Steze Mercy
Conor how do you think that left hand will land on floyd?
Conor: ive never made 300 million in one night.
Steze Mercy
Is it true that you made 300 mill in one night floyd?
Floyd: i made 300 mill in one night
thomas poll
and rocky marciano who no black man beat
Andrew Riley
What a dumb stupid question to ask Mayweather if at 40 hes going to fight in MMA. I would have kicked him out the press conference
who is the first biggest name? rousey?
Jonathan Mitchell
With so much noise in the background how is the audio so good lol
Joey Fernandez
Over paid for boxing and pay per view blows!
Dom Gurgone
The fight shouldn't have finishedlike that, Mcgregor is an MMA fighter, he can take a lot more than that, even if Mcgregor still lost and even if he did end on the floor it would have been a lot better for both of them and everybody watching.
Dom Gurgone
Mister Kjeggle
people are more stupid then i thought, how is it even possible that you guys thought mcgregor would win this fight? seriously
Ok floyd Jr is your turn to come fight conor in UFC.
harry bankes
Don't read This name
And he's right 50-0 floyd money maywheather
Ant Plascencia
Interviewer: Hey Floyd I have a questio-
Floyd: i made 300$ million dollars in one night
Bayan Chamas
I swear I have so much respect for this guy... ❤❤✌
Arnold Jackson
Give million dollar to 300 good homeless people then they become rich
Joe Salcido
I personally can't stand mayweather, but I respect his boxing skills. But most of all I didn't see this kind of interview to ever come from mayweather. He speaks on his accomplishments which he has earned but he's actually a bit humble. I can dig that
Mireya Yim
I love to watch fights in goood quality ,especially fights , Go to ScreenVariety website if you want to watch it too
This fight could go either way.... Both are respectable fighters. Its hard to tell who will win this fight because both are legends of their own sport but there are advantages and disadvantages for both. McGregor has an insane win to loss record and mayweather made 300 mil in one night. Mayweather will be at an advantage since the match is under the boxing ruleset but at the end of the day he's older than McGregor and McGregor has a height advantage. Plus Mayweather was previously retired before this match which shows that he knows himself that he isnt as good as he was before. Conor seems confident and so he should be.... But if he gets too cocky and Carried away it could cost him the fight. As long as he keeps his head screwed on and focuses he can win it I believe. But it could go the complete opposite way. No one knows
A McDowell
Ultra McGregor. Stone Floyd
on word, Floyd waymeather
Astral pilot. Richmond
Maywether has his mind set on losing. He is being very respectful and very humble.
Charlie Chase
McGregor will turn Mayweather into a mannequin. Done dada
"Do your hands hurt in the cold Bitch!" 49-1
It's fuckin YehyA from Kimmel !!! Lol
You know it's a BS fight when Mayweather needs to hype up his opponent so that he can sell the fight...
Floyd, how did you sign up with the secret society that controls everything ? I know the occult, you flash their colors/Symbols. This fight is staged and built at 33
2nd biggest name!? Trying to sneak in an insult Bitch who's bigger, huh? Ronda? Jones? Bitch please..
Miguel Valencia
-Floyd your whole family just got murdered
Floyd- did you know I made 300 million in one night
Bonifilio Soto
Floyd out there giving out homework lmao
Floyd is 40 & Conor is 29, 11 year difference
Manny Pacquaio fought with a broke Rotator Cuff and still hit Floyd Clean in the FACE, he would of beaten him if his shoulder was healthy
Spring Smith
why do they dislike eachother so much. how did this get started
Jamie Dimon
Who other than boxers make 300 million in one night? Professional athletes in other sports don't make 300 million it in one night, businessmen don't even make that much in one day. What a stupid metric to use just because you are in the entertainment industry and you fight twice a year.
Shane O'Gallagher
I HAVENT SEEN an exciting mayweather fight in 20 years I HAVENT SEEN an mma fighter make money without really fighting and I HAVENT SEEN an mma fighter with anal beads around his neck either
Naz Sunny
Floyd is a nice guy
I never like Floyd Mayweather but now I'm starting to like him he's a pretty smart guy
NtRo P1
You dont respect mma when you think just because you make more money then on mma makes you better...its like just because a football player who earns more money dosent make him better player
Dj Diddles
He has no clue what he's even talking about. He's the Tom Brady of boxing, cheats to win and tries to cover it up.
Tim Campbell
A grizzley bear doesn't make 300 million in one night, so I guess Floyd figures he could defeat a bear too.
Veezo Vlogz
Veljko Tasic
Floyd is a lot older than Connor,but let's be realistic ? Connor is 29 and he is in great shape.
Sebastian Lopez
-How's the family Floyd?
- I made 300 million in one night .
Absurdi TV
Mayweather constantly determine the value of things by how much money it makes is fucking stupid.
Based on his scale One Direction are superior musicians to Sound Garden, Rage Against the Machine, The Pixies, etc because they made more money.
I'm sure you could think of an endless list of great musicians who made less money.

Dane Cook is the greatest comedian of all time cause he made a lot of money.

Any one of the Transformers movies are far superior to Fight Club or any other movie that didn't make as much money.

It's just a stupid scale to go by.
I dont understand? Isnt golf just like MMA and boxing? Like tf
Joseph Perez
Well said TMT.
Shyreek Green
The truth is everyone who's hating on Floyd, is either mad because he's black & undefeated; or because you all like MMA. Do research, you don't grab and choke in boxing; so why would May weather switch to a different sport he hasn't specialized in dumb fucks!!
Decently Clean S13
2:51 Yoel Romero "I luh you man".. never gets old lmao
He's gettimg later either way
The paparazzi is so fucking dumbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb go fucking kill yourself
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