm 26 & i still keep my V-card
well I'm Ace after All haha
Kevin Laseanjr
I lost mine at 13
mason selley
There's jokes and stealing videos from BuzzFeed
Don't do it before marriage
Yo Homie Chucky
Is it wrong I lost my virginity when I was 11?
PieGuy 321
16 is the legal age here so its not that bad I guess
500b subscribers with nรธ videos challenge
here I am hoping to get into boarding school
I'll keep it for my future man.
Orbit Zesty
I lost my Virginity at 7. Man In-N-Out is so good.
Chaos Dellusion
Lost mine at 12. Lasted 5 seconds because her mom knocked on the door XD
Silje Eide
14 and I have never had A boyfriend
Iโ€™m 1292939937373839 years old I lost my virginity yesterday.
Glitch The Deer
Wow DAMN they lost there verginaty wile i sit at home playing battlefield 1 and waiting till I'm 18
Luke Rowe
Unknown Truths
I lost mine to my right hand at 11
B. Buentello
open your eyes, not your thighs
SuperMegaHam Productions
Honestly, anybody losing their virginity at 14 is sickening.
Shudnjdnundj Jeju
When I heard that loosing your virginity at 14 is not that uncommon I thought of my brother because he is 15 o_o
Swarm Gaming
At 2:00 my grandmother was in the movie
Testicular Tony
I'm 16 and still a virgin
Dragon X
thats funny theres no black person
Punched my v card at 15 ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป
Jennifer Rico
Damn this is sad they lost their virginity to someone they don't love anymore sucks for them
Astri Ingvaldsen K
I kissed a guy the first time when i was 3 ._.

i was 27 when i lost mine.

i'm 13 now.
Lost it at 13. e.e
Mr Potato Pug
I lost mine at...Oh wait!
Ok why does that blonde haired girl look like Patty Mayo like if you agree ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Lost mine at 9
Benjamin Gilbert
I lost my virginity when I was 1 day old
I dont care
is it just me or do the men lose thier verginities at a younger age? ya horny bastards.
Gracias Fidget spiner
haha im 14 and im not a virgin ๐Ÿ˜Œ
All I do is win, I'm allergic to losing!
Lost mine at 14
Shahariar Fardin
Being Muslim you can't lose virgity before marriage and this is really fascinating. and honesty test for us
Help me reach 10.000 subs with no Video
Know someone who lost it at 13 y o
Dope Dancer
How do you loose your virginity at 14?....
Mami Tomoe
15 and still a virgin. So far so good! (I'm not shaming girls who have done it already. You do you girl.)
15 and that virginity gone don't know where but it's gone
I love the parents reactions too guessing wrong
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