After watching this you will HATE Lele Pons!! (WORST MOMENTS EXPOSED)

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After watching this video you will probably dislike Lele Pons, there is nothing wrong if you like her content, but you have to admit she can be a horrible person sometimes...


family friendly pg clean --------- 

jelous jelly all you haters just cause you hate lele you try to convince us to hate her too but she funny too who cares what the you think all her mean mistakes are in the past

A poem called screw haters like you u agree and you still love lele after this video like me <3
XxAlexandraxX X RebelxX
This video about her made me hate him instead. He's basically saying that we all should hate her for no reason!
Tiana Capuano
Leave lele alone
Jackie Beltran
Lele is a fucking bitch. I hope her career goes downhill. She's so ugly even though she got a nose job and she's not even funny.
Layla Brown
leave Lele alone
Layla Brown
A random person
I still love Lele. Don't judge people who've done wrong. Many people have done wrong, and I bet y'all forgave them. You've done wrong, people have forgave you. There is nothing good about judging.The more we judge, the more we burry ourselves in delusion. We prefer to judge those that are better than us in some way or those that have something that we don’t. When we judge, all that we are doing is expressing negativity in some form.Also, when we judge, we expand our own significance, which can hurt us in the long run. It’s so much more beneficial to observe people and understand that we are all different with a different life story. And those that are better than us in some way, we could rather look at as people that could teach us something about life. - Victor Step, Creator of the self-help blog "Growth Evolution Development" - I can explain this with an exampleCan u judge who is the better person out of these 3 ?Mr A - He had friendship with bad politicians, consults astrologers, two wives, chain smoker, drinks eight to 10 times a day.Mr B - He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps till noon, used opium in college & drinks whiskey every evening.Mr C - He is a decorated war hero,a vegetarian, doesn't smoke , doesn't drink and never cheated on his wife.You would say Mr.Cright?But..Mr. A was Franklin Roosevelt! ( 32nd President of the USA) Mr. B was Winston Churchill!! (Former British Prime Minister) Mr C Was ADOLF HITLER!!! Strange but true..Its risky to judge anyone by his habits !Character is a complex phenomenon.So every person in ur life is important ,don't judge them ,accept them.Three beautiful thoughts1. None can destroy iron, but its own rust can!Likewise, none can destroy a person, but his own mindset can.2. Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an E.C.G. means we are not alive.3. The same Boiling Water that hardens the egg, Will Soften the Potato!It depends upon Individual's reaction To stressful circumstances!Enjoy the journey called life..
Lucy 14xxx
Just watched this video 😂😂 I still like lele 😂😂
Reeses luvin Demon
I never liked leles videos or any of her stuff i just dont like her content
Athena The great
it was funny when she gave away free hair exetensions lol anyone remember that HAHA
Emma Rose
Hah just kinda but for real what's up with that duck tape
Emma Rose
Your talking shit back look at your background your stuff is so shit you rap it in duck tape
i still havn't found my berries
Faith Maney-gordon
Nothing can make me hate her
Ali Stevanato
I love lele pons videos and maybe she did you 1 or 2 mistakes but that’s life people make mistakes
Donyiel Clark
I still like Lele pins but you should stop posting videos
Voula Dimopou
I still like her...
Scarlett One
Normally I end up hating the person but no way.
Andi Spier
3:26 don't pay attention to this I was just too lazy to drag my finger across the screen to get to 3:26
i still love her (:
Gianette Lewis
Lele isn't even funny.
She is worser than Jake Paul
Manju Rawat
stop spreading fake roomers
Joyce Kwezituka
I hate lele pins now
Joyce Kwezituka
Hope you okay
I agree. She was funnier before. And I really think the issue with Amanda is true as she seems like the person who's able to do it. Tho I don't hate her but I feel neutral abt her now.
lassie ruby
amanda is a hoe leles new bff hannah is innocent
Hermione Granger
YOU. WISH! Lele is a very good (a bit annoying) person. You are not going to change my mind. We love you Lele
Niela Gu
the text can be fake
Paneez Sami
This video sucks. There are haters all around the world , all ur doing is trying to get views from lelepons worst moments, everyone has worst moments in there lives. Plus why are you trying to mess with bigger YouTuber s. Are you dumb??
Kaylynn Duran
Lele pons is awesome go ahead say anything you want about her but she is awesome
Jimena Checa Armijo
amo a lele pons y me la suda to lo que digas
Anntech Wolf
Anoopjot Kaur
Actually everyone can be like that sometimes,not all people are perfect your a hater, were the lovers and you should atleast apologise to the people who are the fans of lele and before judging a person or uplaoding a video like this think well,cause just look at the comments their is so much hate so just think wise or handle the hate bit*h
Ivy Reese
Yes lele did some bad things but no one can be perfect.
xdemonx Seba7stian
But what if I don't want to hate her ?..... Fuck off
Oh my fucking God, your trying to ruin peoples career's but what you don't realize is that your ruining your own. So how abot you stop being such a cunt, and learn to mind your own business. Fat, ugly, disabled cunt
Kimly Koh
at least she admitted what she did
Simon Reay
The hair extensions were symbolising the hair that was getting sent
Thewonders Chanel
I love lele so much I know she made mistakes but when you said you're wrong she is hilarious ❤️
ikraam khan
this channel must not be on YouTube because he is making peoples life bad like if you agree
Haneen Abulqasim
Now we all know that lele is the best no matter what let's hit that 👎 button
Haneen Abulqasim
No matter what u say about lele i will still love her ❤️
JetGaming YT
After watching this you will hate cubehub01
Brianna S
I think her "comedy" only works when compressed down to a couple vine was and that has passed. I just don't think it works for YouTube at all. I would say vines at end were far more way enjoyable but I do not understand how viners are so popular on YouTube... their content is not for me.
Chin Huat
I wont subsribe and i still love lele
Samantha Perez
Jokes on you I hated Lele before I even clicked on this video. She’s awful
i hate this channel more than i hate lele and u can't just make a video about how something that might of happened.they r all just rumours 🖕and i luv lele
I remember watching Lele’s vines back when she was in high school with the uniforms 😂 those were really funny
Just G
Still like her..
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