Women's Water Polo - Dirty Plays Underwater

Water Polo (Sport)

Nothing better than watching asses, thighs & pussies jouncing & jiggling around underwater!!
Wonder if any of them get turned on having their suits pulled up in to their crotch. :)
I would volunteer to be an underwater ref
Jack Pearson
I just wanted to watch an American Dad episode 😂
filthy bitches
Saed Magaag
How did I end up here 😂
I would jump in that pool like a shark.
exposed clitoratti for sure
Scott Hill
Some serious dudes in that water.....
maxican giraffe
lovely camel toes
Wheres-my Angels
OMG that water gets soo turbulent, its such a violant sport
God Save Da Bears
ok so I started off watching regular polo to watching a vid on Ralph Lauren polo to this

What porn channel is this from?
thats allot of suchi
Hvy Bench
I came twice today....I love asses!!
K A F Tinting
Not sure how the ......I got here....I was watching naked body painting 😂
Jungin Baek
pussy wedging
Jesse Pinkman
I want to apply this job as a monitor underwater cameraman
Egi Pandana
camel toe
Hard not to click on this shit
Even Crocodiles aren't that aggressive to each other in the water for impala.
old school hawking
Rough sport.
Marcelo Tapia
khnujjkn. t. xldodkjjjñdkhyujjhdmsd hloigli jylj ugojK mknk marceloeliaa jd
Wouldn't mind tangling a little bit with these gals. LOL
GODGORY - Romulo
Not trying to be pervert here, but Im ultimately a human being made by flash and bones and far away to be a saint, so I can't help myself other then saying that this video turn me HARDER than a pole !
Noel Armstrong
they are brutal
Pedo phile Muhammad
I didn't know official sports swimwear could be that revealing.
Lauren twistedpeppermint
waterpolo is far most the hardest sport you will ever play. The coaches dump you in the water for an hour straight and you cant touch the bottom or else you will get banned for the next 2 games. People will punch you in the face and the refs literally dont care. They put ur hand on your shoulder and try to drown you. You have to swim all the time without stopping, and all while trying to catch a ban with only one hand. Its so mentally intense the players often have panic attacks. But otherwise its an awesome sport and im 13 and i play with the 15 year olds. They arent afraid to grab your bathing suit and rip it down to ur waist. Its not unfair, its just the game
wild dolphins in action!!! O_O
Pause on 1:05 and enjoy... Thank me later... :D
Dayana Santos
como eu vim parar aqui 😨
guest guest
I always wondered why woman who played water polo always had really bad wedgies.
Patrioten 74
Wedgies for everyone.
President Trump's favorite sport. yeah girl that's it, grab her by the pussy. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dexxxter -
this shit look retarded
пиздец ну и спорт
Buick Regal
Their pussies are soooooo wet!!!!!!!!!!!!
was the first one an act of sportsmanship?
also that last one was truly dirty
Massimiliano Massarenti
When sport meets sex ;)
Tiger Cry
I tried to to google face portraits of these players. I only got butt pics.
They fight like cats thrown in water.
Nasty Bitches
Clorox Bleach
i can also make that pussy wet
hahahahahah dude this is proof that man and women are not equal
Ivana Budisa
I just came 4 ass
Matt -
I was expecting some fingering/prestenjačenje
fother mucker
My new favorite sport
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