Andy Carlson
As usual the talentless fat basted turkey that is James corden rides off the back of genuinely brilliant work....I deteste this talentless fat toss pot sooo much! undeserved of any amount of success. .....unfunny...untalented snd an ugly swine to boot....
Rebecca Kelly
this was uploaded on my birthday
Movie Clapper Productions
He's actually a good singer!
Lee min Ho
klári geiszler
Funny as ever. Well done, James.
Carla Bennett
I think James corden is hilarious x must of watched this a few times x
Isabelle Worcester
I'm crying omg
sooper salad
funny but Emma would be the happiest in the bunch because the oscar was meant for just her not the whole movie. but really these mix ups are sooo disappointing i can't believe it
I f*** you
Orchestra mojo
Omg dodie!!! I love this 😂😂😍
María Porcayo
My dearest James. You sing like and angel, your voice is almost as beautiful as Hamilton's cast voices. You're going to do Hamilton crosswalk right? I'm waiting for it!
i need this on spotify asap who's with me
Funny stuff.
Kate B.
OMG. I spent almost the whole video to get that this was NOT his real hair. I feel kinda stupid now...
Beatrice Toscano
September 2017 and I still laughing to this
Ada Le
People are amazed that this was done quickly even though it's neither original nor funny
Ali Gil
This is one of the best things i've seen 😂
Shing Chun TSE
here's to the ones who lose, oh I need so much booze...... Ha! very funny!
Enter name here
August and I still love it😂
Tutol 123
those laughs are terrible, please stop with this cancer. An Idea for this video is really great, but stop with those horrible laughs.
Ghea Miranta Salsabila
Sarcasm going strong
Since when do they stick audience laughter in sketches?
Elisa Sofia
James corden is definitely an amazing singer!
Elizabeth Piang
Flips Wig
Im a Johnson
I love LaLa land and this just made me love it even more 😂😂
Hi There
I can see your nipples and belly button.
Agnieszka Apelt
Crystal Lps
Beautiful !
Alexia Rebla
Who thinks James should've played Mia in La La Land instead of Emma? No offense to Emma she was so good, but JAMES MY CHILD!!!
Dimitris Daras
"picture? My film used to be best picture"
This has me every time
Carlos Alejandro Alvarenga
"Fools Who Win Oscars"
Rosalba Morales
standing ovation while wiping away tears
Gloria Elisa Lara Baxi
The best
Alexis Alexander
LOL, this is just great if you've watched the movie before xDDD
Kayleigh Timelady
How's your son, stormagedon? :)
his voice😍
Marium Bilal
James Corden is a very good singer and an actor as well, man you deserve the Oscar more than emma. Lol
Haruka Bowie
The lyrics were well mixed up with the original one beautifully!
I was on the train to watch this, and just ouldn't stop laughing.
Thanks James for evacuating people around me because of the big laugh.
I got the seat for myself!
muhammad wardhana
Film about handjobs on the beach
Elena Chamberlain
Alezandra Davila
Josiah Quising
Meh. Moonlight won because they're black. Not because the movie was any good at all.
grabriel jones
Your voice is incredible 😊😚😊😍😘😘😘 #jamescorden
Maria Gladaly
He's better at singing than me
Lonely Wanderer
Nailed it, cheers 🍻 bruh :)
Laа La Lаand moviе here =>
Wilman Abelar
Finаllу I'vеeее foound full Lа Lаааа Lаnd mоvieеeе herе =>
james corden is about 3 trillion times better of a sing singer than emma. but her acting is great:))) i think she just needs some more vocal training?
Cailey Edwards
Is it just me or does Emma Stone look a little different here? Maybe, even better than usual.
Lia c
warren beaty isnt even the one who announced them it was the tje lady
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