Giorgos Sam
Ellington Peacock
He didnt even tell you were to buy them!
Holy crap 472 texts?!?
lee luke
Hey guys, check out my 6in 1 lenses for iPhone 7plus the cheapest price you can get for this product on Amazon
Shenzhen Mega
Apple selling stuff part by part to make extra money from your pocket. yall too dumb to understand
You're driving me NUTS pronouncing every word that ends in "ter" as if it ended in "ture"?? Adapter=Adapture, Form Facter=Form Facture...
wing wing
Boy who Got whipped
447 texts
aditya singh
That iphone 6 joke was halirious.....You're funny
Eye case
Alisha Coudriet
With all the money he spend he could have just bought a camera
Lol the first one is the only one thats worth it. I'm talking about the black lighting port dongle thing.
m reda Zerrade
Waw plz iPhone 7
Jessica Lalancette
am i the only one who noticed he had 477 texts
Harshit Kapoor
Kiss ねこ
It's not danger if you use earphone will charging?
Sareena C
Does this wireless charger work for earlier models like 6s?
L Herbo
What the laser app name
Dahlia Turnbull
Where are the links!
Candice Fandrei
What up App for the That brings up the laser light. Thank you for your comments . Take care and goodbye
Douglas Bolivar
Portland Oregon in the house
you lost me at it doesnt charge your phone what a waste of money making it
Amber MaryAnne
Am I the only person who hates wireless charging cause Iike to go on my phone when it's charging
Lynno Queen
I hate whenever they talk and say "S" IT GETS ME SO STRESSED OUT!!!!!😑😑😑 i wanna punch him right now😑😑😑
"This thing is like a dollar"
checks website and sees it's actually $6 plus $2 for shipping πŸ€”πŸ˜„

New Accaunt
Uh, we, galaxy s8 users... just saying

We have wireless charging built in

We have fast charging

Iphone : removing the headphone jack helps make the iphone water resistant... ONLY IP67

We have a jack and IP68

Jerry Fenate
Apple launched their upgraded version iphones and even upgraded wireless with wires on it..that wireless charger is a waste, and a burden..if we still have to 1.connect to the port, 2.stick it at the back of the iphone and then 3.placed it on that round thingy for charging, then what's the point of being called wireless charger!! Power bank would be much more better, neat and convenient to use..
Carmello Sanders
He listing to future πŸ˜‚
Har Hil tv
What apps it
Henry Gallion
Your Apple videos are the best!! No one out there is even close!! Continue to put out awesome content!! I enjoy them all!! Thank you.
I have a solution for the headphone jack problem, buy an android phone instead
Valerie Backhouse
i am genuinely in love with your channel!! im gonna get the image stabiliser. thanks a lot :)
Cody HalfpennyTv
Auxi site is down the 1 and only thing I wanted
videos in Va waterside
Saving this video for later!
Sparklez YT
combine the ExoLens and DJI OSMO
Magic Sharkie
Can you use the adapter for 2 apple ear pods? (One from the 7 and one from the 6s)
Fefe G
Anyone know the cost of the auxillite adapter the linked website in the description is currently under construction and that website appears to be the only one to sell it.
Luis Alfonso
Amazing accessories
thats lit
LTEG Productions
Oxi light
mindlessmy'z Campbell
apple has some thing for that
I have a 7 and they have this things where you can charge and listen to music at the same time. But the one he has a different one btw not talking abt that one
Stench Slash
5:42 -,-
KingZ Blazin
Is the auxilite compatible with a spigen ultra hybrid case for my iPhone 7?
cake guy
1:37 I just want to see how it sounds.... bruh
Ron Swanson
Some of those things were cool but what I want to know is where did you but that switch blade ?
Eli Reeves
if you have to plug a wire into your phone, then it's not wireless charging :/
Nikola/Nikolas Puőić
What’s the point of the lenses? They look useless and a waste of money.
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