Egg Russian Roulette with Anna Kendrick

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Jimmy and Pitch Perfect's Anna Kendrick take turns smashing eggs on their heads without knowing which are cooked and which are raw. 

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Egg Russian Roulette with Anna Kendrick

Cara Delevingne
Anna's war cry at 5:34 is too cute lol
Charles Owens
ok fine!!!!
I have a crush on Anna Kendrick now. There happy!
Mariana Gonzalez
jimmy always breaks the eggs really close to his forehead...there should be a rule to not do that lol
trαΊ§n italia
this reminds me of running man
JKRzCrown AMViez
nice game buddy
Peter Lyu
i mean, they know it the second they picked it up
Ceyhun Γ‡emen
Jimmy got friendzoned πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Just game In
I hate the egg jokes like seriously,they are not even egg-cellent
Abhyuday Tewari
Did any other female celebrity play this?
Sammy Hoffman
The movie theatre Jimmy went to must have been untainted by fire.
Leila Robinson
He called Jimmy, James
That laugh! At 4:11 what the f men! Im a girl but that laugh got me confussed
Belle Zoe
Johnny Tsunami
Higgins needs to shut the fuck up. He's not funny at all.
Milana Boyko ΠΊΠ°Π½Π°Π»!
I from RussiaπŸ‘Ή
wolfgirl puppy love
HappyMariana /Sofia Franco
"You look so beautiful"
"Thanks buddy"
Ahmed Waly
She is the best
Francesca Lockenour
the is some egg on the camera
What is Ashley Doing?
OMG, those eggs really hurt. I did this challenge on my page!
Sanaa Najam
Jimmy : Mere paas gaadi hai, paisa hai, ghar hai, bank balance hai.. Tere paas kya hai Anna????
Anna : I Have... EGGS!!!
audrey's world
anna is like flirting with jimmy
Shotpack 837
Kevin sounds like that nerd in school that plays too much knight games
I love her when she's playing the crazy chick XD
blue mirror
why they wasting food there are many poors who need this food
Harley Quinn
this anyone else die laughing when he said pick jimmy!!
Jan Siok
That guy who gives the egg who is he?, what is his name? He is funny XD
Natalia Orantes
heart b-b-beat...
Devon Zastre
Ever since I've seen Me Right I've had a crush on her.
Keira sierra
She is kicking your butt jimmy
3:01 4:48 5:33
Earnest Williams
Lmaoooooooo I have one dozen eggs
Javier Garcia
what a great game! Yeah...
"You may have eggs... but I have h--"
"Don't say it"
Yeah good try Jimmy!
phantom _9999
it has a pattern on it
Ezio Auditore
as a body builder I dont like this contest. waste of proteins bro
Brianna Casey
I was all eggcited for this, thinking it wouldn't be what I was eggspecting, but once I realized how predictable it was I was like "eggscuse me?!"
Couture 16
Jimmy Fallon is nothing compare to Graham Norton show. More stupid games than interviewing ppl.
Archibal Meatpants
Anna kendrick can smash my eggs on her head lol jk
Not Intersted.
The tension.
Ammer Sehic
Higgins... SHUT UP
Sophie Blue
You are waisting food so badly :(((
That sexy stare at 3:50
ma dison
i have so much anxiety
This is Higgins' best intro xD
hereIam watchingthis
why is Higgins so annoying!? he's not funny!
Gelly Rokz
I only watch these videos up until Higgens' introduction is over. He's hilarious,
that giggle at 1:10
Alina Levin
Jimmy: You look beautiful.
Anna: Thanks, buddy!
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