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I was a sandwich ARTIST, okay? Because subways are everywhere, there's probably someone watching this who used to or is working at subway right now. How is it? I thought it was an okay job.

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Pls Dain
My dad worked at sooubway and when he called us the time was 17:38 Lel
"He doesnt watch my videos", so you go through his internet histry much and keep up with what he watches?
I thought this channel was cool and funny until you started bagging on the guy that looked like "before" Jared.... Wow..... smdh unsub... Not cool
Mr. Mister
Fun fact: The number of newborns named Ivan and Andy jumped 2% in the United States after this video came out.

I don't know if that's true; I made it up.
MARs 14
worked at subway for graveyard for my first full time job and i had more customers than you did it sounds like, despite being graveyard shift. i never had any downtime to just watch Netflix or do homework :( also maybe because graveyard was given more tasks for prepping food, also beacause my co-workers were pretty bad. your subway seemed a lot more fun to work at. im pretty jealous XP
Maria Lagun
I thought it was called subway
Kajevan Sivathasan
Is it just me or do people think Subway should make a food truck.
Sam Jupp
I just realiced that the first announce of the video is from sooubway lol
The subway pictures that James used is at the subway that's in my town where I live
Molly King
Fun fact. My brother worked at subway once... but he got fired for being too slow.
Molly King
Him: we got free cookies!
Me: wait what... I want free cookies.
0:41 i think alot of people have beat up a fast food icon who is also a pedophile. Have you ever heard of Ronald McDonald?
Marcus Wayen
its pronounced subway not sooubway
Brayden Jacquez
Oh my god this guy actually counted them😂
Jason Ackley
Jason Ackley
hahaha! so funny!
Lucas Barnes
Why a fast food job 😐
now I know the passcode
Ikiri Cross
Who else calls Subway "Sooubway" now?
Butterfly Queen
my names sarah
Olivia Santos
Lexar Gave
soobway is subway
The Shadow Warrior
Do you smoke, James?
Jack Mitchell

I have the poster
Random Guy
I died at 4:23 from laughing and I don't know why
Adriana 13
Why do people waist money on subway? When u can make the exact thing at home?!! Wtf?!
Vinay Madhugiri
I'm Indian, and anyone who talks about chakra's can go fuck themselves!!
gina cherenfant
James what is this subway? I thought u worked at sooubway
We have a sooubway in our walmart.
Fer Ponce
corrine huang
6 olives
Ash Ketchupp
I sooubscribed to you
It's subway not sooubway
Tootsiepawsome !
On her chin
Tootsiepawsome !
Why does the store manager have a smiley face
Christian Santiago
blue flame
is it easy to work at sooubway
Саша Красин
Thanks for russian subtitles. :)
ProPug Gaming
Why did you point the arrow at his groin?
ProPug Gaming
The person who beat him up always looked like his head is backwards!!🤣
High Drawings
can i just get a like on this comment for no reason
Legoparty Productions
Never stepped foot on subway because my parents don't even go sad face
you live in Arazona, sams as Grumpy Cat!!! OMG
hi gus
James u have to get back into clash of clans
henne b
Wow you actually had a lot of coworkers
When I worked at subway it was me and the new employee for the next three weeks
(People kept quitting)
Otaku Raye
why did he keep putting a smile face on the manager face??
Chris Wiebe
I have an interview for Subway this monday
Limited Gum !
Dayana Molina
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