'La La Land' Audition: James Corden's Ode to the Oscars

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Following the Best Picture mixup that mistakenly awarded 'La La Land' Best Picture over 'Moonlight,' James recreates Emma Stone's audition from La La Land set to lyrics recapping the Oscars.

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Lonely Wanderer
Nailed it, cheers 🍻 bruh :)
Laа La Lаand moviе here => https://twitter.com/18f1bd42663b3fac1/status/867561177395494912
Wilman Abelar
Finаllу I'vеeее foound full Lа Lаааа Lаnd mоvieеeе herе => https://twitter.com/a9891216acf9f61bf/status/856327129402793984
james corden is about 3 trillion times better of a sing singer than emma. but her acting is great:))) i think she just needs some more vocal training?
Cailey Edwards
Is it just me or does Emma Stone look a little different here? Maybe, even better than usual.
Lia c
warren beaty isnt even the one who announced them it was the tje lady
Charlie H
Yo I fucking love you man
Grace V
Anyone else just looking at the hair? Or is it just me
john grety
God bless everyone xx
sameer gaur
damnnnnn his acting was perfect
Heidi Ye
Lost Dreamer99
Handjobs on the beach 😂😂😂
Little French cliché
tf why am I crying ?
Binah Megan Phillips
i was crying when he sang but then he sang "i need so much booze" so i laughed 😀😏😆😆😦
fuck germany, smash germans in auschwitz
Mays bbh
the lyrics omg😂😂😂😂
Jelo Morris
Aaaaawe ! Hahaha I adore you James
Jane :)
this is the best thing
Ivan Fernando Diaz Reyes
not your mum
I love this so much
haha that's so funny
Trash Vibes
I can feel the tears
Steph Quiroz
wait this isn't the girl from la la land
City of Cars
Check out our LaLaLand Parody Original "City of Cars"
Joseph Huang
ha ha genius😂
Fiorela Velez
Such a genious!!
لوفي سان
Jalyn Houser
Mad af when that happened
Emma is so talented 😍😍😍
Andre Orate
James Corden is a genius
Jessica Nguyen
people are acting like moonlight didn't deserve to win!
Sharin Shadrou
mimi mimi
I'm a Japanese high school student. I love him !!
Iliana Hernandez
I LOVE THIS it's my lullaby 😂😂😂
Mutiara Aryani
Hand jobs on the beach 😂😂😂
Zoe Sherlock
how is he a prettier woman than me
Bruno Conceicao
Monica Apre
he roasts oscars tho oml
Maira Amal
Amelia Lui
honestly whenever i watch this scene i only focus on her disappearing black tights😂
Brian Choi
I watched this so many times lmao
Franciska Denier
even though this was a parody it was astoundingly well sung, proving once more what a great singer James is.
zala predalic
soo did he get the part😂
Killie Potter
This is the best thing I today
it is metaphorical
He nailed it !😂👍
Meagan Belflower
Genius video! Here's to the ones who lose...
Paolo El
I'm so glad Moonlight won. Ofcourse La La Land was flipping fantastic, & they won all the awards they deserved,
I definitely felt like Moonlight deserved Best Picture.
what I was disappointed about-
a) Lin Manuel Maranda was robbed. that's all.
b) the kid who plays Saroo in Lion wasn't even nominated! his performance deserved acclaim dammit. *wails into the night*
Athirah Azmil
brilliant darling!
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