Do you guys do any of this? Did we miss anything?
Samantha Stroupe
I'm not sure how credible this channel is.
Ender Bubba
4/13 hmmm...
Vanilla Jamaa
I think I have anxiety, I look awkward when I go somewhere apparently :l But yeah all of this is true.
sixteen pegasus
Well, hello me
Aurora Odette Belle
Not going to sleep for the whole entire night or a couple of days and then waiting to go to sleep until you're so tired you just can't stay up. Then pass out while doing something during the day having no recollection of what time you passed out, and possibly injuring yourself in the process. Sleeping half the day away or the whole day and and then you still feel completely exhausted, but you can't sleep until you get back to that place where you have to pass out again to be able to go to sleep.
Hahahahahahaha. #1 My classmates thought I teleported.
I feel like I might have it much worse than this... wow i can't even ask someone for time alone cause I'll just be too scared to. Sigh i hate anxiety.
"But what if you overcheck your homework?"

Yeah, that's called OCD.
I think I might have an anxiety disorder O_o
I do most of these things, but always though that was just the way I am and not a disorder
henry ehirim
We need to come out en masse and tell the world that depression is real. It's killing people more than cancer. Depression talk is an unfinished business of the 21st century........
Sargeras 40666
Gah these videos remind me what a poor excuse for a human I am.
I have alot of these symptoms, yet I don't have anxiety. If I did I would notice I think because it sounds terrible but my life is actually going great. I'm just a tad bit less social that's why I usually keep stuff for myself, also had a few experiences where friends backstabbed me... so that's probably also one of the reasons
Michael barrios II
Hey everyone, I just want to encourage those that struggle with anxiety. There is an app call SAM (Self-help for Anxiety Management) they have anxiety tools, trackers, and a forum where you can find encouragement from other anonymously. Give it a try, it’s helped me a lot.
why am i so this? 😣😣😣
Taehyung favorite cookie Is a jungkookie
I think I have aniexty but I don't contact people
Yuri-o Plisetsky
I do most of these things;;... but I dont have anxiety? I'm kinda thinking I do, but that can only be classified by a doctor.
This is really interesting. I actually have been having all these symptoms but never realized I had anxiety until I started getting panic attacks last year. I'm trying to rewire my brain into understanding that it's ok and it's who I am. One thing that has helped me is to try to be calm all the time so when I get these thoughts which start to make me anxious, I just tell my brain you were fine a moment ago but now you're starting to feel anxious because of the thoughts not because anythings happening. I think that has really helped my subconscious to relax.
Some of these were relatable. I always think I’m not good enough, and I hate parties because I AM antisocial, or afraid I would be left alone when all my friends are partying by themselves. I am scared of making new friends, and clingy to my friends because I am scared of losing them. I am VERY scared when I am in front of the class or to say anything to large crowds. I sometimes am in a and mood for no reason and sometimes I go home and cry, but I don’t say anything to my parents. But I love school because I love to learn.

Do I have anxiety?
Hello World
I have anxiety and it is HELL! I worry about anything. I mean i am a social person but when i say something to someone i play it over again in my head if they don't resond.
Rachelle Garcia
I always check my homework;
i mean like at night i would get up and check....

mMMMmmm im weird
Bella Zh
8 is so me!
I did the 11th one so many times! Since I remember myself with "friends" and even now I still cancel plans...
Steinn Bjorn
Yeah, that's right, and also, sometimes you get strucked with an anxiety attack, when you hear or see something that is tied to it, it really hard if it tied to some usual events, that often happen, and you have to face it everyday, and the worst part is, that most people don't understand you and also, that because of anxiety you rarely feel good, you always feel, that something bad gonna happen, even if everything is completely fine. That's truly terrible condition
Chv Xgv
18+??? I'm 13...
Kimberly Rizo
OMG. . . This is like a revelation for me. I just thought I was introverted. I've just recently started a mission of overcoming my fears.
Me, minus being clingy.
Jess Lahti
40 million?! let's meet for coffee and hug it out
Abby Gaming
She meant weird
Wiwuh Rose
This is so true to me
Lilly Imhoff
Saray Reyes
Jokrisal Virtus
Brielle Robertson
I do like half of these
jks jsjd
when all the signs hit you.
Carl Johnson
I have anxiety due to my past from dealing with assholes or fake friends (Used to be quite open as a child), far as I'm concerned I am smarter now as a result (Not happier as a result but better than dealing with those kinds of people) by trusting basically nobody or rather only putting a certain amount of trust into people (Can't remember the last time I fully trusted someone).

For me personally it all comes down to how much self respect you have for...well yourself and whether your willing to just give up your individuality just to please everyone (which is impossible anyways)...or do what I did and basically tell people to fuck off....well I didn't exactly say that but I decided in my head that I loved myself too much to just surrender that part of me away forever just to please a bunch of nobodies with no personality.

Why should I have to like a sport just because everyone else?(Bonus: I don't dislike sports but rather dislike the communities centred around them which typically consist of once again...assholes)
Why should I have to drink myself to death just because everyone else?
Sometimes when i try to sleep i think soo much about shutting off and sleeping that i forget breathing and start breathing manually then it intensifies" And i then *HYPERVENTILATE
💯% accurate.....
-Lucy O-
I actually thing I have anxiety because I do many of these things :/
Why is this so me???
Im but what if.....
Eatingyour Hairspace
I stopped watching at 2:35 in the middle of the advertisement that started threatening me with a daily e-mail.
Dil Howlter Not A Sim
I do almost all these things,does that mean I have anxiety? I've never really thought about the fact that I might have it so idk
john p
Didn't even realize that I had anxiety wow lol
Derelle Cat
I can't even use a phone
Ernest Anwuri
i have anxiety/depression. im highly attentive as to how i carry self and angry at those who because of their behavior endanger mine by perceived association. i watch news a lit and try in my own self to make sense of but then go to next person. not an interest or clue i think thats dangerous not making connections but then those would be the first person raising a stink then you try to explain. first to not want to listen. and why do i have anxiety. i wonder. this guy or groups yelling at this guy or group and vice versa. you re over there listening trying to make sense then you speak up they reject you. or worse. because of someones elses rash behavior now ppl are on edge around you and you have to be highly alert not to reinforce dumb dumbs behavior over there cause you know they re looking for it. and why do i have anxiety.
You spelled weird wrong...
Juliana E Davis
saying that people won't understand when you need alone time is really fucking harsh and not necessarily true, yo! You might be giving people unnecessary anxiety by saying that this makes it hard to make friends. I do this all the time and my friends understand because they love me
Hunny B.
Shit I have all of the above
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