savinthi Abesinghe
poppy is not like anna even a little
Baileys Room
I love pitch perfect
And that is why you should NEVER challenge a woman
Rebecca Anderson
Steve sounds like a character from a Jim Henson movie 🤣
Anna kendrick is so cute !!!
Urba Zafar
Isn't it wastage
Is it just me, or is she smoking hot?
Men have meat balls and women have eggs...literally
xAesthetic Mspx
What's with all the arm movements
Justen Mckenna
3:49 oh what I would do to be the one at whom she laughs and sticks her tongue out like that, cutie. 😂💕
aleezeh samdani
I died ....
Slime Rimuru
Did any of you notice that the eggs are put by order like this raw boiled raw boiled isn't
How isn't everyone commenting about Higgins?! HE'S AMAZING!
becsisnotonfire _x
Pause at 5:06 xD
Alex Pilon
This is hilarious, higgin's makes even greater - but it is an unfortunate waste of food.
At 4:33 Anna's odds were 50/50!!!!
Kaley Elizabeth Hutter
Omg the Latin and the puns are giving me life
Zellex HCS
Kids in Africa could've eatin those eggs smh.
Marc Ashret Mendiola
My balls got sweaty while watching this!
Karel May
Berkley Irwin
"eggs a natural conditioner, I'm not even mad." God I love her
Kenneth Ong
do the egg spinney-checky technique
Kristie Kam
so cringy
Nigga What
"You look beautiful"......"Thanks buddy" damn Jimmy you got fizzucked
Tin Apostol
When I saw the title i started singing 'Russian Roulette,from red velvet' its a kpop song hope im not alone
Camryn & Friends LLC
jimmy fallon is hillarious
Kevin Productions
I just uploaded an egg roulette video! Check it out guys!
Cara Delevingne
Anna's war cry at 5:34 is too cute lol
Charles Owens
ok fine!!!!
I have a crush on Anna Kendrick now. There happy!
Mariana Gonzalez
jimmy always breaks the eggs really close to his forehead...there should be a rule to not do that lol
trần italia
this reminds me of running man
JKRzCrown AMViez
nice game buddy
Peter Lyu
i mean, they know it the second they picked it up
Ceyhun Çemen
Jimmy got friendzoned 😂😂
I hate the egg jokes like seriously,they are not even egg-cellent
Abhyuday Tewari
Did any other female celebrity play this?
Sammy Hoffman
The movie theatre Jimmy went to must have been untainted by fire.
Island warrior Biba Chamorru
He called Jimmy, James
Ady Advincula
That laugh! At 4:11 what the f men! Im a girl but that laugh got me confussed
Belle Zoe
Johnny Tsunami
Higgins needs to shut the fuck up. He's not funny at all.
Milana Boyko канал!
I from Russia👹
wolfgirl puppy love
Unicorn 4 life
"You look so beautiful"
"Thanks buddy"
Ahmed Waly
She is the best
Francesca Lockenour
the is some egg on the camera
What is Ashley Doing?
OMG, those eggs really hurt. I did this challenge on my page!
Sanaa Najam
Jimmy : Mere paas gaadi hai, paisa hai, ghar hai, bank balance hai.. Tere paas kya hai Anna????
Anna : I Have... EGGS!!!
audrey noneofyourbuisness
anna is like flirting with jimmy
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