They Said It Can't Be Cut...

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LocTote Bag (USA Link) -
LocTote Bag (International) -

Here is a very durable, theft-resistant bag / backpack. While nothing is theft proof, this may be the closest thing on the market. The LocTote bag features a special material making it very difficult to cut. Will the LocTote be your next backpack?

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Unbox Therapy
LocTote Bag (USA Link) -
LocTote Bag (International) -
The amount of clickbait this channel has created is insane... (not talking about if they delivered...)
Daniele Bartolini
Music in the beginning?
Quân Nguyễn
SPAM comment! LOL
Why wouldn't a thief just take the bag 😂
do the Bobby backpack
Ari Peci
Cheak out my channel
reptiles and more
shoot it
Amber VapoTech
nice review!
Tanmay Gupta
wooo i love your channel i love it too much
TJ Marx
The way you try to cut this bag makes it look as though you're pulling the game because you know a real attempt would cut the fabric. This video is more damaging for than brand than it is positive. Take a serrated knife, hold the bag vertically with something inside to weight it down and do a proper attempt at cutting, stabbing and slashing. My guess from this video is if you try that it'll cut like any other fabric making this bag just an ugly tote making false claims.
I have the regular gray one and i don't regret buying it.
Chloe Javellana
Can you unbox a spy glasses
Goober and Buddy
Aw, I was going to use it for a bullet proof shield
Mr. Why
yeah I wonder the same thing 3:46
Matthew Niedbala
Just pierce in. Damn it's fucking hard to cut canvas the same way you were trying to. If i slap a knife at a fucking tissue it won't cut.
Killerwit Heynow
At $150, I'd say everyone that buys one of these is immediately a victim of theft.
He cut the box better than he cut the bag
Iman Shafiq Zulkifli Zulkifli
is no one gonna comment that sick ass catch at 1:58?!
Did the company pay you not to cut it like a thief actually would do ?I mean no one would ever try to open it like u did :D
Roman Plays
Get knife wolfie in there
Prathima Gowda
bro plz cum to India (specially Bengaluru) I'm a great fan of u
This looks like a job for the 1000 degree knife
Kahl Beecher
omg this is what ive been waiting my entire life for!!!
Life Flight 101
Never heard of this company and its located in my hometown.
jose perez
ThechemistNL - Gameplay and Reviews
The RFID pocket is a really great layer of security with the amount of NFC chips on ATM cards and credit cards nowadays, and the possible threat of the signal being copied.

However, I do have a concern that comes to mind. Will this feature also block anti theft tags in stores from being detected? Because if so, shoplifting just became a whole lot easier, and I doubt that is what the manufacturer had in mind.
Manuel Luc
de la merde
Elise Pauwels
Violation PC admission ie wrong certain spill bomb
karlo pebs
why not cut through the seams of the bag?
James Twitchell
your not going to need a stab proof bag and a pair of bolt cutterscould easily cut the metal for $150 its not worth it but the material built thicker and more coolant with a kevelar seramic mix might make some nice combat armor
Nicholas Ornelas
What if the box was cut-resistant😂😂😂😁
أحمد الشكيلي
what is the name of music 3:43
anthony sees
Columbus is a hour away from me
Rajike Ekanayake
you dont know how to cut a piece of cloth do you
Come on, dude. You're better than this. Couldn't*
Big Homie
I like ur videos and I respect ur work but this review kinda joke :) That come with that in Romania. :))
buys a glow in the dark camno bag so when you loose it all you have to do is wait untill night to find it.
Katie Ross
vglbqvacx - P0RN VIDEOS: XPORN8. COM
Lukas Andersson
Adam Pepiton
I remember seeing that on Shark Tank. I wouldn't pay that much for how easy that black strap can be cut. Good idea though 👍🏼
Hasty Pooséi
I'd personally use that as a vest, put the thing on my chest then wear a suit like a hit man
So when someone tries to stab me they can't
Aaron Jones
lDarkSider l
-video lasts 5:06 minutes
-time spent talking nonsense/bullshit just to make the video longer and get more views so he can get money ez": 3:00

this guy is depressing LMFAO
This is what I have been waiting for my whole life!!!!!!
Migo Serio
Everyone misunderstood. This bag is "slap" proof, not stab proof.. Guaranteed to take a million knife slaps
Luis Pérez 12
No, it's not
Abdul Wahab
Give me that bag, I can cut it easily.!!
Aron Logi
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