Unbox Therapy
LocTote Bag (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2qUiXd8
LocTote Bag (International) - http://geni.us/3kNCqNd
#Sonu sharma
you cannot cut something by banging on it...
what do you think it is.. a potato??
What happens when you get caught on something and need to cut yourself loose. Guess you gonna die in that bag.
Carl christian Idjao
can you please try unboxing ALCATROZ AIRWAVE 300 Bluetooth headphones
John Duran
Actually this is what ive been looking for. Its a step in the right direction
Capt Mrgn
This bag is a 100% ripoff! I bought one, and a cheap pair of utility scissors and was able to cut through the bag like paper, all the way across in 5 seconds flat. This bag offers zero real protection.
Fitting that an uncuttable bag comes from Columbus, Ohio.
Syed HAsnain Raza NAqvi
please do not destroy things please please for gods sake
Syed HAsnain Raza NAqvi
I like you bro you are best of the bests
Bryan Castillo
y not poke it?
i didn't expect your review to be unbiased but your title implied that you're were at least going to give it a practical stress test. dafuk are you doing chopping an empty bag?
They had to cut the material to make the bag.
Did u ever realize that sometimes he does a voice over so he talks but his lips don't move
David Meadows
So cooooooooooooooooool
Lennie Bennie
Or the compact
Try bobby anti theft bag
3:40 I lost it there
it cant be cut but it can be stabbed so it cant be cut
to one of my videos
i will send a link
watch my youtube channel if you like mariokart!
the swat team should use this for there masks and on the outside of their armour
spam comments
Hagan Du Monde
Is your studio in canada
MissUnder_ Stood101
Dose not impress me and they should have more designs, definitely a letdown product
William Gordon Gaming
"Insert stupid spam comment here"
Kaio Studio
How about sawing?
Deathwing the aspect of death
I readed "it cant be cunt"
Tom de Whalley
Stupid spam comment 101
John Baylie
you can spend a whole lot of time trying to cut it open, or you can just grab it.
Quantity beats Quality
Wft just happened at 1:21 a meme!?
Marudeusz SquidKid
Is that Mithril?
Can someone please tell him that smacking it with the the knife isn't going to cut anything.... on any decent bag (meaning not made of fucking paper)? Try stabbing it with the tip and ripping out
emaratiyah proud to be
this man is American version of Imran Khan
Danyal Alvi
I wanna see it against a box cutter
Marchelino Rotty
stab it u idiot
Sonny Cortes
Can you do something or percent multiple different variance of bags in a price range from $10 to $150 as an idea for your next video. For different capabilities as such speakers, how much can you fit the, type of style, Etc.
Tommy Vestal
Pretty sweet bag there. Should have shown the glow in the dark like they said.
i4Ni Management
danny's father could cut it....
slashing is done with the tip of the blade not the whole blade
Brian Pemberton
Pacsafe has a line of products with slashguards etc......This is not a new idea. www.pacsafe.com
Javid Huseynov
stab it hard
Gunnar Granberg
why not avaliable in sweden
Ali Mohammad
this is how to get the sponsor money without showing the whole lie behind the advetisment for the product
So, it's just like a chainmail bag? Nothing new.
Henry Powell
I was actually thinking of getting one for my birthday. Then I seen your video. Great review. Now I really really want one.
try with a blade
Just an idea, if u really wanna test the uncut able fabric, why don't u use a samurai sword? Its more interesting, right?
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