They Said It Can't Be Cut...

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LocTote Bag (USA Link) -
LocTote Bag (International) -

Here is a very durable, theft-resistant bag / backpack. While nothing is theft proof, this may be the closest thing on the market. The LocTote bag features a special material making it very difficult to cut. Will the LocTote be your next backpack?

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Unbox Therapy
LocTote Bag (USA Link) -
LocTote Bag (International) -
i4Ni Management
danny's father could cut it....
slashing is done with the tip of the blade not the whole blade
Brian Pemberton
Pacsafe has a line of products with slashguards etc......This is not a new idea.
Javid Huseynov
stab it hard
Gunnar Granberg
why not avaliable in sweden
Ali Mohammad
this is how to get the sponsor money without showing the whole lie behind the advetisment for the product
s a r d o n y x
So, it's just like a chainmail bag? Nothing new.
Henry Powell
I was actually thinking of getting one for my birthday. Then I seen your video. Great review. Now I really really want one.
The Peacemaker
try with a blade
Noobies At War
Just an idea, if u really wanna test the uncut able fabric, why don't u use a samurai sword? Its more interesting, right?
Ricky Tomaszewski
the lock only keeps out the honest Thief
Malachi Rios
I would like to see an unboxing of the FarSF bag
CloudGirl 22
i wonder how much money you spent on all of these 'gadgets' with this youtube channel in all xD
RubenJr R
video starts at 3:40
The Loveable A-Hole
Lmao. He used the knife as a hammer
pilicic andrija
ISIS Knife attack no more!
Jordan Spitz
Like for aids
really weird channel
apache helicopter.
Radioactive Gamer
If u want more views, pls make the title of the videos more specific and interesting
Louie Mallari
scalpel please :)
Taylor Strandt
angle grinder? lol jk
"You're never gonna have something that's theft-proof."
Yeah if you don't count Rick's ship after it's been commanded to protect Summer.
fill the stuff in this bag and try to cut the bag
shut up and take it out of the box
Antony Joy George
Is the padlock "cut resistant"?
Games For Cykits
Love it now using it as bulletproof vest
I want a hoodie from this stuff.
Gay af
Vallentin Lövström Wadell
I love when he throws away the piece of paper and it just flies back to him so he throws it again
But is it strong enough to take on Cutco knives??
Daniel Mora-lopez
i dony understand whythe sell only one type of style bag i would buy the one that lew has but not the basic bitch bag the sell
Syahri Ramadani
Carlos Gedangoni
Bet you wont find me in the comment section!
I love how he does little to nothing with the bag and the knife so his advertisers can keep sending him money fucking dumbass
Unathi Titus
Dude you didn't cut into it properly. I feel like your lying about the bag or trying to sell it. Honest?
Michael Bricker
What bag I can't see one
Bug Catcher Haider
1000 degree knife challenge
Ian Carasig
spam comment
Hunter Stout
Ya I know
pablo bena
Por qué golpeas el cuchillo contra la mochila jajaja
Shia Hemahrahsh
Jesus... stab it, not lightly cut it.
AleX xD 0504
i want some clothes made out of this material so they will be indestructible and safe for parkour or to protect you a bit from a knife
bed roronoa zoro can cut it.
Captain Obvious
Spam comment
Dinesh U
what is the use of this bag? ehhhhhh
The amount of clickbait this channel has created is insane... (not talking about if they delivered...)
Daniele Bartolini
Music in the beginning?
Quân Nguyễn
SPAM comment! LOL
Why wouldn't a thief just take the bag 😂
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