Phone Booth with Dwayne Johnson

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Jimmy and Dwayne Johnson face off in a trivia game where a new mystery guest gets shoved into their phone booths after each wrong answer.

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Phone Booth with Dwayne Johnson

Sarah Hughes
The second I saw that huge shadow I was like OH, Big Show!
Gamer Boy
The blue guy in jimmys booth looking at the camera creeps me
Mandy Smith
Big show's looking good!
Nina Mann
The rock nearly doesn't fit in the phone booth by himself
LiL SquiRt
My music teacher in elementary school, her husband was part of the blue man group
Kerrie Playz
Omg u know the one with dwanyes 1 first one. Omg I actually knew it and I'm so proud of my self!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Eli Dunford
The funny thing is that the rock went vs big show in a match on WWE
Nelly Al.
can you do phone Booth with sofie dossie
Laura Colyar
I love the Mayor Buddy Dyer. That was great.
Nancy Palacios
Love this cuz two of my favorite WWE wrestlers are in this vid!! When I saw the figure of Big Show, I knew right way it had to be either Big Show or Mark Henry!! I know my WWE wrestlers!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ’–
Doggie The Dog
Dwayne Got Lucky That He On The First One Got "The Next Albert Einstein"
Todd Simpson
I love how Dwane was destined to win as soon as he got the kid geniusπŸ˜‚
Andrew Smith
I love wrestling if I was in there with big show or the rock I would ask them to do the rock bottom or the choke slam on me
Green panther Films
them minions are so cute
Ethan Wong
Molly Chard
Dwayne Johnson is my favourite actor in the world
Alondra Bieber
Damn the kid was kill in it
Theamazingfunchannel :-D
Dwayne is probably like this phone is like holding a pin. That's how strong he is.
Fire Princess
Who is your favorite
The Rock
John Cena
For me The Rock
Fire Princess
trashy fire
at 7:00 the blue man's eyes are so alien like
Loli Conrad
I'd give the wrong answer just so I can be with the minions
Koky Koky
should bring the blue men on regularly. blue man lost &confused
Ella's HairBoutique
The blue man group is AWSOME!
The Diamond Squid
Does Dwayne where anything but a white t-shirt and blue jeans?!?!
bluzer awesome
Dwayne:gets a smart little kid
Jimmy:gets a normal giant guy...who is not the smartest
Am I the only one who thinks the blue man group members are kinda creepy ?
Mica Gladding
The blue man group made me so happy
So many bald men.
gerard ́s coffe
Bethany Jenkins
Bethany Jenkins
He's so lush I wanna hug him
Kim Steinman
Throwback to hugh Hackman locked in a booth with an unwilling blue man
Timmy Clary
Play Phone Booth against your BBF Demi Lovato, but you better have TV show and movie stars, and singers and members from music groups.
Julianna Loconto
Ron Blasters
God the things I would do to the minion on the right
CΓ©sar Rivera
woahh the big show!!
Larissa Reyes
Why is the Mayor of Orlando there? πŸ˜‚
Tuyet Nguyen
Now THIS is an entertainment!
Michael Boland
Lmao giving him a genius and then Fallon the big show and a group plus the mayor
Bea Cass Regida
HAAAIIILL the Big Show!!
James McGarvey
the reason big show lost weight
Aikicat Games
Dang that kid is smart XD
Raymond Hong
Miko Philo
When Steve says 'Im good' to that blue man, I lost it lol
You are amazing man Jimmy....God bless you.
isabel bell
Three blue men are so cute. Hahaha
HighInTheSky β€’_β€’
I feel like I just want to give Dwayne a huge hug
YouTube with Jalyn
At the end one of the blue mans eye
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