My Traumatizing Haunted House Experience

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Massive props to anyone who works in a haunted house. Just doing it for one night was enough emotional trauma for me to make a video about it.  
How far you you go to scare someone? 


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Tiffany Lam
Dava Dalton
ima a theater kid
The box boat Inc,
Hey 👋 can you watch my video could Malgel is missing part 1 episode 1
My little brother screams, rages, throws the controller, cries like a baby, tries to kill me, tells my mom, we both get in trouble, ("Let him win!" "Shut up mom! It's a game.") and them we play again, I win, all the above repeats but this time I get separated from him whenever I win.
Little Nature Lover
I am 10 and this year was my first year I have been to a haunted house and I wasn’t even scared.... HOW! Well I kept asking for high fives from all the creepy dudes and one guy said I was awesome I said yasssss look this guy thinks I am awesome another guy said no I said hey u know that’s rude.. (awkward silence and staring) then we walked in the place and someone banged on a pan with a crow bar I said Omg can u please turn down the noise your kinda I mean YOUR HURTING MY EARS VERRY much and we kept moving as u may have guessed I continued to make joke/ weird comments to other people and yes I still got startled at the jump scares but I kept saying ahhh go back over there yes yep yeeeep right there good job well done 👍🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 (I clapped as well) it was funny when this guy next to me got in a really /scary/ looking clowns face and the clown licked his forehead and I laughed and he looked at me I went hi he stares at me and walks away really close to me
Balake,you are so cruel , you almost ate your bros fish!
Amazing 10 lives
I was watching some of his other vids before I watched this and....I was like OH GOD because he sounded more animated.......x3
j Ward
That fish must’ve been PETrified

Sorry not sorry
KittyKat Vlogs
I have worked at a actual haunted house for awhile, i understand
Chris Boniecki
Is'nt mario the younger
Dog Rat
My 1st grade teachers grandpa 👴 died because he didn’t have his seat belt on but I’m in third grade now soooooo yeeeeeeeeeah
ItsSimply Angel
Balake name must have been Blake lolol just a guess
Blake Baumgartner
My name is Blake I mean balake
Alessandro Grandis
Balake he had one job!!
I have seen terrible things
Vera Kirk
Omg I am so happy my friend showed me a link to this video!! I love your channel!!!!!!!
The BreadSeal
Wow I got rick rolled
Skye Chun
flails arms BALAKE
Abe Cunningham
I was soo dead 😂😂😂😂😂😵
Soul Eater
It was confirmed in mario odyssey that the l on luigis hat stands for winner.
Rad Rose
Cool Cat36
I had a fish from a far he lived for a long time rip Mr Fishy he's dead now
Rem Resurreccion
Hunted house are in pilipines there are real becuase i live in pilipines
Gemma McCavera
once, my friend was holding a cheese sandwich and she got in a car crash and droped it and the first thing she yelled was ''MY CHEESE SANDWICH!''. so ye, she didn't die
Rebecca Walsh
Jk I'm kidding hahaha.
Rebecca Walsh
Rebecca Walsh
Your sorta weird...
Rebecca Walsh
I love your videos!
official stalker
felicia meeves
Red hair
felicia meeves
I have hair meany
Sheireen Nihal
Try going to a haunted house where you don't see crap an there are actors attacking you from the darkness with paralyzers and try to pull you away from the group, while putting a rope around your neck. Yeah, that's toooootally fun. I've been to one of those with my brother and his two friends and I resigned about 3/4 into the route in the house. Also they could shoot you with a tazer if you didn't say a code word they told you in order for them to stop at the current voltage level (we stayed at level 1, the tazers were level 3). I resigned throughout the course when we had to split up to open the door.
Choochoo Moo
Noba Gamers
Noba Gamers
Guys who went to fright dome this year ??
ZRBoss et Pizzela
#Rick Astley 1:03
Lps Evergreen
Guy Young
I don't have a brother
Guy Young
I think I could beat your brother Super Smash Brothers
Demogorgon 117
I was scared when I was little
Can I see you and your sister??in person
Vlad Serban
4:49 voice crack
nyanLIS 1011
This reminded me of the fish I lost. I have a fish grave yard in my back yard. I lost my first fish (that I remember) was goldie, a gold fish I won at a carnival. Not really. The people next to us got a fish and gave it to me after I had failed. I told my dad to get food and GOOD aquarium equipment for goldie. But he told me no because we had stuff that would supposedly work. Which was a clear vase and bread crumbs with garlic. I knew this was a bad idea and goldie died the same day on Saturday, July 16, 2016.
A year later, which is now a month ago, there was a 10 for 10 deal on the fish. So my dad got me the good aquarium equipment and REAL fish food. I still have SOME to this day, but most have died. Ed was the first to go. Then eddy (I named 3 of them ed, edd, and eddy from the show). Then molly. Then for a few days they were ok. But then more had left us. Rojelio, named by my sister, and alex died because for some reason, their tails were like ripped off and they couldn't swim. And so far last but not least, Angelica, also named by my sister. she was an angel fish and she was the first one I picked out. She was pushed by other fish and got stuck in a pineapple house she couldn't get out of without me helping her. She also didn't eat much. 4 remain to this day. Bubbles (my favorite ), isidra nadia, named after my two best friends, sir Glossarick of terms ( named after a character from my favorite show), and edd. I'm glad their still alive. Thx for reading my long fish stories.🐟🐠🐡🐋🐳💝👯
BigBad X
The Gameplayer
There's no such thing as clowns xD
Flying Popcorn Juice
Where no strangers of love you Know the rules , Never Gonna Donate To Donald Trump turn that music up frosty the snowman Goes Thumpety-Thump
john drodouski
it has 232K279K278K251K223K259K223K259K218K likes
That's really fucked up
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