$6 Cocktail Vs. $208 Cocktail

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“The glasses are $650. So cheers gingerly!”

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Monkey Funk
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Monkey Funk
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Cash Black
Andrew Meieran
Mark Daoust
Matt Messina

Maegan Weatherspoon
Adam is so adorable!
Lizzie Suttles
I just want Adam to have his own episode.
Cracking a cold one with the boys
Austin Lance
Cash Black. That is all.
No biting the packagerino Kripperino
Cracking open a Cocktail with the boys
They eat food for a living, and are not fat. Wtf?
Angela O'Neil
he sounds like Charles Manson talking nonsense... effing cartographer 😂
Michel M. Prins
Cash Black would fit perfectly in a BioShock game
A S T H E T I C 1994

bruh its de-ionized
Catherine Amy Frazier
I love Steven!
Yukio I
Who else wants to see a drunk cameraman (Adam)
Luther Perry
Anyone else think Cash Black would make an exceptional James Bond villain?
Ceasar Czar
Complimentary you say? So if I buy a $10 bottle of water...
Phoebe forever
Adam always looks so upset
Hardy Grafström
who.. would have known that when you eat different foods, things taste different in your mouth...

...yeah, who could have known :D :D
Fran Altarejos
adam... 😞
I gotta know the song at 11:06 !!!! Its soo smooth!
adam is too precious we dont deserve him
Tyler Brazile
holy crap the last dude really knew what he was talking about super professional
John Cena
Saturday's are for the boys
Jiwi Kiwi
cash black was just watching them
Andres Henn
I am naming mi son Cash Black, he is going to be a top notch bartender..
Kayla Trowbridge
But wait did that Jim Bean (spelling?) commercial lie to me?!?! I thought the evaporated stuff is the angel's cut and absorbed into a barrel is the devils cut?!?!?! whats going on!!!!?
Dimitri Kingma
Cash Black is my spirit animal
john michael
The way cash black was at the background though lmaooo xD
Alvin Natanael
god i ship them so much tho. LOL.
I watch this show everyday... and I keep forgetting their names
Marco Ochoa
you guys should do weed (in legal states obviously)
Hunter Warner
That last guy was bull-shitting the part about the ice. Hell, he can't even pronounce deionized correctly.
Berserk MMA
they all have the bodies of children... wtf
that chinese is a f@g
Steven Garcia
That bacon looked absolutely perfect. Goodness gracious.
Offend In Every Way
This episode is pretty bogus due to the fact these two are clueless when it comes to liquor. Preferably aged Scotch. That last drink look insanely good. Cash Black deserves to dominate the comments section
Sara T
how handsome were all three of the bartenders
Hyun Kyu Seo
Cash Black played by Ryan Reynolds
David Sanchez
Please don't stop making these videos guys.
Levi Helmick
cracking a cold one with the boys
Heather Vill
anyone else notice, when they were talking to cash black, their faces? lol they drunk xDDD made me laugh hard
Nicole Noel
Yosami Weeshu
Whos driving? :P Well never know
"Drinking is not about getting drunk"...

Gets drunk
maybe its me but they seem like they feel more comfortable in the cheap and medium places.. they have something that you feel welcome, rich places you usually feel out of place. maybe rich kids get used to it idk
what a great coincidence. just made myself a gin n tonic and was looking for videos to watch while drinking and found this!
JFC... you really can't take Steven to nice places. Some people just can't be classy.
Cash Black, the only bartender to hit on a girl and actually be successful
Shoun Yu
I didn't know that Brendon Urie was also a bartender.
Josh Kim
Meanwhile I'm cracking open up a cold one with the boys
Ryan Olsen
Are they gay?
Michael Sebi
Am I the only one thinking that Cash Black looks a bit like a 1920s Ryan Reynolds ?
Wtf is 'dye-onised' water? Surely he meant de-ionised?
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