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I was a sandwich ARTIST, okay? Because subways are everywhere, there's probably someone watching this who used to or is working at subway right now. How is it? I thought it was an okay job.

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One time my dad used to work at a movie theatre and he had a customer that was a husband who had I think two little kids but the guy was like "hmmm. I would like umm I-I would like" this went on for about a few more minutes and my dad was thinking man this guy is an idiot and at the time he was in like high school or college so when the guy was finally done ordering he said "ok will that be idiot?" And yes I did mean what I just typed he said "ok will that be idiot?" And the guy looked at him with this look on his face like he was so confused and offended and his wife and kid(s) just burst out laughing.
Salty Sifu Panics! At TØP's Chemical Rømance Urie
I went to Sooubway a few days ago and the cashier did the receipt trick I I got excited
Okily Dokily
What's you clan in clash of clans?
Its not Subway anymore. Its Sooubway .u.
Neko Donut :3
Soup wave
Priscilla Bustos
we have a SubWay..not a Sooubway... XD
Jewel Gaming!
This video has more views than followers looool that's sad :( EVERYONE SUBSCRIBE! :D
Kimberly Hansen
BWHAHAHAH did anyone else see that smile on that person's face at 3:55??
superterraria boy
I went to subway yesterday and the girl put on just a handful of olives
Wolf cam
james.........tell me when you work at subway (whispers ) give me all the cookies and chips )
Game boy Next door
1:34 You put on too many olives.
Sofia Butini
"there pot heads but some of them are cool" you forgot to say "like me"
Galaxy Cat
I'm a soobsciber
ToToRo 184
Part 4??
James Taliana
Bendythedancingdemon 4025
eating subway or sooubway while watching theodd1sout
HIII I sub to you
shadow skollom
I'm going to work here it's a good place also for the free cookies lol if you see me when I work here if you see me playing Dragon city on my phone or my iPad that's me I'll give you a discount I'm doing the night shift
Marianna Rivera
lol my little brother is named ivan
Marianna Rivera
I love subway I eat alot of sandwiches there
Crazy AHole
You spelled Sooubway wrong
I live in Arizona xD
Liam Taylor
in real life is it actully called sooubway or subway
Colleen Opperman
whats "sooubway?" you mean subway? oh............ :>
spidersean11 stone
Bra its subway 😲😲😲😲
Alex Yu
Cuteeeveecookie the skeloten
I love that food♡
Geometry Dash GNom
I went to a sooubway and they put 14 olives on!!!!
David Valdez
it's called subway
Your intro was 100% the same as Domics was for a job story
Man Dzin
I still dont know do you love subwaay or something like that
Cailin Kotch
While my mom was driving, I said, "Oh look, a sooubway." She was confused.
epic gaming and game history
I saw this video 60 times
Gio Dural
its not sooubway its called subway
AimeeTheUnicorn 31
Casually whatching this while I eat my subway sandwich
pauchok play
Gussaras YT
2:36. 😂😂😂
Illidari Warrior
Why don't you just say subway?
Wolfie Red Videos
isint it called subway i loove the it there
Mr. Bacon
Hi welcome to Chilis! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Siri Animations
I went to subway and the dude took a handful of 20 olives
Phatom _God
Nicholas Tuberman
ACM2007 Gaming
Omg I live in AZ too
the best of the worst
I feel bad for the person who worked at the only subway In the biggest airport in the country. I also feel bad for ordering there
Hack Boi4000
When you try to avoid copy right problems XD
Story Teller
I have finally put aside the excuses and made a video inspired from him and many youtubers like him, i will surely be getting a graphic tablet and a better mic, but i would need all your support to reach a substantial level.
Does anyone just now say Sooubway instead of subway to there friends/family because of james?
Music Maniac
I'm eating subway rn
Speedy Blaziken
I'm watching this video in a subway
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