Yong Zi Xuan
why does Adam look so lonely
Tori Viray
Tori Viray
Unknown User
I always say “save some for Adam” when you guys try stuff 😂😂
Cash black is the coolest person I've ever seen
The Terminator
Do wine
Audrey Marshall
I love adam
Cash Black needs his own show!
Alice Ortiz
Cheer them gingerly?
Science Leponi
I heard volcanic erection, damn my fan muffling the sound, but that was too good!
Darlene Yen Fagel
That last one seems like a secret bar for the kingsman.
How tf is the $200 cocktail a “worth it” winner.
“We’re the facts even that good” lol
Asian guy has never drank before lol
Kujo The Mujo
cash black reminds me of dita von teese
Olivia Garcia
who has watched basically all seasons of worth it because like same
Jordan Barber
andrew seems like a fun drunk
How do I say this?

Clap clap clap clap

lauren mikayla
magnus bane where you at
I wish my parents had been cool enough to name me Cash Black. I bet he was baddest mf on the playground
That feeling Nevadans get when people pronounce Nevada correctly!!! 😁😁😁
Cash Black is wrong. Drinking Highland Park 30 as part of a cocktail is borderline criminal. It's anywhere from $650 to $1100 a bottle, and it's a single malt scotch whisky. The cocktail even had ice in it! These men should be arrested for adulterating it with anything but a few drops of water.
Who hurt you Adam? You can talk to us.
Oh man that poor 30 yr old scotch.
iluv chicken

cash black
Ian Dyer
i just can't believe they mixed highland park 30....
Brotato Chip73
Cash black should do asmr
Anyone who puts cherries in their old fashioned should have to do prison time
Henrik Lagerkvist
Who is driving?
Maxine DeMars
At 10:19 look how closely the bartender is watching them. Like dear god what did I do.
Benita Schoeman
You have the best job in the whole wide universe...
Sean O.
What you really came here for starts at 7:55
Cash black is the quintessential archetype for what every bartender should be.
Shawnne I Quick
I love Adam. He's adorable with his nearly empty expressions.
Ami rose
Can someone plz tell me cash black's insta?? xD if he even has one???
James Sun
I have to visit this place at least once
Jamie Welton
Cash Black looks like he smells like a beautiful piece of fine oak
Elizabeth Kogler
They should try different priced edibles
James Prime
As interesting as these all looked, I just wanted to watch Eugene and random BuzzFeed people get wasted on cheap alcohol.
Sam Krygsheld
Adam is my favorite :)
Ashley Powell
Next they have to do Worth It cups.. $650 for a glass? Better have crushed up diamonds in it lol :P
caleb blosser
this is unfair, they need to try the same drink at every place to accurately decide
Stan Moss
The Asian dude looks like he would wake up the next morning with a torn anus after a few drinks.
Bobby The Bullet
Isn't the bit that evaporates called the Angel's Share? And the devil's cut is what seeps into the wood of the barrel.
Kimu Vivi the artist
I beat Donald trump thinks that he should go there
Caleb Roberts
Cash Black reminds me of Arthur the robot bartender in the movie "Passengers"!
Brittany Tate
I've been to Good Times twice and I get that Old Fashioned every time! love it!!
Rhys Ofcake
this video is gay and existential
Tony Ly
Can we get a Worth It episode on beers?
Cleansed Turtle
I wanna know what Adams house sounds like
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