Star Trek - The Act Of Combat

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Kirk must fight Spock in combat on 'Vulcan' while he's under the blood fever. (Amok Time)

I am subscribed to notifications about new videos, particularly about Discovery. When I load it from the notification I get "video not available". Also when I try to load some videos I see on this channel, I get the same message. Why is this?
OreoMcCookie SeptiDiePlier
Intense shovel combat
Brett Jensn
No Discovery trailer available on the official site? losing faith in Trek
John Russo
Jeanstarluc 18
make a new Star Trek Film from Captain Picard
"This combat is to the death"....

Well, shit. You couldn't have said that 5 Goddamm minutes ago?
Sorry to see you go Mr. Spock.......RIP Mr. Nimoy
Vedran Noneofyourbusiness
Too bad Spock isn't an Andorian, otherwise Kirk could just slice off his antenna.
Meggy Moo
Here coz of the Big Bang theory channel :)
Jayson Mattern
Lol look at Spock; standing there like a crackhead... The blood lust episodes always make me laugh
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