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Today I dumped over 1,000 packets of "Slime Powder" into my brother's pool. SORRY BRO! 

Get the packets of Slime HERE ("Slime Baff"):

Get YOUR pair of Maverick Socks HERE ► http://www.Featsocks.com/Logan

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/LoganPaul/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/LoganPaul

I’m a 21 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.

He got pissed
Megan Xuereb
Did anyone c the logang sticker ,on the car screen?
Illa Tea
Mamuka Bibilashvili
What's wrong with him?
Galaxycoffeecat !
Jake deserved it tho
He must have smoked some weed .
sumanth sd
Name of the song used??
mike gaming
Hey why is Jake Paul Rich and you are no so haaaaaaaaa dumb
Aiden Zents
Mark Siquig
I like jake Paul better
jadalyn Velasquez
I'm a loganster
Dawn Askwith
if I were Jake I would make you pay for the clogged up pipe
slasher plays
CAn we get 100 likes
slasher plays
My brother is not named jake paul i cant do it
Gilly Fish
this is not very good
Yaya Rose
Maverick for LIFE.
Juan Palominos-Contreras
I hate you jake I just like login
Samantha Turri
Logan I know you're trying to get views on this video but nobody wants to see the inside of your mouth like seriously
Crystal. DelRio
Low gang
Crystal. DelRio
You're the coolest Logan Paul the best one I could ever find
Nasir carrillo
Look at my pic I drew it myself be a maverick
Megan Burns
lil savges
I just subed
jesus munoz sigala
I was driving the car even move on the kid
Bikerace A.
Who’s watching this in 8000?
Annamart Mielmann
I thought it was gonna be like the slime U see on insta but still funny 😆
poop nugget
Who's watching 2018?
JMG 2003
Should have pushed Jake into the pool.
Britney Plays
Hey logan i told my teacher do you know logan paul she said yeah my face turn red
You Americans are crazy
سعود المالكي
انا اتابعك من السعوديه واحبك الزبده عندك سلف 😂😂
lorenzo Carter
Yo love you your the best
Privat 42
bernt v Hansen
this is bull,its just green water
Emily Bennett
Fuck yuo logen I'm a jaek poiler

Lmao you thought I actually like Jake
اوه مسبخ سلايم جميل ه
Pakistani Dude
Logan Paul:do you thing I went too far

maite figueroa
👋 👋 👋 subscribe to mindofrez pranks and vlogs
Gaming gamer Flores
Logan vlogs are dddddffrdyffgudrthdytjdjfgdtuyrstudtyu
Bulbasaur 123
Mr Gill
You mean you guys dont have your own house and you guys have 13mil subs above?
Thats just sad.
Mr Gill
I think logan is better than jake.
sweety_pie me
Logan.. You r my fav youtuber.
Bomerman 436
Is there anyone watching in December
Natasha Davis
boi I'm savage I can watch your vids all day boiiii!!!!!!
Jesse Mcquitty
You should put heaps of paint in jakes pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,.!!!!!,,
Klarissa Hernandez
Logang for life
Always Stoned
Could've saved time grab a couple packs chop the top with scissors
David Macias
Oh and heres random fact you still my Ice cream
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