Work Stories (sooubway)

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I was a sandwich ARTIST, okay? Because subways are everywhere, there's probably someone watching this who used to or is working at subway right now. How is it? I thought it was an okay job.

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Izabella Wheater
itz subway
not soobway
Mrbacon 5445
Tj Byrd
it's not sooubway it Subway
sooubway? .-. i thought it was meemeway!
The Sonic Gamer43
Banna Bread
Watching this and tonight I'm going to go to subway and I'm really craving one
Jared Gijoza
my name is jared 😢
1 Like = 1 Sympathy Rub For James.
Nehama Aleixandre
1:40 the fro-yo place i worked at for about a month made us count the topping pieces ... we were supposed to put 5 small pieces of fruit for example ... i never actually counted them lol #rebel
Pizza Eater

Bro im crying!


This is so funny!
Blue Oak
If Freddie Nolan is out there.... Hi..
Ivan White
😂😂😂 my name is ivan
Porter Andros

I am A mouse
3:08 he talks fast

3:17 the sarcasm is real

6:12 ASMR
Calhaora Lightsbane
I worked at McDonalds xD I feel your "pain". xD
Theo Thelafon
Благодаря этому видео, я работаю в Subway уже 3 месяца:D
Fuzzzy Puppy
My brother got an application for sooubway:D
FaZe Shorty
Animal_ Lover
Is it me or doesn't the Ohio Sooubway has like 4 people???
You sound like Ryan Reynolds.
Amy Townsend
today i got two cookies for a dollar (australian)
Brian Dust
This is actually the funniest video ever... knowing that I work at subway and my dad owns them xD
12arm productions
Jheca Martir
Marcy Anderson
I work at Pancheros, essentially mexican subway, and I felt everything i this video very deeply. LOVED this video.
James Hoff
lol lol
Goth_Girl 796
Don't. Deny this .... u have watched this like over 8 times
5:51 The trash looks like a swastika umm....
Emma Hayden
Jennifer Ackerman
did his voice change like i watched this video yesterday and it was more normal
ahmad najem
Ella Harner
Tarteel Shawki
u know clash of clans but do u know clash royal
Tarteel Shawki
subway is my favorite
Well I'm taking your advice I'm working at Subway when I'm older
{ BadKitty }
I hate sooubway yesterday
Jax Tail
I remember I used to get lunch at SOOUBWAY!1!!!1 and I would get a meatball sub with jalapenos, and I haven't had SOOUBWAY!!!1!!!!1! since. I've been wanting it forever, and this isn't helping.
Jayke Casey
Holy crap.i didn't know there were so many language of captions for this channel
Max Holyoak
Are you allowed to make sandwiches for yourself while working???
LPS Freedom
It's Ironic Because I'm Gonna Eat Sooubway Tomorrow :D
2:20 doing it with your nose m8?
yessenia herrera
bye guys good time living if your in the united States
lil' grace
when I grow up, I wanna be a pediatrician and a part-time baker!!!
Datedranger 160
Sooubway part 4 and a shout out for it
Boo Taper
I want Sooubway now
alyssa why
I'm eating Sooubway right now.
Yoo lmao, I can relate to your job at subway because I work at the same company lol. But ours is like 99x harder. 😂
when he said that his mom threw the poster i was like:
your mom's a fucking retard vegan
Nikolai Bleken Müller
You write Sooubway in the title and say subway....... LOL
Night Wolf101
Anyone else think think cory is coryxkenshin in this video
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